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the further circulation of that print actually and last, that the bank " should not issue and
gone into effect? Is the conspiracy against the currency which shall not be payable on demand
opposition journals at length broke out in open at the branch were first issued," was also re-
and undisguised efforts to suppress their trans-jected, by a yote of 27 to 17.
mission through the post office-an institution Mr. MÁRCY, of New York, then proposed an
that belongs to THE PEOPLE, but now convert- amendment that Congress should, at any time
ed into an instrument for promoting the de- after the new charter came into operation, be
signs of a worthless, corrupt, and ferocious privileged to change, alter, or modify the char.
kitchen cabinet? How else shall we account ter, as exigency might require. This motion
for the fact, that while the Globe passes freely was lost-29 to 15.
from Washington to New York, in one day, it Mr. TAZEWELL next proposed an amendment
requires two or three days, and sometimes for. to "strike out 15 in the 6th line, (this referred
ever for the Teleĝraph to perform the same to the donation of the charter,) and to insert
journey? Oh, that the eloquent Kinderhooker 10.” Mr. Tazewell supported his amendment
were here, to describe the extent of " our suf with his usual ability. He was replied to by
ferings," for they really “ is intolerable!"- Mr. Dallas. Then followed Mr. Harne, in
N. Y. Evening Journal.

support of Mr. T.'s motion, Mr. Clay and Mr.

WEBSTER against; and, after an animated and

lengthened discussion, in which Mr. BENTON,

Mr. Smith, and others, took part, the amend.
MONDAY, JUNI 4, 1832.

ment was negatived, by a vote of 27 to 20..
In the SENATE, on Saturday, Mr. DALLAS The bill was then reported to the Senate,
presented two memorials from citizens in Phila. and ordered to be printed as amended. The
delphia, remonstrating against any reduction of Senate then, at a late hour, adjourned.
duty on imported leather. Mr.PRENTIS9 present. In the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, Mr.
ed a similar memorial from citizens in Windsor, VERPLANK, from the Committee of Ways and
Vermont. The resolution, submitted by Mr. Means, reported a bill to provide for carrying
Benton, calling on the Secretary of the Trea. into effect the treaty of limits between the
sury for monthly statements of the affairs of the United States of America and the United Mexi.
United States' Bank, for the last three months, can States. It was read twice and committed
was agreed to. Mr. King presented a memo-to the Committee of the Whole on the state of
rial from the Board of Commerce of Mobile the Union, Mr. DUUBLEdarand Mr. STEWART
praying for an appropriation, from Congress, severally presented amendments to the tariff
for deepening the channel of the bar of Mo-bill, and they were ordered to be printed. Mr."
bile. Mr. SMITA called up the bill to release RUSSELL moved a resolution, which was agreed to
from duty, iron used on rail roads and inclined of providing that the flouse, for the remainder
planes: a modification to an amendment propos. the session or until otherwise ordered, should
ed by Mr. HAINE, having been adopted, the meet at 10 o'clock in the morning. Mr.Sotus.
bill was ordered to be engrossed for a third Land presented a memorial from numerous citi

reading Several private bills were ordered ens of Philadelphia, on the subject of the tariff
to a third reading: the following were read a which was referred. The resolution, on the sub
third time and passed—the bill for the relief of ject of the Post Office, was, after a short discus
John F. Girod of Louisiana; the bill for the sion agreed to, the previous question having been
“ relief of Henry Waller;" the bill releasing ordered on the motion of Mr. Root. The
the title of the United States to the site of Fort SPEAKER laid before the House a communication
Ganesvoort in the harbor of New York; and the rom the Secretary of the Treasury, with fur-
bill to revive and continue the act for the pay-ther information respecting the tariff. It was
ment of certificates of 7th May, 1822. referred to the Committee on Manufactures.

