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For the erection of warracks, quarters, and Court of the United States for the State of Ill.

storehouses, and the purchase of a site, in the vicinity of New Orleans; For the relief of the legal representatives of Pet, r, Catharine, and Chales Surget ; Confirming the claim of Maria Holliday to a tract of land in Louisiana; For the relief of Jefferson College, in the State of Mississippi; For the relief of the representatives of Elias Earle, deceased; For the relief of James W. Zachary; Granting to the Territory of A kansas one thousand acres of land for the erection of a court-house and jail, at Little Rock; Granting to Middleton M'Kay a section of land in lieu of the reservation given him by the treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek; Supplemental to the act “granting the right of pre-esoption to settlers on the public lands,” approved the 29th day of May, 1830; For the relief of John Brunson; For the relief of Abiah Warren and others; For the relief of Thomas Dennis and of the legal representatives of Asa Hartfield; To increase and improve the Law Department of the Library of Congress; For the relief of Richard G. Morris; Granting a pension to Win. Scott; For the relief of Silvia Posner; For the relief the officers and soldiers of for Delaware; For the relief of Joseph Elliot; For the relief of Bartholomew Shaumburgh; To authorise the Judges of the Courts of the United States to take bail of the claimants of property seized, and perform other acts in va cation; o For the relief of Chistopher Brooks; For the relief of the sureties of Geo. Brown, deceased, late Collector of Internal Duties and Direct tax for the first district, in the Soate of Maryland; ... " For the relief of William Nelson, administrator of the estate of Andrew Nelson, deceased, and for other purposes; to provide for liquidating and paying certain claims of the State of Virginia; For the relief of Augustine Taney; For the relief of Guy W. Smith; For the relief of the executors of Robert C. Jennings and James Roddy, deceased; , For the relief of John and B, njamin Wells; For the relief of William Wayne Wells, of the State of Indiana; For the relief Samuel May; For the relief of Natianiel A. Ware; For the relief of t e heirs and legal represel. tatives of Edward Barry, deceased; To authorise the legislature of the State of Indiana to sell and convey certain lands granted to said State for the use of the people thereof; To authorise the sale of lands reserved from sale at Fort Jackson in the State of Alabama; For the relief of Elizabeth Scott, only surviving child and heir-at-law of Captain William Blackwell, deceased;

nois; For the final adjustment of private land claims in Missouri; For the relief of Pierre Leglize; For the relief of Walter Cockburn; For the relief of Wm. A. Tennille; To increase the number of surgeons and assistant surgeons in the army of the United States; For the relief Wm. Dickson; For the relief of Timothy Risley; To provide for the appointment of a commis. sloner of Indian affairs, and for other purposes, To release from duty iron prepared for, and actually laid on, railways or inclined punts; For the relief of John F. Girod, of Louisiana; To revive and continue in force “an act authorizing the payment of certain certificates,” approved May 7th, 1822; . For the relief of Hery Waler; For the relief of John Bryant and George W. Howard; For the benefit of St. Vincent's Female 01. phan Asylum, of the city of Washingto, under the direction of the sisters of charity; ind of the Washington City Orphan Aslum, and for other purposes; * , Granung certain city lots to the corporation cf the Columbian College, for the purposes "herein menuoned; - concerning certain officers of the mont, corps; For the relief of Thomas Holdup Stevens, et al., To provide for the taking of certain obser vations, prop.ratory to the adjustment of the northern bondary line of the State of Ohio; To amend an act entitled “an act for the to lief of purchasers of the public lands that has: revolted for nonpayment of the purchase mo: ney,” passed May 23, 1828; To create the office of surveyor of the pub: lic lands for the territory of Arkansas; For the relief of David E. Twiggs, Joseph M. Street, and Stephen W. Hearney; For the relief of Gertrude Gates, For the relief of the heirs of Thomas Dato' port; For the relies of Jacob C. Jordan; To exempt the vessels of Portugal from the payment of the duties on tonnage; To authorise the Secretary of the Treasury to compromise with the trustees of th: late firm of Thomas H. Smith & So, and their se: curities, the claims of the United States upon the said firm and their securitics; To extend the perio to which the chartet of the l’rovident Association of clerks was limit. to is To authorise the secretary of the Treasury to compromise the claim of the United States on the Farmers and Mechanics Bank of Indi' ana ; For the relief of Rebecca Blodget, widow of Saml Blodget, dec'd, . Supplemental to the act “granting certain

