5. Rough and dull in eirthy nest,
Polished into lustre bright,
Man obeyeth its behest,
its omnipotence of might.

5. On the mountain's gorge he stood,
Lavish of heroic blood,
That his country might not fall
Victim of a foreign thrall;
Battling on that mountain-side
He and his three hundred died.
7. The moral of fables, the pest of the tropies,
Where daily its mischiefs are wearisome topies;
It eats through your timbers, it cats through your boots,
It bites at your skin and spoils all your good looks.


With stealthy creep her Anacondic coils

O'er the wide desert on her prey advance;
Amid his hills, rent by intestine broils,

Her victim leels the fascinating glance,
As every struggle of dissention draws
Him to the gullet of those greedy jaws.

1. Sindbad the Sailor mounted me,

And through the sky I bore him;
Aladdin's wife offended me,
In rage l nearly tore him.

2. Sunshine in a shady place,

Lions licked her virgin hand.

3. Trust me, 't was a useless case

To attempt it in the Strand.

4. Rome's famous general, bald before his years;
Pclissier's predecessor in Algiers,

But now degraded to such vulgar spheres,
You call his name,—a woolly head appears.

5. He built that window, broad and high.
Whence stepped a crownless king to die.

6. White Lady! White Lady! how oft as a child
I looked for thy shape by the waterfall wild,
And saw in the foamsheet the waft of thy dress,
In the autumn-gold birch-spray the curl of thy tress,
And heard in the plash cf the stream as it fell,
The murmuring cadence of sorcery's spell.


I. Wonderful pIece of mechanism—the human body:

A large box 1'hc Chest.

Two lids Eyelids.

Two caps Knee-caps.

Musical instruments Drums (of ears).

Weathercocks. Vanes (veins).

Thn cestablished measures Hand, loot, and nail.

Little articles that carpen-
ters cannot disi>ense with Nails

Couple of esteemed fishes Soles.

A great number of a smaller
kind . ... Muscles (mussels).

II. A yard measure.

III. Star—tars - arts—rat«.

IV. Well—lin^—ton: Wellington.
V. In-sat-I-atc

VI. Cod-od-Co—0—C-D: Cod-sounds.

VII. Chocolate.

VIII. Tea—chest (teachest).

IX. Ear—nps1 (earnest).

X. Manslaughter (man's laughter). XI. Wonder.

XII. Cares—caress.

XIII. Hedge—hog (hedgehog).

XIV. On-l-on (onion).

Weapons of warfare Arms.

Two lofty trees Palms.

Fruit of an mdigenous plant Hips.

A ruudsome stag Htart (hart).

Smaller kmd of game Hair (hue).

Two places of wo:ship Temples.

Two students Pup1ls,

Half a score of Spanish gen-
tlemen Tendons.

The terror of the Slave La'sbes.

Two domestic animals Calves.

Number of negatives Nose (n es).

XV. A hypocrite cheat can best counte'feit.
So 'l 1s natural to suppose he can best

count her toes.

XVI. Saturn—Love-England—Eve—Tetrarch. XVII. In the year 1792 France was divided,

l1berty set as1de, laws turned upside down, monarchy erased, and fire and sword in every quarter. XVIII. If your grate be (great b) empty, put coal on (colon); if full, stop (full stop) putting coal on. XIX. CIVIl. XX. Humbug.


». Because the engIne cannot play upon it.

2. Because he has been to see (sea).

3. Because they never smv.

4. O ICU (oh, 1 see you).

5. When he 1s aboard.

6. Because she never wears it out.

7. He goes into the law to get on; he rema1ns

in the law to get otur; he retires from the law to get onest.

8. An angle.

9. Port-you-g^al?

1a EG and C (/Egean Sea).

11. Because the fellows round h1m are t1red.

12. Kittens.

13. Because the DIet of Worms disagreed with


14. When he *s a week (weak) back.

15. One 1s what I was, the other what I wear.

16. Pork, you p1ne (porcupine).

17. Short.

13. When It's a coach in (Cochin) China.

19. One is Mayor of Cork, and the other a horse

of wood.

20. Because P makes ass Pass,

21. When he cuts off his he1rs with a sh1lling

22. A kitten's tail.

23. Charles Dickens, because, though Samuel

Warren wrote "Now and Then," Bulwcr
Lytton " Night and Morning," yet Charles
D1ckens wrote "All the Year Round."

24. Sheep.

25. Because you tick it and place it in the



26. Because 1t's a notion (an ocean).

27. In the time of Cecrops (sea-crops).

28. 1 haven't a not1on (an ocean).

29. Because she does not like a doctor's b1ll thrust

m her face.

30. The silkworm.

31. A toast.

32. Because he gives cuffs rigl^t and left to many

a blue-jacket.

33. Because 1t shows 1ts Peak (pique) aga1nst all


34. Because he is sure to su1t (soot) you.

35. Because of the sand which is (sandwiches)


36. When the bulrush is (bull rushes) out.

37. Because it is listed and trained, has ten drills,

and shoots.

38. Because all the rest are inaudible.

39. Because he has M.P. at the end of his name.

40. When he is on a lark.

4r. When he presses his suit.

42. A pig, for it is killed first and cured after


43. Meander (me and her).

44. Because he is often nt the bar.

45. A little Dublin porter.

46. Because it is uttered, but not allowed (aloud).

47. Because there are fewer of them.

48. He is just-ice.

49. Your word.

50. The elder.

51. Because her head is or. om side, and her tail

on the other.