The consideration of the bank bill was resu- The House was engaged, during the residue of
med by the Senate as in Committee of the the day, in the consideration of the bills relat-
Whole. Several amendments, submitted by ing to the tariff, a great number of which were
Mr. BENTON, on the previous day, first came acted upon, and at 4 o'clock the House' ad.
up-one to repeal so much of the original char-journed.
ter as restricts any future Congress from grant-
ing charters of incorporation to other banking

companies, and grants exclusive privileges to In the SENATE,yesterday, Mr. Bentos laid -
the stockholders in the Bank of the U. Ştates, on the table a resolution calling on the Secre-
after being discussed, was rejected by a vote of tary of the Treasury to report the whole
26 to 16. The second amendment, that no amount of branch bank orders which have been',
member of Congress, officer of the Federal Go, issued, and from what branches. Mr. Dallas
vernment, or alien, should be allowed to hold presented a memorial from sundry farmers-aod
stock in the bank, was also rejected—34 so 6. mechanics, &c., of Pennsylvania, remonstrating
The third, that the stockholders should be "lia. against any abandonment of the protective sys
ble in their individual and private capacities to tem. In the course of the morning's business,
the amount of their stock,” if the bank should several bills were considered and passed to a
at any time fail to pay its responsibilities, gave third reading, among which were the bills to
rise to considerable debate, and was finally re-confirm certain clains to land in the Territory
jected, on a division, by 33 to 11. : The fourth of Arkangas, and the bill to apend the act for

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the relief of the purchasers of public landsber of citizens of New York, in favor of a conthat have reverted for nonpayment of the pur- tinuance of the protective system in all its parts. chase money, passed 3d May, 1828.

The bill from the House to extend the time of At one o'clock, the special order of the day issuing land warrants to the officers and soldiers coming up, the bill to modify and continue the of the revolutionary army, and the bill for the charter of the United States Bank, Mr. Taze- improvement of certain barbors, and navigation WELL suggested the necessity of going into the of certain rivers, was twice, read and referred; consideration of Executive business pending, and several private bills were passed. and made a motion to that effect; the motion At one o'clock, the Senate resumed, as the was lost on division, 20 to 18. The bank char. special order, the consideration of the bill to ter was then taken up. The question was still modify and continue the charter of the bank of on the motion of Mr. Bibe, made the previous the United States. The amendment to the evening, to substitute in the seventh section, seventh section by the Committee of the Whole, in lieu of a bonus, that the bank should make was under consideration. The question was on its loans and discounts at a rate not higher than the motion of Mr. SPRAGUE, to strike out of the five per cent.

samdt be words, “one hundred and 50,000 Mr. CLAYTON spoke in opposition to the dollars,” (the yearly bonus proposed,) in order proposition. He was followed by Mr. SPRAGUE to leave it blank, with a view to fill it with a on the same side, Mr. Forsyth in favor, Mr. larger sum. Mr. Foot moved to insert $200,Dallas and Mr. HOLMES against, Mr. Taze-000. It was suggested to divide the question; WELL and Mr. Tyler in favor, as a modificacion, first, as to the striking, out, and then to take and by Mr. WEBSTER in reply and in opposi. the sense of the Senate on the amount with tion.

The discussion was further continued which to fill the blank. by Messrs. Smith, Margum, BiBB, and others, The subject of a just equivalent to be paid until a late hour, when Mr. BiBB's motion was by the bank as a bonus for the charter, was then rejected on a division by a vote of 26 to 18. discussed.. Mr. MARCY was in favor of a much

Mr. Specue then moved to amend the higher sum than the original bonus proposed, amendment by striking out the bonus of one from the large profits which would accrue to hundred and fifty thousand dollars per annum, the bank. Mr. KNIGHT was in favor of filling and to leave it blank, with a view to insert a the blank with $350,000. Mr. CLAYTON was larger sum. Without deciding on this motion opposed to increasing the sum. Mr. CLAY Was the Senate adjourned.

f opinion that the amount should not exceed In the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, one half per cent on the capital of the bank, the bill to extend the Naval Pension Fund to and this would be equal to $175,000. Mr. the allowance of half-pay to the widows and SPRAGUE, Mr. JOANSTON, Mr. Smith, Mr. children of naval officers, &c., was read a se- Harne, and other Senators having expreesed cond time and committed ; and, after disposing their opinions, the motion “ to strike out $150,of some other business, the House went into 000," was concurred in unanimously; and seva Committee of the Whole on the state of the eral divisions were had on sums proposed to fill Union, on the tariff bill reported by the Con. the blank. mittee on Manufactures. 'Mr. DRAYTON ad. Mr. Kriget moved to fill the blank with dressed the House in opposition 10 the tariff ; $350,000; the motion was negatived, ayes 20, after which a slight amendment was proposed noes 2. Mr. Sermour moved to insert $300,by Mr. Hoppman, and adopted. Mr. STEW-000; the motion was rejected, ayes 20, noes 27. ART then addressed the House for some hours, Mr. DICKERSOX proposed the sum of $250,000; in explanation and defence of the amendment this was negatived by the same vote, 27 to 20. a proposed by him, as a substitute for the origi- Mr. Foor's original motion to insert $200,000 nal. Mr. JEXIFER submitted various modifica was then carried, ayes 43, noes 4. The 7tb tions to that amendment ; after which the com- amendment, as thus amended, was then concurmittee rose. A motion was made to reconsider red in. a vote of postponement, previously made, as