To alter the times of holding the District|relinquished and unappropriated lands to the

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State of Alabama, for the purios of improving
tle naviga on of the Tennessee, Coosa, Cahaw-
ba, and Black Warr or rivers,” approved May
23, 1828;
To provide for corrying into offet the treaty
of limits between the U. States of America and
the United Mexican St tes;

Concerning tonnage duty on Spanish vessels;

Acs for the relief of H. H. Tickerman;
For the relief of Robertson and Barnwell;
For the relief of W. and J. and Charles E.
For the adjustment of the claims of South
Carolina against the United States,
For the relief of John Sapp;
For the relief of James Miccarty;
For the relief of E, ward Lee;
For the relief of Stephen Hook;
For th relief of W. D. King, James Davies,
and Garland Linicum;
For the relief of Antoine Dequindre and
other Michigan volunteers;
For the relief of Robert A. Forsyth;
For til, relief of Eben Hubbard;
For the relief of Sylvester Havens;
For the relief of Jane Mur;
For the relief of W. Forsyth;
For the relief of Percia Tupper, executrix
of Samuel Tupper, deceased
For the relief of Leonard Denison and Elisha
For the relief of Henry Kilburn;
For he relief of Robert Kaine; ".
For the relief of Samuel keep; -
For the relief of Anthony Foreman and John
G. Ross, Cherokee Delegation;

For the relief of the President and Directors,

and Company of the Miami Exporting Company; - Fr the relief of William Tharp; For the relief of Ariel Ensign : For the relief of A. H. Richardson, executor of Val. Richardson; For the relief of the legal representatives of Samuel Wagstaff, For the renef of Charles Cassidy; For the relief of Peter Peck; For the relief of Lewis Anderson; For the relief of James Lewis Sawyer; For the relief of A am Peck; For the reliei of John M. nary; For the relief of Amariah Squirrel, administratrix of Jacob Sq irrel; For the relief of William Owens; For the relief of Doctor Hanson Catlett; For the relief of Edward Livingston; For the relief of L. L. Van Ki.eck, For the relief of D Gamo Jones; For the relief of the heirs of W. Robertson, deceased, and Daniel S. Leonard; For t e relief of Richard S. Hackley; For the relot of Captain Joan Born am; For the relief of R bert Jones and w . A. ol, ming; For the relief of Bernard Marigny; Fol un relief of Row, it Smar; For the reliet of Joseph B gy; For the relief of J. P. and E. B. Penny;

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Foo tie relief of Jare C n ; A bili authorizing the construction of Naval Ho-otals at the Navy Yards at Charlestown, M. ssachusetts, Brooklyn, New York, and Pensacola; A will to provide for completing the Naval Hospial at Norfolk, and Naval Assylum at Philadelphia, and to furnish them in part; For the relief of John Rogers; o For the relief of Prosper Marigny; For the reh, f of John McDonough; For ther, lief of Capt. Thomas Paine; For the relief of Ephraim Whitaker; To carry into effect une act to provide for a survey of the coast of the United States; For the relief of Arnaud Lanaux; For the relief of A. W. Hardie; For the r lief of Joseph Sonat Dufossat; . For the relief of Cel sun Chiap, lla; . To provide for the relief of distressed American seamen; For the relief of John H. Thomas, claiming under Antoine Patin; To provide for the pay went of arrearages in the Naval service, chargeable to the enumerate conungent, prior to the 1st of January, 1832; To provide iron tanks for the use of the Navy of the United States; To provide for completing the erection and removal of the Naval Monument; To provide for paying certain arrearagos for surveys made by naval officers; For the relief of the reprensatives of David Dardin; for the relief of W. Pawters; For the relief of John Roberts, late Major of infantry in the revolution ry war; For the relief of George J. Knight; For the relief of the heurs of S. Kennedy; For the relief of Joseph W. Torrey; To direct the manner of issuing patents on confirmed land claims in Florida; For the relief of Eliakim Crosby; For the relief of the heirs and residuary legatees of William Carter; For the relief of John H. Wendell; For the relief of Ichabod Ward; For the relief of J ha Heard, jr., surviving assignee of Amasa Davis, jr.; To remit a part of the duties on a cargo imported in the brig Liberator; For the relief of Hopkins Rice; Making appropria ions for 1832; For the relief of B. Joseph Flaget; For the relief of the representauves of John McHugh; For the relief of Dorothy Wells; To alter the time of holding the term of the Circuit Court of the soutlern I)istrict of New York; Explanatory of the act entitled an act for the to lies of the officers and soldiers of the Vigidio line and navy, and f the Contin intal aroy ouring the revolutionary war, approved 39th via , 1830; For tatt

