British Books in Print, Volum 5

Whitaker, 1910
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Side 51 - For this is the Great Story of the North, which should be to all 'our race what the Tale of Troy was to the Greeks — to all our race first, and afterwards, when the change of the world has made our race nothing more than a name of what has been — a story too — then should it be to those that come after us no less than the Tale of Troy has been to us.
Side 2 - THE GENESIS OF THE UNITED STATES. A Narrative of the Movement in England, 1605-1616, which resulted in the Plantation of North America by Englishmen, disclosing the Contest, between England and Spain for the Possession of the Soil now occupied by the United States of America; set forth through a series of Historical Manuscripts now first printed, together with a Re-issue of Rare Contemporaneous Tracts, accompanied by Bibliographical Memoranda...
Side 23 - PROPORTIONABLE TO THE TWELVE MONETHES. ENTITLED To the noble and vertuous Gentleman, most worthy of all titles both of learning and chevalrie, MAISTER PHILIP SIDNEY.
Side 5 - The compiler of this little book has had in view to teach the young beginner as many French words as possible in the least tedious manner. He has found by experience that what children dislike most to learn are lists of words, however useful and well chosen, and that they very soon get weary of disconnected sentences, but commit to memory most readily a short nursery rhyme, anecdote, or fable. Hence the selection he baa made. THE FIRST FRENCH BOOK. By HENKI BUÉ, B.-es-L., French Master at Merchant...
Side 10 - NOTES FOR THE NILE. Together with a Metrical Rendering of the Hymns of Ancient Egypt and of the Precepts of Ptahhotep (the oldest book in the world). By HARDWICKE D.
Side 4 - BELL'S STANDARD ELOCUTIONIST. Principles and Exercises. Followed by a copious Selection of Extracts in Prose and Poetry, Classified and Adapted for Reading and Recitation. By DC and AM BELL, New and greatly Enlarged Edition. Containing over 500 of the choicest Extracts in the English Language, with the Principles of Elocution fully stated' Strongly half-bound in roan, 544 pages, 3.?.
Side 43 - Edited by Mr. WHD ROUSE, formerly Fellow of Christ's College, Cambridge, who has added an index of names. 26. OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES'S AUTOCRAT OF THE BREAKFAST TABLE.
Side 87 - It is not often that so perfectly satisfactory a first book as this comes in our way. Though it is strictly confined to the essential elements of the language, these are so clearly stated and so admirably arranged that, provided the lessons are, as the author requires, ' thoroughly mastered,' a good practical knowledge may be acquired. The classification of the nouns and verbs is at once theoretically correct and practically easy. The brief chapter explaining the philology of German and English,...
Side 3 - Daily Review, March 20, 1877. " Of this excellent school series we have before us the ' Public School Elementary French Grammar' — (1) Accidence, and (2) Syntax. Brachet's work is simply beyond comparison with any other of its class ; and its scientific character is not sacrificed in the very judicious adaptation which has made it available for English students. — There is no better elementary French Grammar, whether for boys or for girls.
Side 105 - The description of the practically unknown country through which the traveller passed . . . the curious account of the ' devil workers - of Walamo, and the theory of the Shangkallas, that the white men are born of thunder and can cause rain, are full of interest. The book, indeed, is full of interest from many points of view, and is so brightly written that it might be read as a mere tale of adventure.

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