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rial, what portion of the wages of labor, and A BILL further altering the doties on inports, what portion of the profits of capital?

and for other purposes, accompanying the 27. 'What amount of the agricultural produc Secretary of the Treasury's Report to the tions of the country is consunied in your estab. House of Representatives, of the 27th of lishment, and what amount of other domestic April, 1832. productions

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House 28. What quantity or amount of manufac- of Representatives of the United States of Anietures, such as you riake, are produced in the rica in Congress assembled, That from and after United States, and what amount in your own the 3d day of March, 1833, the acl entitled States ?

" An act in alteration of the several acts impo29. If the duty upon the foreign manufac. sing duties on imports," approved the 19th of ture of the kind of goods which you make were May, 1828, shall be repealed; except so far as reduced to 12 per cent., with a corresponding the same may be necessary for the recovery and reduction on all the imports, would it cause collection of all duties which shall have accru. you to abandon your business, or would you ed under the said act, and for the recovery, continue to manufacture at reduced prices ? collection, distribution, and remission of all

30. If it would cause you to abandon your fines, penalties, and forfeitures, which may business, in what way would you employ your have been incurred under the same. capital?

Sec. 2. And be il further enacted, That in 31. Is there any pursuit in which you could lieu of the duties now imposed by law on the engage from which you could derive greater importation of articles hereinafter mentioned, profits, even aftera reduction of the import du. there shall be levied, collected, and paid, the ties to 12 per cent.?

following duties, that is to say. 32. Are not the manufactures of salt and 1st: On wool, unmanufactured, the value iron

, remote from the points of importation, whereof, at the place of exportation, shall noc out of foreign competition within a certain cir. exceod ten cents per pound, five per cent. ad cle around them, and what is the extent of that valorem; and when the value shali exceed ten circle?

cents per pound, twenty per cent. ad valorem: 53. Amount of capital; and what proportion Provided, that woul imported on the skin shall the borrowed capital bears to that which is be estimated, as to weight and value, as other real!

wool. 34. What amount of reduction in the duties 2d. On manufactures of wool, or of which would enable the actual or real capital employ. wool is a component part, not otherwise spe. ed to yield an interest of 6 per cent.; and how cified, the value whereof shall not exceed fifty gradual the reduction should be?

cents a square yard, ten per cent. ad valorem; 35. If ninimums should be abolished, and on worsted stuff goods, and woollen and worsa the duty assessed upon the actual value of the ted yard, twenty per cent.; on mits, gloves, imported article in the American port, what bindings, blankets, hosiery, and carpets and mate of ad valorem duty would be equivalent to carpeting, twenty-five per cent.; on Aannels the present with the minimum ?

and baizes, and all other manufactures of wool, 36. What would be the operation of this or of which wool is a component part, thirty change upon the frauds at present supposed to per cent.; and on ready made clothing, fifty per be practised? 37. Proportion which the production by the

3d. On all manufactures of cotton, or of American manufacturers bears to the consump- which cotton shall be a component part, twen. tion

ty-five per ceni ad valorem: Provided, that 38. Extent of individual and household ma. all manufactures of cotton, or of which cotton nufacture in the United States, and how much shall be a component part, not dyed, colored, it has increased since the tariff of 1824?

printed, or, stained, shall be valued at thirty 39. Average profit of money or Capital in the cents per square yard, and, if dyed, colored,

printed, or stained, shall be valued at thirty.five 40. Average rate of wages?

cents per square yard; and, on nankeens im. [Note.- These inquiries relate more parti-ported direci from China, twenty per cent. ad cularly to manufactures carried on in large es-valorem. tablishments. In respect to those branches,

4ch. On all stamped, printed, or painted however, which are carried on in private work. Aoor cloths, forty-three cents a square yard; on shops, as those of hats, shoes, saddlery, &c., oil cloths, of all kinds other than that usually such detailed information is not necessary. Ii denominated floor cloth, and on floor matting, will be sufficient to state in the aggregate the usually made of Aags or other materials, thirty amount of capital employed, the value of the per cent. ad valorem. manufactured articles, the number of persons

5th. On iron, in bars or bolts, not manufacemployed, the rate of wages, the rate of profit tured in whole, or in part, by rolling, ninety upon the capital, what portion of the materials cents per 112 lbs. is of American production, to what extent fo.