53. Because he is a-seeking ( ea-king) what never

Because the hedges are shooting.
Because It is a hymn (him).
Two shillings and two pence.

Because it's the centre (sccntcr).
One is foul old wherry, and the other a

'wery " old fowl.

Because it's oblique (it's so bleak).
A cock robbing (Cock Robin).
When he gets up at eight o'(a potato) clock.
Hailing omnibuses.

Because they both profess an attachment to

the Crown.
A pair of boots.
Marmalade! (Ma me laid !)
When it takes a fly.
Cock Robin (robbmg).

Buy two pennyworth of medicine, and you

get a vial in.
Broad wood.

Bank-notes, and they piay for-tuhes.
Wh;n it is m ide into little Pats.
A chronometer.
Invisible green.
Polly Teck.

Because their bills are all over (dew) due.

Because there was a heavy swell on the
beach and a sandy cove running up the

Because they are infantry in arms.
A converted En fid i.

Because they are fed on commons, arc cram-
med and stuffed, and when plucked arc
regularly so'd.
Life: because we must all give it up.
When he's bit two men (bitumen).
D K.

Absence of body.
Where the landlord colic aJ :;,n:s.
Each possesses a merry thought.

Because it's the grub Mat makes the butter

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I to.



The letter M.
'1 he soul.
A draught (draft).
A glove.

When he's her suitor (hirsuter).
Because it makes oats goats.
When he is a-gobbling.
A bald head.

Because it is the centre of light.
The medlar.
The rattlesnake.
Delos and Samos.

One flees for shelter and the other is a shelter
for fleas.

The wind: he whistled "over the hills and

far away."
When he is a-shaving.

Because they develop the muscles (mussel*)

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Because we cannot be wed without it.

Because it is bad in age (badinage)

When it is dew (due) in the morning and

mist (missed) at night
Because he is a Jew de spree {feu tfefprit).
Your shadow.
When it is bunged up.
Because he has an eye but no head.
A policeman when you want him.
A £5 note, because when you put it in your

pocket you double it, and when you take

it out yuu find it in creases.
Because it is a vile inn (violin).
Mccausc bad is the best.
Ilecau".c one tongue isenoug'i for any woman.
Yew (you).
Reindeer (rain, dear).
When she is attached to a big buoy.
When she is anchoring (hankering) after a

heavy swell.
When she iv tender to a man-of-war. „
Because tht-y put out their tubs to cateh soft

water when it rains hard.
Because "none but the brave deserve the

fair' (fare)

Because though any man may have a scruple,

he makes three scruples to a dram.
To take the jaw out of a woman.
Because all the mails (males) are tied up in

baf s.
"You be blowed 1"
Because- lie is an adder.
Because it is out of port.
R made her (Armada).
The word "wholesome."
Because he is sure to be the highest bidder.
Because they get good for nothing.
Because it is making game of him.
Because he makes his customers steel (steal)

pens, and then persuades them that they do

(write) right.
When he is turned into a meadow.
It is a fellow feeling for a fellow creature.
Castanet (cast a net).
When he doubles his fists.
Because his gait is broken and his locks are .'tw
Because it is ten to one if you catch it.
Because it makes men mean.
Making the waistcoat and trousers first.
Because he gets hire (higher) daily.
When he cannot help it.
A step farther (step-father).
Because his master pays it for him.
When he says he"s a backer-stopper («ase

her ! back her! stop her !)
When you take a fly.

Oysters, because they arc always found in

their beds.
Because he kneads (needs) ihe most,
lice 1 use it make* needles needless.
For divers reasons.
Because alt the water is rfait.
One gives milk and the other giv

A Y Z (a wise head).
When he looks round.
Because a B (bee) follows it.
A cowslip.

Because he is a Miolder.

170. A red herri'.^

171. The 14c of Skye.

172. Because it makes a sty nasty.

173. Because all 1he boxes are in tiers (tears).

174. Because it is not a sole, dear!

175. Monsu11tte t1t Lahtc

176. Because he is a thin king (thinking).

177. Because it's a tissue (at issue).

173. Because it is a (k)nightly occupation.

179. Bec.n1se it attacks the joints.

1S0. Because it runs into Oxon and Herts.

181. Because they generally ride on the main.

182. Because he would ring his own Nell (knell).
1S3. When he is in quarters.

184. When Henry V111, dissolved the Pope's


185. Because he drives people to the UnIon.

186. Dwarfs.

187. Because he is wet and haIry (veterinary).

188. Because they are too sordid (two sworded).
1899 When he has his pianoforte (piano for tea).

T90. A, for it maket her hear.

1n. Because she is infirm (in firm)

10fl. Because It is nourished over the ham.

193. When lun3 experience has mad-.* him sag:.

191. Because there is no living without the1a.

195. Because they're pa steals (pastilles).

196. When it is all on one side.

«97. Because the cat *il (. 1ttle) eat it.
1gS. Because he is one Ik. -ide himself.

199. Because they ought to be promptly carried


200. Because he is often looked over.

201. She goes to bed a laundress and gets up fine


202. A mouse.

203. The Isle of WIght .

204. When it's a surgeon (a-surgIng) on the shore.

205. Because he must have had a fur t1lt 1magi-


206. When there's a leek in it.

207. Because it's the expected succour (sucke1)

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