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Norther, S. P. Wiggin, Jona. Barker, Robert moval, and that, even if he was, the act of
Hindman, Samuel Elkins, Caleb Currier. Congress, transferring the duties of the Com-

missioners of Loans to the Bank of the United To the President and Directors of the Bank of States and its offices, disabled him from doing the U. 8. at Philadelphia.

it, I took little notice of the project. But i The subscribers respectfully represent that am now informed of an application to the Disthey have good reason to believe that the late trict Attorney, for his approval of the sureties, management of the board of directors of the on a bond to the United States, for the due branch bank at Portsmouth has been oppressive performance of the duties of the pension office, to the men of business in this state, and ter ds at the aforesaid bank at Concord. I do not greatly to the injury of the institution itself. know that the Secretary of the Treasury has That loans to the business men of the country, given any directions for this, but, under these in small sums, where the bank has met with no circumstances, I think it proper to apprise Josses, have been denied; while large sums you of what is doing. have been loaned out of the State, liable to This State is so small that no considerable greater risk. That the conduct of the bead of inconvenience can be experienced by the penthe board has been destructive to the business sioners. Nearly all the pensions are received of Portsmouth, and offensive to the whole com- by attorneys, and can be readily transmitted by munity. We, therefore, ask that the following mail. In my opinion, this town, though less persons, or a selection from them, may be ap- central, is more convenient for a major part of pointed the next board of directors to the the pensioners than Concord. The payments branch at Portsmouth, viz : Isaac Waldron, T:- at this agency for the last year, amounted to tus Salter, Thomas W. Penhallow, John Ball, near $80,000. The removal contemplated John 8. Jenness, Samuel Cushman, Richard H. would lessen our means of circulation, and, as Ayer, Joseph W. Haven, of Portsmouth; John I think, be very injurious to this office. Harvey, of Northwood; William Pickering, It is with some reluctance that I take the liConcord. June 29, 1829.-Lyman B. Walker, berty of mentioning another subject. I have Peter Sweatt, Samuel Tilton, Charles Lane, been lately informed, that a memorial and nuSquire B. Haseall, Benning W. Jenness, Jo- mergus letters have been addressed to the Pashua Chadwick, Amos Tebbetts, Samuel Web-rent Bank, complaining of my official conduct, ster, Hanover Dirkey, Nathan S. Colby, James and that two agents have been engaged to inB. Creighton, Asa Taylor, George P. Plaisted, form them by personal application. If the mem Joseph Hammons, Jesse Carr, Andrew Beasel, morial and letters contain all the absurd unEdward Gould, J. W. Carper, Horace Chase, truths that were made use of to obtain signers Bodwell Emerson, Dudley Pike, Samuel Sar- to them, they must be extraordinary producgent, Phinehas Clough, Eliphalet Richard, Sations. I am desircus of knowing the facts statmuel Park, Richard Eastmen, Benjamin Kelly, ed, and by whom, to enable me to repel them, John Quimby, Silas Noble, Thomas Lyford, which, I fear not, I can easily do. I, therefore, Isaac O. Barnes, John Pussey, James Tucker, request you to give me this information. At Ephraim Holt, James Perkins, Ezekiel Went-present I forbear making any comment on mo. worth, Bemben Hayes, jr., Moses Hoyt, James tives, or the singular course pursued, for the Law, Smith Lampry, Ezra Young, Hamson purpose of influencing

the concerns of this of-
Hoit, Jacob R. Pilsbury, Benjamin Jenness, fice. It seems to me proper and necessary,
Wenthred Hilton, Jacob Frase, Chas, F. Gove, that this matter should be explained, before
James Harrington, Jason H. Ames, Matthias the Board of Directors of this office, for the en-
Kimball, Jacob Rice, James Clark, Saml. Cart- suing year, be appointed.
land, James B. Thornton, Asa Sawyer, Abner

I am, with great respect,
B. Kelly

Your most obedient servant,

J. MASON, President. Orice OF THE BANK OF U. STATES,

N. BIDDLE, Esq. Portsmouth, July 31, 1829. President of the Dank U. S. DEAR SI: An attempt is making to remove the pension agency from this office to Concord, OFFICE OF BANK OF UNITED STATES, in this state. During the session of our Legis

Portsmouth, August 20, 1829. lature, in June, a memorial for that purpose Sin: In my last, I stated what information I was gotten up by Mr. Isaac Hill, Second Comp- bad respecting an intended removal of the pentroller of the Treasury of the United States, sion agency from this office; to which I am faand signed by divers of his warm political parti- vored with an answer from the acting Presisans, and others specially interested in the mat- dent, of the 4th instant, saying that my letter ter, addressed to the Secretary of the Treasu was referred to the Committee on the

offices, Ty, urging the central situation of Concord as a and that Mr. Biddle would, in a short time, reason for the removal. I do not understand visit this place. By to day's mail I have receivthat any fault was alleged in the manner of do- ed a letter from the Secretary of War, of ing the business here. Mr. Hill's object which the enclosed is a copy. I presume Mr. doubtless is to benefit a small bank at Concord, Pickering will soon present the order for the of which, till his removal to Washington, he books, papers, and balance of money. Doubt. was PresidentBelieving that the Secretary of ing the right of the Government to transfer the the Treasury could not be desirous of the re- Pension Agency without an act of Congress au

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