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does it mean that so many postmasters and reduced? No! An increase was asked for! other federal officers are appointed meinbers Well, then, say you, there have not been so of electioneering committees? For what pur- | many changes of ministers. I believe there pose do certain presses furnish so many veto have been more changes. Well, boast yet, that messages and papers free of cost? For what we have had no coastructive journeys nor infits purpose did a certain federal officer from Ken to ministers to pay for If we have not paid tucks, who has a salary of about $1900, come for constructive journeys, we have paid for the into Ohio and make stump speeches in favor of constructive residence of a minister in one counthe administration, and thereby come in con-try while he was residing in another. Mr. flict with the freedom of our elections! Be- John Randolph was appointed Minister to Ruslieve me, fellow citizens, when I tell you, that sia, where he remained only ten days, and then all this was in accordance with a combined went to England, where he actually resided movement of the office-holders to retain their about one year, although by construction he places. Let me now ask, has the hand of was the resident Minister in Russia during the

reform found them out, and have they been whole period. For this constructive service, indignadily hurled from office as unfaithful or Master John received 9000 dollars outfit, 9000 incompetent men

dollars salary, and 4500 infit, making 22,500 On the day of Gen. Jackson's inauguration, dollars for one year. This is pretty strong one of his devoted followers in Ohio, exclaim- construction, I take it. ed in the following languages

In the early part of 1828, a committee was "In the administration of the present Chief appointed, called the Committee of RetrenchMagistrate, we look for a reform in the sub-ment, whose duty it was, to inquire what reordinate offices in the Executive Departments, ductions could be made in the numbers and saviz. Departments of State, of War, Treasury, laries of the officers and clerks, in the State, and Navy. The business of their stations must War, Treasury, Nary, and Post Office Depart. take the place of electioneering travelling ments, and to examine the several contingent

There will be fewer Ministers Plenipotentiaries funds of each.
made, and fewer changes of Ministers as an Read with attention the following extracts
excuse for outfits, and no infits or constructive from their report.
journies paid; no In-lian missions made for and They began their report by saying, that they
justified as a compliment to a favorite pet for had addressed a letter to each of the Heads
alleged faithfalness, with 7,000 dollars of the of the Executive Departments, calling for in-
nation's money in six months, as bras been information as to the reductions that mght be
the expiring adininistration of the coalition.
We fondly anticipate a saving of some 20,000 made without injury to the public service, in
or 30,000 dollars in the contingencies of each Expenditures in the Executive D partments

, or most of the cabinet departments, and of In 1829,

$534,829 58 some 1,000 or 2,000 in the contingencies of the 1830,

543,234 90 suditors of public accounts. Presid-nt Jack 1831,

559,530 83 son has no occasion for patronage to make him popular, as he does not desire a re-election, or

$1,687,395 31 if he does, can have it without effort on his Erpenditures in the same Depl's. part-- there will be no occision for electioneer In 1826,

S488,264 17 ing contingent money to be placed at the com 1827,

509,801 33 mand of these officers. All these improve 1825,

559,136 41 ments, and many more, we have good reason

1,554,101 91 to expect, as they constituted a part of the

object of the suffrages of the people in de Excess of the present over the
signating Andrew Jackson to the office of their former administration,

83,293 40 Chief Magistrate."

Compare the expenditures of the three first
You will ask, have these hopes been fulfilled years of the present, with the three last years
I answer no! Has the number of ministers been of the late administration, under the head of fo.

reign intercourse:
In 1828, the Inst year of the late administra- Expenditures in 1829,

$179,597 07 tion, the receipts from the customs amounted


294,067 27 $23, 505,523


298,699 95 The average annual receipts from the same source in the

772,364 29 years 1829, 130, and 31, are 23,101,794 Expenditures in 1826, 232,719 88

1827, 257,723 42 Difference,


1828, 198,472 24 Although this comparison shows rather a de.

689,115 74 crease of revenue, yet for its collection there has been a great increase of officers. In March, Excess of the present over the last 1829, lite number of custom house officers was adniinistration

83,248 55 1167 There are at this tinre 1509, increase in The amount asked for by the Executive and three, reus 342. Render, call you this re-appropriated the present year, for foreign intrenchment and reform

tercourse, is $297,900.