6th. On bar and bolt iron, made wholly, or reign articles of the like kinds enter into the in part, by rolling, thirty dollars per ton. Prodomestic consumption, and what reduction of vided, that all iron in slabs, blooms, loops, or duty could be made without increasing foreign other form less finished than iron in bars or competition in the home market.)

bolts, and more advanced than pig iron, except


United States ?

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per lb.

castings, shall be rated as iron in bars.or bolts, duty of twelve dollars and fifty cents per ton; and pay duty accordingly.

that nothing shall be deemed old iron that has 7th. Un iron in pigs, fifty cents per 112 lbs.; not been in actual use; and all pieces of iron on vessels of cast iron, not otherwise specified, (except old) of more than six inches in length, one and an half cents per lb., on all other cast. shall be rated as bar, bolt, rud, or hoop iron, as ings of iron, not otherwise specified, one cent the case may be, and pay duty accordingly.

14th. On unmanufactured hemp, fifty dollars 81h. On iron or steel wire, not exceeding per ton; on sail duck, ten cents a square yard; number fourteen, five cents per lb.; over num- and, on cotton bagging, three and a half cents ber fourteen,.nine cents per lb.

a square yard. 9ih. On round iron, or braziers' rods, of 15th. On all manufactures of silk, or of which to eight-sixteenths of an inch silk shall be a component part, coming from diameter , inclusive; and on iron in nail or spike beyond the Cape of Good Hope, twenty-five rods, or nail plates, slit, rolled, or hammered; per cent. ad valorem; and on all other manu. and on iron in sheets, and hoop iron; and on iron factures of silk, or of which silk shall be a slit, rolled, or hammered for band iron, scroll component part, twenty per cent. iron, or casement rods, three cents per lb.; on 16th. On brown sugar and syrup for making iron spikes, four cents per lb.; on iron nails, sugar, two and a half cents per pound; and on cut or wrought, five cents per lb.; on tacks, white clayed, or powdered sugar, three and onebrads, and sprigs, not exceeding sixteen ounces third cents per pound. to the thousand, five cents per thousand; ex 17th. On salt, five cents per fifty-six pounds. ceeding sixteen ounces to the thousand, five 18th. O coffee, half a cent per pound. cents per lb.; on square wire, used for the ma 19th. On teas of all kinds imported from nufacture of stretchers for umbrellas, twelve China, or other places east of the Cape of Good per cent. ad valorem; on anvils and anchors, Hope, and in vessels of the United States, one and all parts thereof, manufactured in whole or cent per pound. . On all teas imported from in part, two cents per lb.; on iron cables or any other place, or in vessels other than vessels chains, or parts thereof, manufactured in whole of the United States, ten cents per pound. or in part, three cents per lbi and no drawback 20th. On slates of all kinds, iwenty-five per shall be allowed on the exportation of iron ca. cent. ad valorem. bles or parts thereof; on mill cranks and mill. 21st. On window glass, not above 8 by 10 irons, of wrought iron, four cents per lb.; on inches in size, 3 dollars per hundred square mill-aws, one dollar each; on blacksmiths' ham. feet; not above 10 by 12 inches, 3 dollars and mers and sledges, two and an half cents per lb.; 50 cents per hundred square feet; and if above on muskets, one dollar and fifty cents per stand; 10 by 12 inches, 4 dollars per hundred square on rifles, two dollars and fifty cents each; on all feet: Provided, that all window glass imported other fire arms, thirty per cent. ad valorem. in plates, uncul, shall be charged with the high

10ih. On axes, adzes, hatchets, drawing est rates of duty hereby imposed. On apothie. knives, cutting knives, sickles or reaping caries' vials, of the capacity of four ounces and hooks, scythes, spades, shovels, squares of iron less, one dollar per gross; and not exceeding or steel, bridle biis of all descriptions, steel. eight ounces, one dollar and tweniy-five cents yards and scale beams,socket chisels, vices and per gross. screws of iron, called wood screws, thirty per