relief of the inhabitants of Terre aux Boeuf;

For the relief of John Knight; To provide the rebuilding the frigate Java, and sloop Cyane; To finish the rebuilding the frigate Macedonian; For the relief of Richard H. Steel; For the relief of Hannah McKim, For the relief of Jose h Kamber; For the relief of heirs of Joseph Buckley, deceased; For the relief Benjamin B-litt; For the relief Bernard Leonard, and Jacob IBlack; Making appropriations for the Revol itionary and other pensioners of the United States for 1832; For the relief of David Kilburne; For the relief of Cornelius Overton; For the relief of Harvey Brown; For the relief of Samuel 1)ale; For the relief of Gates Hoit; For the relief of Ann D. Baylor; For the relief of the heirs of Nathaniei Hiller. ... to authorise the surveying and laying out a road from Detroit, westwardly, by way of Sceu. wassee to the mouth of Grand River, of Lake Michigan, in Michigan Territory; For the relief of James L. Dawson, Sarah Easton, and Dorothy Storer; To amend the act for the relief of certain surviving officers and soldiers of the army of the Revolution; For the relief of Alexander Oswald Brodie; For the relief of John Buhler; For the relief of the widow and heirs of Pe. dro, alias Pierre Guedry; Authorising the Secretary of War to pay to the Seneca tribe of Indians, the balance of an annuity of 6,000 dollars, usually paid, and remaining unpaid from 1829; Making appropriations for the army for 1832; Authorising the surveying and making a road from La Plaisance Bay, in Michigan, to intersect the Chicago road; * For the relief of W. Hoffman; For the relief of W. D. Gaines and W. M.

King; For the relief Aaron Snow; Making appropriations for the Indian Department for 1832; --Making appropriations for fortifications for 1832; ---For the relief of W. Williamson; For the relief of the legal representatives of Reginald, alias Reynolds Hillary; For the relief of Benjamin Gibbs; t For the relief of Mary Daws, Robert Bond, James Partridge, and J. G. Smith; To add a part of the southern to the northern district of Alabama; a

with Martinique and Guadoloupe,” app oved May 9, 1828. And to retund the tonnage du ty on the French slip Victorine; Concerning the issuing of patentato allots for useful discoveries; Making appropriations for the naval service for 1832; For the relief of invalid pensioners of the U. States; To amend the several acts establishing the territorial government of Florida; . To authorize the disposition of the fundars. ing from the sale of a quarter section of land, reserved for the use of schools in F. nd; To change the time of h \ding the United S’at, s District court at Staunton, in the wes. tern district of Virginia; | Making appropriations for certain internal improvements for 1832; Making appropriations towards the two of laying out and opening a military roadston For Howard, at Green Bay, to Fo; Crowfri, in the Mississippi; To authorize the Governor of Arkansas" lease the salt springs in said territor, and so other purposes; For the relief of the legal represenutives of Nimrod Farrow and Richard Harris; To authorize the Secretary of the Treasury to compromise the claim of the United States in the commercial bank of Lake Erit; For the relief of certain invalid and other pensioners, therein named, For the relief of Edmund Brooke; To extend the limits of Georgetown, in the District of Columbia; To revive and continue inforce "an actor the relief of the representatives of John Do. nelson, Stephen Hoard, and others." In addition to “an act for the relief of certin insolvent debtors;” Authorizing a revision and extension of th: rules and regulations of the naval servico; To authorize the President of the United States to direct uransfits of appropriation” in the naval servic, , under certain circumstances For giving effect to an arrangement bro the U. States and the r-public of Mexico; For quieting posse sions, enrolling coo ances a d securing the estates of purche." in the District of Columbia; For the relief of Rindal Allis, Timoto Twitchell, and John Lee Williams; To establish certain post road, and to alter and discontin!e others, and for other purposo, For the relief of Thomas and James Moist