The amendment, (as an additional section) to the harbor bill, which was sustained ; and for the distribution of the bonus among the the bill was taken up and passed, Mr. WICE several States, according to their federal numLITTE called the attention of the Speaker to that ber, on question of concurrence, was lost, 31 part of the bank document which relates to mo.

to 16. ney advanced by the branch at this city, on ac.

Mr. TAZEWELL moved two amendments, to count of the pay and mileage of members, in the effect that after the 3d of March, 1836, no anticipation of the appropriation ; and the branch bank draft, check, or other paper, not Chair explained. A discussion subsequently payable at the place where issued, shall be put tonk place, in which several members join into circulation by the bank, or its branches, ed; but no action was taken on the subject, except notes of $50, or a larger sum. Also, when, at half past five, the House adjourned that the bank shall signify its acceptance of the

charter against the first meeting of the next THORBDAY, JUNE 7.

session of Congress: both those amendments ** In the SENATE, yesterday, memorials were were agreed to. presented by Messrs. TOMLINSON, FRELINGHUT After some further amendments, which were #EN, Cuarton, and Foot, from citizens of their offered and lost, Mr. Beton moved to refer respective States, and by the chair from a num- the bill as amended to the Secretary of the

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Treasury, with instructions to report them: up and laid on the table, in order that both
this was rejected, ayes 10, noes '37. At 6 o'- may again come up together.
clock in the evening, the Senate adjourned. In answer to an inquiry of Mr. FORSYTE, re.

In the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, lative to Mr. Sprague's resolution on the colo-
memorials were presented by Messrs. Mil- nial trade, still laying on the table, Mr. S. said
LIGAN, CHOate, and Johnson, of Kentucky. that having fully expressed his own opinion on
Mr. WHITTESKY, from the Committee of Claims, the subject, it was not his intention again to
reported a private bill; Mr. Adams, from the call it up, unless at the instanne of any Senator
Committee on Manufactures, a bill from the Se. who wished an opportunity to record his senti.
nate for the reduction of duty on iron to be used ments on the measure. The following bills
for railroads; Mr. WICKLFPz, from the Com- were read a third time and passed:
mittee on Public Lands, made a report, accom-

The bill for the relief of the legal represen. panied by a resolution, on the subject of cer- tatives of David Dardin, deceased; tain treaties between the United States and the

The bill for the relief of the legal represenChickasaw Indians; a bill was also reported tatives of John McKew; from the same committee supplemental to an

The bill for the relief cf Dorothy Wells, act granting pre-emption rights to settlers on widow; .. the public lands. · The further consideration

The bill for the relief of Gertrude Gates; of both these subjects was postponed till this

The bill to remove the Surveyor General's day a week. Mr. H. EVERETT offered a reso- office, south of Tennessee; and lution, calling on the Secretary of the Treasury

The bill making an appropriation for the essa to report to the House the amount and value ployment of additional clerk's in the Surveyor of wool imported into this country from Smyr- General's offices in Mississippi, in the south of na; which was agreed to. The House, on mo- Tennessee, in Missouri, Odio, Indiana, and the tion of Mr. Avams, then went into a Committee Michigan Territory. of the Whole on the staie of the Union, upon

The bank bill, the special order of the day, the tariff

. Mr. Abans addressed the House on was then taken up. The several agendments the subject of the amendment offered by the having been gone through, and agreed 10, on gentleman from Pennsylvania ; after which, the preceding evening, the question was now Mr. JENIFER, Mr. Stewart, Nr. DeAndOnN, on ordering tbe bill to be engrossed for a third and Craig. The question was then taken on reading, the modifications submitted by the gentleman