220. On olive oil, in casks, 12 cents a gal. cent. ad valorem: Provided, that said articles lon. shall not be imported at a less rate of duty than 23d. On the wines of France, viz, red wines, would have been chargeable on the material in casks, 6 cents a gallon; white wines, in casks, constituting their chief value, if imported in an 10 cents a gallon; and wines of all sorts, in unmanufactured stale.

bottles, 22 cents a gallon. 11th. On steel, one dollar and fifty cents per 24th. On the following articles, an ad valorem 112 lbs.

duty of 15 per cent viz. barley; grass, or straw 12th. On japanned wares of all kinds on pla. baskets; composi:ion wax, or amber beads; all ted wares of all kinds, and on all manufactures, other beads not otherwise enumerated; lamp not otherwise specified, made of brass, iron, black; shell, or paper boxes; hair bracelets; steel, pewier, lead, or lin, or of which either of hair, not made up for head dresses; bricks; these metals is a component material, a duly of paving tiles; brooms of hair, or palm leaf; Cash. twenty-five per cent. ad valorem: Provided, mere of Thibet; downl, of all kinds; feathers, that all articles manufactured, in whole of sheet, for beds; palm leaf, or palmetto hats. rod, hoop, bolt, or bar iron, or of iron re, or 25t). All articles, not herein specified either of which sheet, rod, hoop, bolt, or bar iron, or as free, or as liable to a different duty, and iron wire, shall constituie the greatest weight, which, by the existing laws, pay a higher duty and which are not otherwise specified, shall pay than fifteen per cent., to pay an ad valorem duty the same duty Der Ib. that is charged by this of fitteen per cent. from, and after, the said 3d act on sheet, rol, hoop, bolt or bar iron, or on day of March, 1833. iron wire, of the same number respectively:

Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That, in Provided, also, that the said last mentioned rates addition to the articles exempted from duty by shall not be less than the said duty of twenty. the existing laws, the following articles im. five per cent. ad valorem.

ported from, and after, the 3d day of March, 13th. That all scrap and old iron shall pay al 1833, shall be exempled from duty, that is to

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say: Cocoa; almonds; currants; prunes; figs duties on all manufactures of wool, or of which raisins, in jars and boxes; raisins, all other; wool is a compunant part, shall be paid in cash, black pepper; ginger; mace; nutmegs: cinna. without discount, or, at the option of the im. mon: cassia, cloves; pimento; camphor; corks; porter, be placed in the public stores, under bond crude saltpetre; side-arms: say-cutlasses,'dag it bis risk, subject to the payment of the custogers, dirks, swords, hangers; fax unmanufac mary storages and charges, and to the payment of tured; quicksilver; opium; quills, prepared; in:erest at the rate of six per centum per annum lin, in plates and sheets; brass, in plates; mar- while so stored : Provided, that the duty on the ble; hair cloth and seatings; blue vitriol; argol: articles so stored shall be paid one half in three gum Arabic; gum Senegal; epaulettes, of gold And one half in six months from the date of ima and silver; sac dye; madder; madder root; nuts portaljon: Provided, alsı), that if any instal. and berries, used in dyeing; sumach; saffron; ment of duties be not paid when the same shall turmeric; word, or pastel; aloes; ambergris; have become due, so much of the said mer., Burgundy pitch; bark Peruvian; cochineal, chandise as may be necessary to discharge such capers; calomel; chamomile fowers; coriander instalment shall be sold at public auction, and, seed; cantharides; castanas; Catsup; chalk; 'co- retaining the sum necessary for the payment culus indicus; coral; corrosive sublimate; dates; of such instalment of the duties, together with filberts; filtering stones; frankincense; grapes; the expenses of the safe keeping and sale of gamboge; hemlock; henvane; bones; horn. such goods, the overplus, if any, shall be replates, for lanthorns; ox horns; other horns, turned by the collector to the importer, or and tips; India rubber; ipecacuanha; ivory, owner, or to his agent or lawful representative: unmanufactured; ivory black; juniper berries; And, provided also, that the importer, owner, maccaroni; mill stones; musk; nuts, of all kind; or consignee of such goods may, at any time olives; oil of juniper paintings and drawings, after the deposite shall have been made, with. rattans, unmanufactured; reeds, unmanufac draw, the whole, or any part thereof, on paying tured; rhubarb; rotten stone; tamarinds; tor- the duties on what may be withdrawn, and the toiseshell; tinfoil