gill, David Brooks, James w. Hill, Elijah Hill,
and Philip Barnes; -

To aid the vestry of washington parish, in
the erection of a keeper's house, and th: ".
provement and security of the ground alloted

For the apportionment of Representatives |for the intermont of members of Congress, and among the several States, according to the other public officers;

Fifth Census; For the relief of John Lacy;" . For the relief of Nathan rowson; : . To extend the provis, as of the act entitled

“An act regulating commercial intercoursel Territory of Arkansas;

To amend an act, entitled “an act to enlago

the powers of the several corporations of the
District of Columbia;”

to define the qualifications of voters in the

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outer the time of holding the District Court of t e to not d States for the Western District of Luisara; For improv ng P. nosylvania avenue, supplying 'he public buil ings with water, and for paving the walk from the western gate to the capitol with flag ring; For the relief of tw. R. Pickett; For the regulation of the navy and privateer pension, and navy hospital fund; | Directing lotors patent to be issued to Thomas Knowles, James Lang, and W. Steel, respectively; Making “rovision for the sale and disposition of toe public ground in the cities of St. Augustine and Pensacola, and to reserve certain lots for nublic purpos, s, and to provide for their rep or and preservation; Making appropriations for Indian annuities, and other sim lar objects, for 1832; To authorize the removal of the land office from Mou t Satus, Mis-is-ippi, and to remove the land office from Franklin to Fayette, in Missouri; For the final adjustment of the claims to lands in the southeastern district in Louisiana; To confirm certain claims to lands in ArkanSaS; For the relief of John Peck; Making appropri tons for a custom-house in the city of New York; To ext, nd the patent of Jethro Wood; For the relief of John Hughes; For the relief of Jacob Remp, otherwise Kemp; For the relief of Horatio Gates Spafford; To provide for the appointment of three commissioners to treat with the Indians, and for other purposes, Wessing on the corporation of Washington City all the rights of the Washington Canal Company; For the relief of W. McCormick; For the sale of the unlocated lots in the fifty quarter townships in the United States military district in Ohio, reserved to satisfy warrants granted to individuals for their military ser. vices; For the improvement of certain harbors, and navigation of certain river ; M king appropriations in conformity with the stpilations of certain Indian treaties; Gong the assent of Congress to an act of the Legislature of North Carolina, ntitled “an act to incorporate a company, entitled the Roanok, I'let Company, and for other purposes, and also an act aneudatory thereto, which passe in 1828;” Providing tor the postponement of the trial of cer on cases now peding in the sup-rior court of Arkans s : “ift ry, and for wit holdin from sale or entry certain law is on said her th ty; "... relation to the peotentiary for the District of C tomb a. * the en fit of the Alexandria canal; ** to re-, prora on of certain on xPo." alances of torner appropriations, and for other Eurovses; * *

