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fulgente trahit constrictos Gloria curu,
Non minus IGNOTOS generosis.


From love of Fame no earthly Bosom free,
It fires ev'n poor Incognitos, like me.




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My Lords the Judges laugh; and you're dismiss'd.



I HAVE considered the case of Mr. Anonymous with attention; and am of opinion that to General Vallancey, no action has accrued.* In supposing him to have negotiated a treaty of alliance, between the Irish and Phænicians, the Querist does not seem to me to have charged him with an act, which can be regarded as an adherence to the King's enemies; nor indeed with any thing, which does not reflect credit on this learned officer, rather than disgrace. Neither do I conceive that the Plaintiff's case would be amended, by that proof which, it is alleged, he is prepared to make, viz. that though there may be some Punica Fides amongst our lower orders, yet so far from

See No. 13.

being Phænicians, they are, on the contrary, for the most part Romans.*

As to the joints (I would say points) of veal, if PALÆmon meant any insult to the Engineer DAMætas, I am clear that the Anonymous has translated the affront. But as no proceedings appear to have been taken in the Mantuan case, I infer that the Latin Arbitrator's in-decision was not held to be a violation of the civil law. Indeed it may with truth be said, that the Querist has degraded his antiquarian disputants to mere shepherds. But it will be observed how Doctor Ledwich has dubbed his Rival ; and will be recollected that the La Manchan Knight had resolved to devote his days to Arcadian leisures, when Serjeant Death put a period to his plans, and his career.

میرے سر می

Or, according to Doctor Duigenan, Romanists.- The lower Orders in Ireland are, for the most part, Roman Catholicks.

+ See Virgil's third Eclogue; and No. 13 of the Anonymous. The learned Reader will not need to be informed first, that the Eclogue in question ends with a declaration by the Arbitrator that the controversy is one beyond' his powers of decision ; or secondly that madasos méans Antique; or thirdly that DAM forms å good first syllable for the name of an Engineer.—

Neither will the Irishi (or perhaps English) Reader require to be told that General Valläneey was an Engineer ; or that Doctor Ledwich says he (himself) is an Antiqnarian.

# See No. 13 of the Anonymous; and the extracts from Ledwich's Antiquities, there given.

Called Serjeant, (by Shakspeare,) in the reign of James the

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