; shellac; sponges; sago; spy-customary storage and charges, and of interest. glasses;, telescopes; sextants; quadrants; hair Sec. 7. And be įl further enacted, That from pencils: Brazil paste; tartar, crude; vegetab es, and after the 3d day.of March aforesaid, foreign such as are used principally in dyeing and in manufactures of wool, or of which wool is a , composing dyes; weld, and all articles used component part, which may be sold at public principally for dyeing, coming under the duiy sale, other than sales under execution, decrees, of 124 per cent; all other dyeing drugs, and and process of courts in the United States, toaterials for composing dyes; all other medi, there shall be reserved by the seller, one and á cinal drugs, and all articles not enunerated in half per cent. on the amount of such sale for this act, nor theexisting laws, and which are the use of the United States; and no such sale now liable to an ad valorem duty of 15 per shall be made but in the presence of an officer

of the customs, in places where there shall be SEC. 4. And be it further enacted, That from, one, for which purpose reasonable notice shall and after, the 3d day of March, aforesaid, so be given to the collector of the district, or such much of any act of Congress as requires the officer of the customs as he may designate for addition of 10 or 20 per cent. 10 the cost, or that service; and an account of the merchanvalue of any goods, ware, or merchandise, in dise sold, certified, and approved by the officer estimating the duty thereon, or as imposes any of the customs present, sirall be rendered by duty on such addition, shall be repealed. the seller to the collecior, the said one and a

Suc. 5. And be it further enacted, That from, half per cent. paid over to him within twentyand after the 3d day of March, aforesaid, four hours after such sale. And if any person where the amount of duty on merchandise shall make such sale without the presence of (except manufactures of wool, or of which an officer of the customs, or shall fail to render wool is a component part) importeil into the such accuunt within the time required, he shall United States, in any ship or vessel, on account forfeit and pay to the United Siates iwo hun. of one person only, or of several persons joint dréd dollars; or if he shall fail to pay over to ly interested, shall not exceed 200 dollars, the the eollector as'is hereby required, the one and same shall be paid in cash, without discount, an half per cent. accruing to the United States and if it shall exceed that sum, shall, at the on such sale, he shall forfeit and pay to the option of the importer, or importers, be paid, United States, double the amount of such per or secured to be paid, in the manner now re-centage. quired by law, one half in three and one half in S&C. 8. And be it further enacted, That, in #I calendar months; and that, from and after all cases where the duty, which now is, or here. the said 3d day of March, so much of the 620 after may be, imposed on any goods, wares, or section of the act, entitled "An act to regulate merchandises, imported into the United States, the collection of duties on imports and ton. shall, by law, be regulated by, or be directed nage," approved the 2d of March, 1799, as to be estimated or levied upon the value of the authorises the deposite of teas, under the bond square yard, or of any other quantity or parcel of the importer, or importers, shall be re thereot; and in all cases where there is of shall pealed.

be imposed any ad valorum rate of duty on a vy SEC. 6. And be it further enacted, That from goods, wares, or merchandise, imported into the and after the 3d day of March aforesaid, the United States, it shall be the duty of the col.