Mr. Wurte, of Tennessee, being in posses. from Maryland (Mr. Jenifer) to the amend- sion of the floor, addressed the Senate at great ment of the gentleman from Pennsylvania, (Mr. lengih against the principles of the present STEWART,) which were rejected. Dir. ALLEN charter generally-against giving the exclusive then offered an amendment providing that the franchise to the present bank, on the score of duties on cotton bagging, &c. should remain their having violated their charter in regard to as at present; also, to make certain other pro- the circulation of bank orders-and against the visions on the same subject. This amendment expediency of the present time in so long analso was rejected. The question then recur- ticipating the expiration of the charter vet in red on inë amendment of Mr. STEWART, on force; and had not concluded his remarks, which Mr. Davis addressed the House will four when, after speaking iwo hours, he gave way o'clock; when the committee rose, and the tu a motion of alr. Grundr's to adjourn. House adjourned.


at the opening of the sitting, a question aruse FRIDAY, JUNE 8.

in relation to one of the documents appended In the SENATE, yesterday, Mr. FRELING to the report of Mr. Adams, on the bank, which Horsen presenterl a memorial from Newark, N.J. gave rise to a long discussion. It was upon the numerously signed, praying that Congress will subject of the money advanced by the Bank of do nothing to interfere with the settled policy the United States, in anticipation of the approof the country with regard to the protection of priation bill, for the payment of the mileage domestic industry. Mr. Tipton, from the Com. and allowance of members of Congress. A mittee on Public Lands, submitted a report on statement in explanation of this matter was read; the resolutions of the Indiana legislature, and from the Chair, showing that the money had also of the Senate, relative to the sale of lands not been loaned to the members or paid in adin Indiana. The Senate concurred in the vanice, but was actually due to them wber amendment of the House, to the bill authoriz. paid ; and a resolution was moved by Mr. ing the inhabitants of Indiana to enter their LETCHER, and agreed to, directing the stateback lands. Several private and other birls ment to be entered on the journals of the were forwarded in their legislative stages, House and printed, as an appendage to the which will be again noticed in order, on their document in question. The bill further to ex. third reading. The Committee on the Judi tend the pensions of the widows of those ciary, reported certain amendments to the bill who have died or been slain in the navalser. concerning the issuing of patents to aliens; the viće, was ordered to be engrossed for a third bill, after several of the Senators had briefly reading this day. Mr. STEWART made an unexpressed their opinions thereon, was again laid successful motion to suspend the rule, for the on the table; and an other bill of similar descrip-purpose of moving to print his amendment on tion, was, on thie motion of Mr. MARCI, taken the tariff question. i'be House, uilerwards,

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went into a Committee of the Whole on the read a third time to-morrow, The consideration state of the Union, Mr. Speight in the chair, of the tariff bill was then resumed in committee, and took up that subject. Mr. Davis, of Mr. Speight in the chair; and Mr. Bell, of Massachusetts, concluded his argument, and Tenn., commenced an argument on the general was followed by Mr. MITCHELL, or ş. Carolina, principles of the question, and in opposition to in opposition to the present system. At half the existing system of impost duties. At four past 4 o'clock the committee rose, and the o'clock, and before he had concluded, the comHouse adjourned.

mittee, on the motion of Mr. EVERETT, of Mas. Mr. BELL has the floor for to-day.

sachusetts, , rose and reported, and obtained

leave to sit again. A number of bills from the SATURDAY, JUNE 9.

Senatê were then taken up, and disposed of in In the SENATE, yesterday, Mr. Clay pre various ways. At four o'clock, the House adsented a memorial, signed by a number of citi. journed. a zens of Kentucky, protesting against the plan of a tariff submitted by the Secretary of the