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The Jackson Convention wlich met at Cor Gen. Jackson was charged with having jus-
Terbits, January 8th, 1828, declared it to be a tifed the violeil brital attacks made upon
base stauder to charge General lecksou with members of Congress at the last season and
Being unfriendly to internal improvements when a resolation was offered in the House of

meeting of the friends of General Jackson, Representati es to autorize un inquiry into the at Zanesville, November 28th, 1827, wdopted truth of the report, and proof was tendered, the following resolutions =

is friends, forming the majority, rejected the Plesolved. That we view with 3stoniment resolution, and refuted the incuiry. Ne lom and regret, the repeated assertieas und icts of oldebate is a constitutional privilege proinised designing politicians to dehide die people into toery member. The

shield is thrown around * helief that General Mackson is opposed tolim, not for his own bencfit, but for the pubthe encouragement and protection of domestie lic gonil, nelie may fearlessly inquire into the manufactures and internal improvement. conduct of exccutive officers, and, if needfil,

Resolved. That, as westem ciuizens friendly expose corruptions, find it where he nay. to the American System, to domestic min. To slow does itcr condempt in which Gen. uites, and internal rorement, we recom- Jackson holds the Senate of the United States, maend to all true friends to manufactures and it is only necessary to refer to one or two of his internal improvement to supriore the

clection of nominations, Mr Gardiner was nominated as General Andrew Jackson,' &

e16 Register of the Land Gihee at Tiffin, in this I have uniformly sustained those great lead State, in 1829, und his nomination unanimously ing principles

on which

General Jackson wis rejected. At the next session, not one of the supported in Ohio previous to 1828, as my votes General's friends was found to support him: will show. If the General and many of this yet the Presiilent gave him, in the Indian Defriends have abandoned dem, pras, reader, who partment, a much better office, that did not 23 the Yuriuont, or they

require the concurrence of the Senate. I It was not enougli that tlie friends of Gen. might name the case of Wharton Rector, and Jackson had to bear his owa infirmitics, but others; but let one raore suffice. Mr. Gwin (22 they must swallow Air, Van Buren, who, by cierk

in the General Post Ofice) was appointlus instructions to Mr.

McLane, cause I his ed, in 1831, to fill : vacancy whies occurred country to be humbled before foreign mors in a land office in the State of Bisissippi. Dure arch, by directing him, Mi McLane, to bring ing the last session of Congress, the Senate res to die notice of that monarch our party leads used to confirm his appointment, on the ground and family quarrels, in order to guin

some pet. that they would not send men from one State to ty advantages to his own party. But this is not fill offices in another, in ordinary cases. The 10. Gen. Jackson, as if to show his perfect President renommated vix. Gwin, and the Se. coatempt of the former opinions of his whole nate laid it upon the table; and the President, party, is now laboring to give to the country i was advised, through some of less conflential Secussor in the person of Mi. Van Buren. friends, that it would not again be taken up. He certainly cannot have forgo ten how skong Since the adjournment of Congress, the Pressjy the whole party opposed the secession of dent bas reappointed Mr. Gwin to the sacie executive pets, a few years ago. The duty of office. Look, reuder, at the Constitution, and the President is flithfully to execute the laws. ask yourself if this vacancy has occured durPodle people it belongs to point out the Pre- ing the present recess of Congress. stdent's successor

During die lirst two years of General JackDuring the Presidential contest in 1824, what son's administration, he did

not holl Cabinet relation did Me. Van Buren and his Bucktails councils, according to the practice of all his sustain towards Gen Packson? I answer, that predecessors

NO of his most bitter revilers. But just before the During the last session of Congrces, the contest of 1828, he saw that it would be to his oflicial paper kt Washington labored nostarinterest to turn a somersets Accordingly, he dently to prate the Supreme Court and was found in the Jackson ranks as soon as the bodi Tlouses of Congress, in order to build up contest was orcr: and he and his friends bore Executive infinence. off weasly I the spoils of victory, while the Gen. Jacksou sent commissioners to form 2 true friends who had borne the heat and bueden cominercial treaty with the Sublime Porte, of the day were entirely neglected.

without the advice an I consent of the Senate.

This is a case somewhat like Mr. Adams's The N. 1 Evening Post, of Sept. 1, sars, Panama mission, as be only said ministers This is that the fist time that the choice of would be appointed. The treaty has been

Vice President has presented a question of ale; and the ananal amount iiecessary for the importance. We are now called upon to com- support of a mission at that Court is as follows: pensate in cvery way deserving for a sidary of the Charge d'Affaires, 4,500 dollars; Lamerited mortification, and 10 secure i site- Dragoman, 2,500 dollats: contingent expenses, cost to Cook on, in case that demith, or 70,000, total, 40,000. Theiten of 35,000 is sickness thappuyanapacitates him for seineuded in or presents; or, in more dedics his tion; wheaney carry on the homele babe heague for Lribes, in polaas he has begun the men who would order to retain the friendship of these proud make the discovery owns those plans , Mahometans. Comore Porter, who is would be public benetelor, and would de-Churge d'Affaires at thut Colut after a residence eeve well of his country-1

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