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lector within whose district the same shall be guilty of perjury, and if he be the owner, imimported or entered, to cause the actual value porter, or consignee, the merchandise shall be thereof, at the time purchased, and place from furfeited. which ihe same shall have been imported into Seo. 10. And be it further enacted, That it the United States, to be appraised, estimated, shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Trea. and ascertained, and the number of such yards, sury, under the direction of the President of parcels, or quantities, and such actual value of the United States, from time to time, to estaevery of them, as the case may require: And blish such rules and regulations, not inconsistit shall, in every such case, be the duty of the ent with the laws of the United States, as the appraisers of the United States, and every of President of the United States shall think prothem, and of every other person who shall aci per, to secure a just, faithful, and impartial ap. as such appaiser, by all the reasonable ways or praisal of all goods, wares and merchandise, as means in his or their power, to ascertain, esti- aforesaid, imported into the U. States, and just mate, and appraise the true and actual value, and proper entries of such actiçal value thereof any invoice or affidavit thereto to the contrary and of the square yards, parcels, or other quan notwithstanding, of the said goods, wares, and rities thereot, as the case may require, and of merchandise, at the time purchased, and place such actual value of every of them; and it from whence the same shall have been import shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Treaed into the United States, and the number of sury to report áll such rules and regulations, such yards, parcels, or quantities, and such ac. with the reasons therefor, to the then uext ses. tual value of every of them, as the case may sion of Congress. requires and all such goods, wares, and mer. Sec. 11. And be it further enacted, That from chandises being manufactures of wool, or and after the third day of March aforesaid, in whereyf wool shall be a component part, which consideration of the duties imposed on the sev. shall be imported into the United States in an eral articles used in the construction and fitting unfinished condition, shall, in every such ap. of ships and vessels, there be allowed a draw. praisal, be taken, deemed, and estimated by the back at the rate of two dollars per ton on resaid appraisers, and every of ihem, and every gistered vessels; of one dollar and twenty-five person who shall act as such appraiser, 10 have cents per ton on enrolled and licensed vessels, been, at the time purchased, and place from excepi steamboats, and fifty cents per ton on whence the same were imported into ine United steamboats; such drawback to be paid, as the States, of as great actual value as if the same case may be, to the owners of enrolled and lihad been entirely finished: Provided, that, in censed vessels on the taking out of the enrollall cases where any goods, wares, or merchan. ment and license for the first time, if such vesdise, subject to ad valorem duty, or whereon sels shall not have been previously registered; the duty is or shall be by law regulated by, or and to the owners of registered vessels on be directed to be estimated or levied upon, the clearing, for the first time, for a foreign port or value of the square yard, or any other quantity place, other than an adjoining State or Terri. or parcel thereof, shall have been imported story, or the West Indies: provided, that such into the United States from a country other vessels shall not have been previously enrolled than that in which the same were manufactured and licensed; and in case registered vessels not or produced, the appraisers shall value the previously enrolled and licensed shall, in the same at the current value thereof at the time first instance, clear out for a foreign port or of purchase, before such last exportation to the place, in an adjoining state or l'erritory, or the United States, in' the country where the same West Indies, then the drawback to such ves. may have been originally manufactured or pro- sel is only to be at the rate of one dollar and duced.

twenty five tents per ton. Sec. 9. And be it further enaclea, That it Sec. 12. And be it further enacted, That an shall be lawful for the appraisers to call before addition of ten per centum shall be made to the them, and examine upon oath, any owner, im several rates of duties by this act imposed, in porter, consignee, or other person, touching respect to all goods, wares, and merchandise, any matter or thing wbich they may deem ma on the impor:ation of which, in American or terial, in ascertaing the true value of any mer- foreign vessels, a specific discrimination has chandise imported, and to require the preduc- not already been made, which, from and after tion, on oath, of any letters, .ccounts, or in the 3d day of March aforesaid, sliall be im. voices in his possession, relating to the same; ported in ships or vessels of the United States: for which purpose they are hereby authorised Provided, that this additional duty shall not app to administer oaths: and if any person so called, ply to goods, wares and merchandise, which sball fail to attend, or shall decline to answer, shall be imported after said day in ships or ves. or to produce such papers when so required, ne els not of ihe U. States, entitled by creaty, or shall forfeit and pay to the U. States Kfty dol by an act or acts of Congress, to be entered in lars, and if such person be the owner, import the ports of the United States, on the payment er or consignee, ilie appraisement which the of the same duties as shall then be paid on gouds, said appraisers may make of the goods, warcs wares and merchandise, imported in ships or or merchandi:e, shall be final and conclusive, vessels of the United States. any act of Congress to the contrary notwith. Sec. 13. And be it further enacled, That standing. And any person who shall' gwear there shall be allowed a drawback of the du. falsely on such examination, shall be deemed ties by this act imposed, on goods, wares, and

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merchandise, which shall be imported from UNITED STATES' BANK.
and after the gaid 3d day of March, upon the
exportation thereof within the time, and in the TWENTY-SECOND CONGRESS-First Session.
manner prescribed, in the existing laws at the House of Representatives, March 14, 1832.

