committee of investigation. Mr. Boon made an cation shall be made to the Secretary of War unsuccessful motion to suspend the rule of the by any person to be placed on the penson list, House.

and the granting such pensions shall depend : The consent being withheld,

apon the condition in life, the applicant shall Mr. Boon asked for the reading of the reso- be deemed, and to be “unable to support himlution. It was accordingly read. It proposed self without the aid of his country,” if the that Congress should adjourn on the 25th inst. value of his property, in the necessary schedule,

Mr. Boon then moved to suspend the rule, shall not exceed $1,000; and, upon this, asked for the ayes and noes, The third, that evidence, admissible in the which were ordered and taken, when it was ne- highest judicial tribunals of the pensioner's gativedmayes, 81; noes, 90.

State, should be received as competent in the Mr. Crawfor), by unanimous consent, pre- War Department. These amendments were sented an amendment to the tariff bill, which severally agreed to. was ordered to be printed.

The bill for the benefit of the Alexandria The House then went into committee on the Canal Company,” was read a third time and tariff bill; and Mr. Evans, of Maine, who had PASSED. Mr. WILKINS' joint resolution to possession of the floor, entered into an argu- transfer the duties now executed by the Trea ment in behalf of the present system of protec- sury Department, under the pension act, to tion and taxation.

the Department of War, was taken up on the At 4 o'clock, Mr. Evans, of Maine, having third reading. Mr. Foot again objected to finished his remarks, Mr. Clay moved that the the transfer of the duties; and, on motion of committee should rise, which was carried, ayes Mr. Tomlinson, the resolution was recommit64, noes 56; and, on motion of Mr. SPDIGHT, ted to the Committee on Pensions. The House adjourned.


Mr. WILKINS then moved to take the WEDNESDAY, JUNE 13.

bill to provide satisfaction to American citizens In the SENATE, yesterday, the resolution for French spoliations prior to the year 1800. submitted by Mr. PoiNDEXTER, on the previous Mr. TAZEWELL said that there was Executive day, requiring, from the commissioners of the business of considerable importance to the General Land Office, a statement of the number country, to which there was no occasion for of patents yet unsigned by the President, and him further to allude, which required early the cost appertaining to the same, was agreed consideration; he would therefore move that

they go into its consideration. Mr. CAAMBERS Mr. Dudler presented a series of resolutions said, if the opponents of the bill would agree from certain citizens of New York, recommend to take it up to-morrow, there would be no ing mutual consession in settling a future tariff difficulty, he apprehended, in delaying it for for the United States. Mr. D. further present- the present. «Mr. TazewELL replied that he ed a memorial from the hatters of New York, would make no promise. He was acquainted against the reduction contemplated in reference with it in committee for a number of years. to their trade.

The subject was one which presented great * Mr. Knight presented resolutions accom- difficulty, and he was against going into its dispanying the proceedings of a public meeting of cussion at present. He would make no com. citizens in Rhode Island, against the reduction promise of taking it up at any specified time. of impast duties recommended by the Secretary Mr. Wilkins said that he was much in favor of the Treasury.

of the claims of those citizens for French spoMr. Webster and Mr. Browy severally pre

liations. They had evinced great modesty and sented memorials relative to the settlement of patience in claiming their rights. The bill was French spoliation claims prior to the year 1800. now long delayed; he himself, at an early pePUBLIC LANDS.

riod of the session, had agreed to its being laid Mr. Dickenson gave notice that, on Friday on the table, from peculiar circumstances. He next, he would call up the bill relative to the was for taking it up at present, unless those public lands, reported by the Committee on who were 'adverse to it, would agree that it Manufactures.

should be postponed no longer than to-morrow. PENSION BILL.

He wished for a specific decision on the ques On the motion of Mr. Foot, the bill from the tion, and would ask for the yeas and nays. House to amend the act, entitled “an for the The yeas and nays were then ordered, when relief of certain surviving officers and soldiers

the motion to take up' the bill was negatived of the Revolntion,” was taken up. The bill ayes 19, noes 22. Mr. Tazewell's motion berelates to the invalid pensions.

ing renewed and concurred in, the Senate went Mr. Poor moved three amendments to the

into the consideration of Executive business.

Adjourned. The first amendment was, in substance, that the Secretary of War cause to be placed on

IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. the pension list, all applicants under the regula

BANK OF THE U. STATES. tion of the late Secretary of War who were

The bill from the Senate for rechartering the entitled to pensions under the same, but whose Bank of the United States, received on the precases were suspended;

ceding day, was then taken up and read a first The second, that, in all cases in which appli-) and second time by its title.


