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estedness words which, from being filtered duties of a partisan:-he poached about for priand refined through newspapers and election rate slanders and ribald anecdotes-he folded hanilbills, have lost their original siguification, handbills ;-he even wrote one or two himself, and in the political dictionary are synonymous which he carried abont in his pocket, and read With empty pockets, itching palms, und inter- to every body he became a secretary at Ward ested ambition He, in addition to all this, de- meetings, set füs land to divers resolutions of

dared that he would support none but honest patriotic import, and even once went so far as be ment but unluckily, as but

few of these offered to make a specch, in which he proved that pathietiiselves to be supported, Dabble's services triotism was virtue--the reigning bash a were seldom required. He pledged himself great man - that this was a free country, and never to engage in party schemes or party poli- he himself an arrant and incontestable buzties, but to stand up solely for the broad inter- zard ! cate of lus country so he stood alone, and what

is the same thing, he stood still: for, in this forestal bountry, he who does not side with either par. I will not fatigue myself with tracing this ca

Ly, is likea body in a vacua between two plan- terpillar in his slimny progress from worm to bets, and must forever remain motionless. butterfly: suflice it to say, that Dabble bowed,

Dabble was immeasurably surprised that a man and bowed, and fitwned and sneaked, and smirkher 50 honest, so disinterested, and so sagacious ed, and libelled, until one would have thought

wishal_and one, too, who had the good of his perseverance itself would have setiled down indabar country so much at heart, should thus remain despair. There was no lonowing how long

unnoticed and unapplauded. A litt e worldly he might have lingered at a distance from his
advice, whispered in ins ear by a shrewd old hopes, had he not luckily got tarred unil feather-
politician at once explained the whole mystery, ed for some of his electioneering maneuvres
"He who would become grent," said he, this was the making of him Let not my rea-
"must serve an apprenticeslip to greatness, ders stare-turing and feathering here is equal
and rise by regular gradation : like the master to pillory and cropping cars in England, and
of a vessel, who commences by being scrub either of these kinds of martyrdom will ensure
and cabin boy, be must fag in the train of great a patriot the sympathy and support of his fac-

, , Load-eater and parasite-laugh at all their jokes, sans) took his case into consideration, he had and, above all, endeavor to make them laugh; been kicked, and cuffed, and disgraced, and if you only now and then make a great man dishonored in the cause: he had licked the dust laugh, your fortune is made. Look but about at the feet of the mob; he was a faithful drudge, you, youngster, and you will not see a single slow to anger, of invincible patience, of inceslittle great man of the day but has his miserable santussiduity- thorough-going tool, who could berl of retainers, who velp at his heels, come be curbed, and spurred, and directed, nt pleaat his whistle, worry whoever le points his fin- sure;-in short, he had all the

important qualigernt, and think themselves fully rewarded by fications for a little great man, and he was acsumetimes snapping up a crum that falls from cordingly ushered into office amid the acclamathe great man's tabte. Talk of patriotisın, and tions of the party. The leading men compliprxue, and incorruptibility but man!-they mented his usefulness, the multitude his repub

tie very qualities that scare munificence, lican simplicity, and the slang-whangers vouchand keep patronage at a distance. You might ed for his patriotism. Since his elevation he As well attempt to entice crows with red rags has discovered indubitable signs of having been id quopowder. Lay all these scare-crow vir- destined for a great man-his nose has acquired

es side, and let this be your maxim, that a an additional elevation of several degrees, so andidate for political eminence is like a dried that now he appears to have hidden adieu to Derring-he never becomes kominous until he is this world, and to have set his thoughts altogeuerupt,

ther on things above, and he has swelled and inDabble caught with hungry zvidity these con- Hated himself to such a degree, that lois friends musl doctrines, and turned into his pre-des- are under apprehensions, that he will, one day med chamel of action with the force and raw or other, explode and blow up like a forpedo. ity of a stream wiricli has, for a while, bech

WASHINGTON IRVING. estrained from its natural course. He became pat natureliad fitted him to be his tone softendown of arrogant self-sufficiency to the whine Vattel, (we hope there is no treason in a

awning solicitation. He mingled in the cau- printer's looking into the law of nations, speakwas of the sovereign people, adapted his dressing of treaties, says: “This wise and free peoba similitin le of dirty raggedness, argued most ole have often seen, by the experience of other Breidly with those who werd of his own nations, thift the laws are no longer a firm bara picion, and slandered, with all the malice of vier and secure defence, when once the Execupotency exalted characters, whose orbit he use oficer pretends to interpret them at plea

ired ever to approach-just as think scoun-sure B.2, chisp: 17, sec. 289. How reu might thief, the owl, hools at the bless markable is the sentence! It would almost seem

glit of the sun, whose glorious lustre he to have been written on purpose to rebuke as never contemplate. He likewise applied General Jackson. We would invite Mr. Livdheelf to discharging, faithfully, the honorable ingston's special attention to it. ---Vil

. Record.