MONDAY, JUNE 11. Treasury, and praying for the preservation of In the SENATE, on Saturday, the usual the protective system. Mr. Wilkins, in pur morning business baving been gone through, suance of notice given, obtained leave and in the Bank Bill was again taken up. Mr. BENtroduced a joint resolution, providing for the ton having concluded his remarks against the transfer of the duties imposed on the Secretary | bill, and no other Senator designing to speak of the Treasury, by the act supplementary to on the question, the act for the relief of the surviving officers Mr. Grundy moved that "the bill be inde. and soldiers of the revolution, from the Treasu- finitely postponed.” The motion was negary to the War Department. Mr. Marce, from tived. Ayes 19, noes 24, by the following the Commitiec on the Judiciary, to which had vote : 'been referred the memorial of the members of YEAS.-Messrs. Benton, Bibb, Brown), Dickthe bar of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, reported a bill erson, Ellis, Forsyth, Grundy, Hayne, Hill, dividing that State into three judicial districts, Kane, King, Mangum, Marcy, Miller, Moore, which was read and ordered to a third reading Tazewell, Troup, Tyler, and White-19. Mr. Tıprox gave notice that he should, to-mor NAYS.- Messrs. Bell, Buckner, Chainbers, row, ask leave to bring in a bill providing for Clay, Clavton, Dallas, Ewing, Foot, Frelingthe raising, by voluntary enlistment, of five huysen, Hendricks, Holmes, Johnston, Nauhundred mounted men, for the protection of dain, Prentiss, Robbins, Robinson, Silsbee, the frontiers from the incursions of the Indians. Smith, Sprague, Tipton, Tomlinson, WaggaThe bill to create new land offices in the late man, Webster, and Wilkins--24. Choctaw purchase, and for the more convenient The Chair then put the final question, “Shall organization of the land districts in the State of this bi!! be engrossed for a third reading?" Mississippi; the bill to confirm the land claims When it was decided in the affirmative. Ayes of the inhabitants of Terra alux Bæuf; and the 25, noes 20, as follows: bill for the relief of Hannah McKim, were seve. YEAS.Messrs. Bell, Buckner, Chambers, rally read a third time and passed. At one Clay, Clayton, Dallas, Ewing, Foot, Frelingo'clock, the bank question was resumed. Nr. huysen, Hendricks, Holmes, Johnston, Knight, Wute, not having concluded his remarks on Naudain, Prentiss, Robbins, Robinson, Silsbee, the preceding evening, continued his argument Smith, Sprague, Tipton, Tomlinson, Waggaagainst the bank charter. He addressed the Se man, Webster, and Wilkins--25. nalc, in continuation, for two hours-arguing, NAYS.- Messrs. Benton, Bibb, Brown, principally, on the constitutional question, and Dickerson, Dudley, Ellis, Forsyth, Grundy, denging the right, in the Federal Government, Hayne, Hill, Kane, King, Mangum, Marcy, to crea e such a corporation; basing his argu. Miller, Moore, Tazewell, Troup, Tyler, and ment on the opinions of the framers of the con. White--20. stitution, in rejecting such propositions, as ap And then the Senate adjourned. pears by the journal of their secret proceed In the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, ings, when deliberating on the framing of the immediately on the opening of the sitting, Mr. constitution, from several drafts of con litutions Duncan, of Illinois, called the attention of the submitted to them. Mr. Hill, of New Hamp. Luase to the condition of the frontier of that slire, then rose, and proceeded to address the State, and moved to suspend the rule, for the Senate, in opposition to the bill. After Mr. purpose of taking up the bill from the Senate "Hica had concluded his remarks, Mr. BENTON for mounting and equipping a part of the army addressed the Senate, in opposition to the bill, of the United States. The motion was unanie for some time, when he gave way to a motion mously agreed to; and a substitute to the bill to adjourn. Mr. BENTON continues his speech in question, offered by Mr. Duncan, and proto-day

viding for the organization of a regiment of In the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, mounted volunteers for the defence the borthe bill, from the Committee on Foreign Affairs, der country, was discussed some time, and ul. to carry into eflect the French treaty, was deba- timately passed in the course of the, d-bate, ted in Committee of the whole on the state of the a le ter was read from an officer of the United Union, Mr. Wickliere in the chair, and finally States' army to General Ashley, the represenordered by the house to be, engrossed, and tative from Missouri, detailing some of the atro

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noes, 16.

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cities committed by the Indians during the pre Mr. Clar.congratulated the Senator from
sent war; and a correspondence, also, between Virginia for having devoted his mind to the sub-
General Duncan and General E. P. Gaines, as ject. He would be glad to see every member,
to the most efficient force for the preservation of either House, so present their views; itwould
of peace and order on the frontier. The Speak. benefit the country thus to ertract what was
er laid before the House a communication from good for each part. He would second the mo
the Department of War, with a survey of the tion for the printing.
Alleghany river. Mr. SUTHERLAND presented Mr WEBSTER hoped the schedules, as pre
the resolutions of the Pennsylvania legislature pared, would also be printed.
on the subject of the tariff and the bank of the The Chair

said it would be so ordered, and United States; and Mr. WATMOODI submitted a the printing was accordingly agreed to. memorial from Philadelphia county, remonstra. The Bank bill was taken up on its third ting against any material reduction