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directly and accurately, submit a motion for gentlemen to proceed with other ordinary busipostponement to a certain day. He moved to ness until one o'clock. postpone the further consideration of the bill to Mr. Smith and others so intimating their the first Monday in July.

wish, the ordinary business was proceeded with; Mr. McDuffle moved that the House do now and the bill making an appropriation of thirtyproceed to the order of the day.

six thousand dollars for the repair of the United Before the question was taken,

States' mail road between Louisville (KentucMr. Carson declared his unqualified deter- ky) and St. Louis, was considered in Comm tmination to vote against the bill.

tee of the Whole. Mr. McDUFFIE's motion was carried; and the Mr. IIENDRICKS explained the necessity for Hquse went into Committee of the Whole on the measure. the state of the Union, Mr. SPEIGHT in the chair, Mr. Foor thought there was an incongruity in and took up the tariff question.

the bill; it purported to be for internal improveThe House continued in the discussion of the ment, but it was scarcely in the nature of an aptariff until a late hour, Mr. Clay, of Alabama, propriation bill. He moved to lay it on the table. Mr. Root, and Mr. Dexxy, successively ad- The motion was carried. dressing the committee.

Some private bills were ordered to be enMr. WILDE, of Georgia, next took the floor, grossed for a third reading. after a motion had been ineffectually made for The bill for the relief of Sherman Allen, late the committee to rise.

Marshal of the United States for Vermont, was At seven o'clock the committee rose, and the taken up for consideration." House adjourned after a session of nine hours. Mr. Mancy explained the nature of this claim.

The claimant sought compensation as commisTHURSDAY, JUNE 14.

sioner on the amount of debts due by debtors to In the SENATE, yesterday, petitions praying the United States, taken by him in execution, indemnity for spoliations committed by the and afterwards discharged. French prior to the year 1800, were presented

A discussion arose on the subject; the claim by Messrs. MANGUm, and Hult. Mr. TOMLIN- was advocated by Mr. WEBSTER, Mr. PRENTI89, son presented certain resolutions adopted at. a Mr. Ewing, and others, and was opposed by meeting of the citizens of Norwalk, Connecti- Messrs. Grundy, Maine, and Millen. It was cut, protesting against the tariff bills reported finally ordered to a third reading; ayes 22. by the Secretary of the Treasury, and by the

On motion of Mr. TaZEWELI, the Senate then Committee of Manufactures of the other House, went into the consideration of Executive busiwhich were laid on the table and ordered ness. Adjourned. printed. On motion of Mr. Robinson, the bill

FRIDAY, JUNE 15. establishing land districts in the Territory of Arkanzas, was taken up and considered, and or

In the SENATE, yesterday, the resolution, dered to a third reading. On motion of Mr. submitted by Mr. Foot on the previous day, to CHAMBERS, the bill providing satisfaction for indefinitely postpone such pension bills as had the claimants who suffered by French spolia- not yet been acted on, was taken up, and some tions prior to 1800, was taken up, yeas 22, nays objection being made, it was again laid on the 19. Mr. TAZE BLI then proposed to postpone

table. the bill for the purpose of going into executive

Mr. Clar presented a petition from sundry session to tựansact business important to the citizens . (farmers in Kentucky) protesting public service, and giving it as his opinion, from against the reduction of duties contemplated a previous knowledge of the subject, that this

the Secretary of the Treasury. bill could not be definitely acted on without a

INDIAN FRONTIERS. debate of three or four wecks, to the entire

Mr. Tirtox wished to inquire of the chair, exclusion of the important subjects of the tariff man of the Committee on Military Affairs, (Mr. and the public lands. A discussion then ensued, Bextos,) if he had obtained the information in whichi Messts. CHAMBERS, SMITA, Miller, promised from the War Department relative to WERşTEN,CLAY, Wilkins, HOLMES, and Telen, the best plan of defence of the northwestern took part. The bill was finally laid on the table frontiers. on motion of Mr. CLAY.

Mr. BENTƠN replied that he was unable to Mr. Foot laid on the table a resolution, that obtain the information required in consequence the several bills from the House of Representa- of the absence of the Secretary, who only re. tives on the subject of pensions, not acted on,

turned last evening. should be indefinately postponed, and the vari

Mr. Tiptox then moved to take up the bill to Ous documents returned to the House.

mount and equip a part of the army of the U. The bill granting pensions to Jolin Brynn and States for the defence of the frontiers, laid on George W. Howard, (striking out the name of the table a few days ago. The difficul ies on Stephen Peabody,) and the bill to amend the the frontiers, he said, were still existing, and act for the relief of certain surviving officers he earnestly hoped, if they were to have the and soldiers of the Revolution, as amended, aid of the General Government at all

, the Se. were read a third time and passed.

mate would at once let them know what to exMr. TAZEWELL said, he would move that the pect. He had prepared, he said, an amendment Senate now proceed to the consideration of ex- which would, he believed, obviate the objececutive business, unless it were the wish of tions of the gentleman from Illinois; and from