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TiON TA SCIOTO (oup) ENZITE-- . ressions were the work of designing demugotues,

VRUSSELL'S ADDRESS. Ho deceive an honest, confiling people. Having. The address which we publish below, is from

as before stated, taken an active part in the elethe pion of the lion. William Riissell, who re

vation of General Jackson, I felt a ardent de sire for the lionor of his

administrtaion. But presents an adjoin og district in Congress. Like in plan and honest author, it is a candid


after the most deliberate and pareful scoutiny forward and a disguised exposition of the state forced to the conclusion that I must either a

inito luis nots, I am reluctantly bus irrcristibly of the countiv, under the nominalile

mizrule of Gen, Jackson, and the unprincipled cabal with bundon my principles or abandon Gen. Jackson.. lich incisounded, and giro alone stare his Aliongh I feel the full infinence which the confidence, and by whom he is ezclusively couns when such an alternative is presented, 1 camiot

Dildo of opinion has upon the human mind, yet sellel din Russell commenced his public caTetian Congress as a Jacksonian, as he frunki fara inonrent hesitate in the

choice whichi duty acknowledges, and supported Jackson and his to my country requires at my hands. Duty to metabost until he found that to follow lim fur- musell, as well as a due respect for many of my ther must result in the total abandonment of his from me in opinion, induced me to assign

friends whom I highly esteem, but who may dit Follici principles. We ask the free aitaring Friends or the Plero in this

quartor, to read this the reasons which have determinuci meno: to Gardrese in the spirit of candor in which it is just pursue the devious paths of improved Jackonseni, mi make up their judgment accordinglys ar fitshould uot convince them of the propri

It has long been my lecided opinian; that cty of desercing á sinking cause, it will

, at least, the service of the

President of the U. States induce them to review the measures of an admi. qught to be limited to a single term of four or istration which is distingushed for nothing so six years. In this opinion leave been imply much, us for its grasping stirpation and its ra sustained by the repente declarations of Cen. pid sides towards absolute

monarchy. Althace Jackson, as well as by thn of the whole JackThis paper is addressed to the people of a par- son partyparty whore, assevention was that,

ticular portion of our State, it may be profita. should the General 5e elected, he would set the 10 bly read by others through our widely extend- example and serve only for a single term. Preed country

sident Jackson, in his first message to Congress,

mikes use of the following languages rode Electors of the sth Congressional Distries “It would seen advisable to imit the sout

In 1824 and 1828, I zenlously supported the vices of the Chief Magistrate to a singla term of claims of Gen. Suckson to the Presidency of the foar or six years United States. in Ulis I honestly believed In his second message, he again, urges the was doing to promote the best interests of the propriety of placing restrictions upon the 16 Count nely of the west. le opinions elgibility of the Presiden In con rexinu with

steru kelson is expressed in los letters to the foregoing amendment to the Constitution, air. Monroe, and votes in the Senate of the U. Gen. Ickson urged another, which had and his Stales, met my approbation. After his elcction friends considered to be of great importance. to the Presidency, I resolvel to yield him my In his address to the

Legislature of Tennessee, nos cocial support to carry into effust those he says: inensures of reform which the people had been Vith a view to sustain more oftectually in de to believe necessary for the peace, Imppi-practice the nxion which divides the three ness and prosperity of the country. In alas! great classes of power into independent conwhua cleingre his three years produced! Every stational cliecks, I woull impuse a provision opica avid pinciple which the Genül so long and rendering any member of Congress ineligible The proclaimed, he lies abandoned; eve- to office, under the General Government, diste

y yose which he giveas Sengon he has retoeding the team for which he was elected, and for by his ownucis. And as t'esper is the reform, 40 evo vects thereafter, except in cases of judicial Hong and so loudly praruised, who has been bene olice." SAR 1 what instance bave the honor and If these amendments are made, he goes on to the intered the coulit beun promoted by show

When itsees ollee has been abolished * Tinat members, insteid of being withdrawn Whet bules realice What has taken done with from degisking on the grede interests of the the person and useless aleks, which detition, rugli prospects of Execuéré patronDo te permen found in the Worlage, vodn be more liberally confided in by

les at his appeal to use our contenents; wider their vigilance would dels, lius there been mylo prcause be less interrupted by party feelings and pasty to rewold has evaporated into excitements, calculations from intrigue or limunemptyals, and we may discover that those pro agement, would fail,” &c.

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