of the tariff. reading the question being, shall this bill The House afterwards went into a Committee of pass?" Mr. WEBSTER asked for the yeas and the Whole on the state of the Union, Mr. nays. They were ordered, when the question SPEIGHT in the chair, and took up the tariff was decided in the affirmative, by 28 to 20, bill. Mr. 'BELL concluded his argument; and follows: was followed by Mr. DOUBLEDAI, of New York, Ares. -Messrs. Bell, Buckner, Chambers, until, on motion of Mr. Evans, of Maine, the Clay, Clayton, Dallas, Ewing, Foot, Frecommittee rose, and the House adjourned. linghuysen, Hendricks, Holmes, Johnston, IN SENATE-MONDAY, JUNE 11, 1832.

Knight, Naudain, Poindexter, Prentiss, Rob

bins, Robinson, Ruggles, Seymour, Silsbee, THE TARIFF.

Smith, 'Sprague, Tipton, Tomlinson, WaggaOn the motion of Mr. DICKERBON, the tariff man, Webster, and Wilkins. – 28. bill reported from the Committee on Manufac Nars.-Messrs. Benton, Bibb, Brown, Dick. tures, was taken up. Mr. Dickerson said, that erson, Dudley, Ellis, Forsyth, Grundy, Hayne, his only object in calling up the bill was mere- Hill, Kane, King, Mangum, Marcy, Miller, ly to move an amendment, and have it printed, Moore, Tazewell, Troup, Tyler, and White. in order to have it laid on the table, together 20. with the bill.

Mr. MANGUM, prior to his vote, explained The motion to take up the bill, suspending his reasons for voting in the negative. Messrs. the previous orders, was agreed to—ayes, 21; Dallas, Silsbee, and Websten, each stated

his having no connexion with the bank, having Mr. D. then moved to strike out all, in the previously sold out any shares held by them. second section, after the word "coffee," and, Mr. CHAMBERS called up the bill for the in lieu of the articles therein named, to insert benefit of the Alexandria Canal Company.' others, enumerated in a list embracing various An amendment to insert "thirty," increasing dye stuffs, &c. &c.

the appropriation to $130,000, with a reference Mr. Harne could not perceive any material to the proposed acqueduct above Georgetown, difference between the proposed articles and was rejected as out of place in this bill, as was the former; and suggested that in the printing another amendment, and the bill as originally they should be distinguished by italics. This reported, was then ordered to be engrossed for uggestion was adopted.

a third reading, by a vote of 38 to 5. The bill Mr. TAZRWELL said, he had objected to the to substitute mounted troops in the place of taking up of the bill. He designed to offer an infantry, to defend the Indian frontiers, vas amendment himself to the bill; but felt that it taken up; an amendment to the same from the still required more investigation than he had yet House discussed, and was finally laid on the to time to give it. He had, however, proposed ble on motion of Mr. Bextos, in order for the the draft of a bill in the rough, which embraced Military Committee to consult the War Depart. the pridciples on which he thought the revenue ment on the subject. Adjourned at 4 o'clock. of the U. S should hereafter be based. To save In the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, the time of the Senate, and others, in the form petitions and memorials were presented, and, he had drafted hé had omitted all detail. He among them, one by Mr. Brieas, from citizens merely gave its principles, and intended to fol- of Berkshire county, Massachusetts, remonstralow them up with schedules, which he would ting against the adoption of the tariff project of furnish from day to day. He would now offer the Secretary of the Treasury, protesting this rough draft, if in order.

against a departure from the principles of the The CHAIR said, it would be in order to offer psotecting system, and advocating a reduction it as an additional amendment to the one pro- of the duties on all imported articles which do posed by the Senator from New Jersey, (Mr. not come into competition with American ma DICKERSON.)

nufactures. It was referred to the Committee The proposition of Mr. TAZEWELL was then of the Whole on the state of the Union, and orread-in substance, that “after the enacting dered to be printed. The memorial presented words, in lieu of the duties therein proposed by Mr. PENDLETON, of New York, on the subon such articles as paid 40 per centum, should ject of the missionaries imprisoned in Georgia, pay 40 per centum ad valorem, and so on 30, was, after a long argument from Mr. FOSTA, 20, 10, 5, and 2 1-2, changing from a per centum laid on the table, together with a resolution to an ad valorem duty.

based apon it, for the appointment of a select,

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