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ment, was taken up in motion of Mr. Benton, part, shall be assessed in the current wholesale and after having been discussed by Messrs. market value thereof, in the principal markets BENTON, WAGGAMAX, JOHNSTON, WEBSTER, of the United States, which value shall be asForseti, and POINDEXTER, was ordered to a certained by the appraisers; and it shall be the third reading. The following biils were read a duty of each and every collector, where any third time and passed: The bill for the relief of such goods shall be entered and appraised, to John Hurd, jr. surviving assignee of Amasa Da- cause the time and place of entry, the valuvis, jr., and the bill in addition to the act foration made by the appraisers, and the number the relief of certain insolvent debtors of the of yards to be permanently marked on each United States, After progressing with the piece of goodą, in such manner as the Secretary general orders, the Serate, a little after one of the Treasury shall direct.” o'clock, went into the consideration of execu On the motion of Mr. SLADE, the amendment tive business, and continued sitting with closed was ordered to be printed. doors until its adjournment.

Tosar, June 19, 1832. In the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, Mr. Hors presented a memorial from Mr. resolutions in favor of the protective systemy

In the SENATE, yesterday, memorials and Whitney, of Pennsylvania, on the subject of the Bank of the United States, and upon the and remaonstrating against any abandonment of question of printing it, some discussion ensued. it, were presented by Messrs. Holmes, Dud. It was ultimately laid upon the table. Mr. Her. LEI, Mancy, and Dallas, from their respective

constituents; also, tbe resolutions of a meeting BY Kixg, of Pennsylvania, and Mr. HORACE Everett, of Vermont, severally offered me

held at Brooklyn, N. Y., on the same subject, morials on the subject of the tariff, wbich were

were presented by the VICE PRESIDENT, ordered to be printed. A resolution from the

PATENT BILL. Joint Committee on the Library, was introdu

The bill for the relief of Horatio Gates Spaf. ced by Mr.' EVERETT, of Massachusetts, in re-ord, granting bim a patent right in the usual lation to the publication of the Register of De-form, for a combination of mechanical princibates, which, with a slight modification, was ples, introducing an improvement in the power agreed to by the House. The special order of four to one, with an allowance to fill his spe. was then acted upon in a committee of the cification under a secret seal for the term of four Whole on the state of the Union, Mr. SPRIGHT years, was considered in Committee of the in the chair

. The tariff bill was discussed, Whole, with an amendment reported thereto, and a variety of propositions were offered and limiting the term to one year. considered. At nine o'cluck, after a session

Mr. FORSTTH moved further to amend by of eleven hours, without any interval of re- striking out the enacting clause. The princia cess, the House adjourned. The proposition ple of the bill to allow the specification to be last debated, and still pending, is the follow- kept secret, was discussed

by Messrs. MARCI, ing amendment proposed and subsequently FRELINGHUYSEN, Haine, Clar, WEBSTED, and modified by Mr. Davis, of Massachusetts.

TAZEWELL. To strike from the bill from line 12 to line

Mr. FORSYTI withdrew his motion, 28 inclusive, and insert:

Messrs. MARCY and FRELINGHYSEN were in "On all milled and fulled cloths made whol. favor of the bill. ly of woollen, and known by the name of plains

Mr. Clay was, also, in favor, and argued that. or kerseys, the value whereof shall not exceed special bills were the constant practice of legis. thirty-five cents the square yard, and on all lation. blankets made of wool, the value whereof shall

Mr. WEBSTER was opposed to it as contrary not exceed one dollar each, five per centum ad to the principle of patent laws. valorem.

Mr. TAZEWELL was, also, opposed to it, and "On worsted stuff goods, ten per centum asked, wbat reciprocal benefit would result to ad valorem.

the community in lieu of the patent granted, the "On worsted and woollen yarn, four cents a

basis of all patents, if the specification were pound, and ifty per cent, ad valorem.

kept secret from them? "On hosiery, mits, gloves, binding, and

After a verbal amendment by Mr. FRELINOblankets

, except as above, 35 per centum ad AUYSEN, the bill was ordered to be engrossed valorem.

for a third reading. Ayes 28, noes 16. "On Brussels, Turkey, Threeply, Ingrain, INTERNAL IMPROVEMENTS. and Milan carpeting, seventy cents the square The bill granting 500,000 acres of the public yard.

lands, within their own limits, to each of the "On ingrained and Venetian carpeting, 45 States of Mississippi, Missouri, and Louisiana, cents the square yard.

was taken up on its final passage. "On all other kinds of carpeting of wool, or

Mr. CHAMBERS asked for the yeas and nayg. of which wool is a component part, and on rea

The subject was discussed by Messrs. Foor, dy made clothing, 50 per cent.

Jounston, BENTON, FALLINGHUYSEN, CHAX "Provided, however, That the duty on flan- BERS, HENDRICKS, Clay, and BUCKNER. nels and baizes shall not be less than 20 cents The question was then taken by yeas and the square yard; and provided further, that the nays, when the motion to lay on the table was duties levied as aforesaid on manufactures of carried, ayes 27, noes 13. wool, or of which wool shall be a component The CHAIR communicated a report from Ithe

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