To provide for the means of extending the benefi s of vaccination, as a preventive f smallpox, to the Indian tribes, and thereby as far as possible to save them from the destructive ravages of that disease; To amend the act entitled “an act to provide for mitigating or remitting, the forfeitures, penalties, and disabilities, accruing in certain cases therein mentioned; For the relief of certain invalid pensioners; For the r let of the hers and legal representatives of Dr. Samuel Axon, d ceased; To enforce quarantine regulations; Supplementary to an act to incorporate the trustees of the F male Orphan Asylum, of Georgetown, in the District of Columbia; For altering the time of holding the District Cour of the United States, for the District of Indiana; For the relief of John Anderson, assignee of Joan B Jerome, and Geo M I)ougall; Establishing Land Districts in the Territory of Arkansas; Authorizing the Governor of Arkansas to select ten sections of land, granted to said Territory for the propose of building a Legislative House in said Territory, and for other purposes; Changing the tin of hold ng the courts in the Bistrict of Columbia; Concerning patents for useful inventions; To establish additional land districts in Alabana, and for other purposes; Authorizing the Secretary of the Treasury to permit a wha f to be built near the site of the lighthouse on Stratford Point, Connecticut; Making appropriations in conformity with the stipulation of certain treaties with the Creeks, Shawnees, Ottaways, Senecas, Wyandots, che." rokees, and Choctaws; Giving the assent of the United States to an act of the General Assembly of Maryland, passed in their Decem-,er session in 1831, entitled. “an act further to amend the act incorporating the Chesapeaks and Ohio Canal Company;” Further to extend the pensions heretofore granted to the widows of persons killed, or who died in the naval service; Repealing a part of the fif h section of an act, entitled “An act to establish ports of delivery at Port Pon cuartrain and Delaware city,” and for other purposes; To carry into ffect certain Indian treaties; To amend the several acts for the establishment of a Territorial Government in Florida; To authorize the sale of certain public lands in the State of Ohio; To alter and amend the several acts imposing duties on imports; Authorizing the entry of vessels and mercoa dise arriving from t e Cape of Good Hope, r beyond the same, at the port of Edgartown, to . Massachusetts; - Extending further the right of debenture to toe rt of K. y West, an as ring th Jonuts of the district of K. y West; . For use di coarse or survory j dgments .g. inst the form roast, at , , , , isor ~, of Pennsylvania, and for the relet of Jand W. Lippiacott, and Company;

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-House of tepaksex ratives, 14th July, 1832. DeAR Sin: Your letter of the 6 want! . have read, and duly considered its contests. You rightly suppose that no report is contem, plated by the “special committee on the sub. ject of live oak. I felt some hesitation in an swering your enquiries. The delay of the re. port alluded to did not arise from any he lost doubt or difficulty about the questions you sk, but from the determination of the committee to collect all the facts in their power relative to the general question, and the occurrence ofen. grossing public questions. But as the report

has been for some time expected, and I have not lately made any move in it, I demo proper in this manner to tate: That the document referred to in your letter was not suppressed, but was by you, (as Secretary of the Navy,) communicated to the Naval Committee, as appears by the report of the present Sectory, 2dly. There is no ground disclosed by the documents and evidence for the slightest sus. picion, that you, while Sect tary of the Navy, on the ground of favoritism, or any other ground, improperly increased the allowances or the wages of live oak agents. In fic, these wages were not increased at al. In answer to your last qu stun, I will copy the words of the report of the Naval Committee of the 25th, February, 1831, which bear directly on the point; they are as follows: “The cummittee are of opinion, that the examinations of the pub. lic, and other lands, to ascertain the quantity and quality of the live oak, should be proseco ted with increased industry and adequale fro" Very respectfully, your obediets rol, THOS. T. BOULDIN, The Hon. John BRAxch.

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Chairman of the Committee on Live Oak.


Washington City, upon the folloung
- Ten M8: ... i0 to

Daily paper, per annum, - " ", ,...,n.
country papeotihomes a week duo.

ion, and’sookly during the reso." to . (y gress, - - - - - - - - - . . . . 4M For six months, - 25,

Weekly paper,' - - - - - - ekly paper, payable in advance. also

A failure to notify the editor of an o' irrigüo tinue will be considered a renewal of the subscr's

which will not be discontinued, exos"." the option the editor, until all arrearoges * paid. o *

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