Sec. 14. And be it further enacted, That the Resolved, That a select committee be ap-
existing laws at the time shall extend to, and pointed to inspect the books,and to examine into
be in force for the collection of the duties im the proceedings of the Bank of the U. States, to
posed by this act, on goods, wares, and mer- report thereon, and to report whether the pro-
chandise, which shall be imported into the visions of its charter have been violated or not;
United States from and after the said 3d day of that the said committee have leave to meet in the
March ; and for the recovery, collection, dis city of Philadelphia, and shall make their final
tribution, and remission of all fines, penalties, report on or before the twenty-first day of April
and forfeitures, and for the allowance of draw. next; that they shall have power to send for
backs by this act authorized, as fully and effec- persons and papers, and to employ the requisite
tually as if every regulation restriction, penal clerks, the expense of which shall be audited
ty, forfeiture, provision, clause, matter, and and allowed by the Committee of Accounts, and
thing, in the then existing laws contained, had paid out of the contingent fund of the House.
been inserted in, and re-enacted by this act:
And that so much of any act which is contrary REPORT OF THE MAJORITY.
10 this act, shall be, and the same is hereby, Mr. CLAYTON, on behalf of the majority of the

Committee appointed on the 14th March, Stc. 15. And be it further enacted, That 1832, to inspect the books, and examine into whenerer goods composed wholly, or in part, the the proceedings of the Bank of the Uniof wool or cotton, of similar kind, but different ted States, made the following report: quality, are found in the same packages charg In obedience to the foregoing resolution, ed at an average price, it shall be the duty of the committee appointed under the same, pra the appraisers to adopt the value of the best ceeded to the city of Philadelphia, and comarticle contained in such package, and so char. menced the inspection of the books, and the ged as the average value of the whole ; and examination of the proceedings of the bank on that so much of the act entitled “ An act for the 23d of March last; and, after the most atthe more effectual collection of the impost du. tentive and laborious investigation which their ties," approved the 28th of May, 1830, as re. limited time would allow, the majority have quires the appraisers to adopt the value of the prepared the following report, which they beg best article contained in a package as the ave: leave to submit to the House of Representarage value of the whole, be, and the same is tives. hereby, repealed.

They believed, that, as the House wished ina Sec. 16. And be it further enacted. That formation more for the purpose of enlightening Shenever, upon the opening and examination their minds, and assisting their judgments as of any package or packages of imported goods, to the expediency of again renewing its charcomposed wholly or in part of wool or cutton, ter, than to abridge it of the small remnant of in the manner provided by the fourth section time left for its operation, a liberal construction of the act for the more effectual collection of of the resolution would not be deemed a de. the impost duties, approved on the 28th day of parture from their trust; consequently they May, 1830, the said goods shall be found not have directed their inquiries to two general obto correspond with the entry thereof at the jects. custom house ;

and if any package shall be 1st." Whether the provisions of the charter found to contain any article not entered, such had been violated. article shall be forfeited; or if the package be 2d. Whether there have been any circummade up with intent to evade or defraud the stance of mismanagement against which future revenue, the package shall be forfeited ; and legislation might guard, or which should de Bo much of the said section as prescribes a for- stroy its claims to further confidence. feiture of goods found not to correspond with On the first point, following the example of the invoice thereof, be, and the same is hereby, a former committee, making a similar investi, repealed.

gation, without expressing any opinion on such $xc. 17. And be il further enacted, That from cases as have been subjects of imputation against and after the said 3d day of March, 1833, the the bank. ad valorem rates of duty on goods, wares, and These cases they conceive to be six in nummerchandise, shall be estimated in the manner ber, and are as follow: following : to the actual cost, if the same shall

ist. In relation to usury. have been actually purchased, or the actual

2d. In relation to the issuing of branch or value, if the same shall have been procured ders, as a circulation. otherwise than by purchase, at the time and 3d. The selling coin, and particularly Ameplace when and where purchased or otherwise rican coin. procured; or to the appraised value, if apprais

4th. The sale of stock obtained from Goed, shall be added all charges, except insu vernment under special acts of Congress. rance, from the foreign port of exportation to

5th. Making donations for roads and canals, the United States.

and other objects.

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