The Navigator's Assistant: Containing the Theory and Practice of Navigation, with All the Tables Requisite for Determining a Ship's Place at Sea

T. Longman, T. Cadell, 1784 - 223 sider

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Side 194 - Logarithm fubtraet the Logarithm Ratio, the Remainder will be the Logarithm of a Natural Number, which, being found in...
Side 3 - X 6 = 3 x 4 = 12. And hence, if the product of the two means be divided by one of the extremes, the quotient will give the other extreme. So, of the above numbers, the product of the means 12...
Side 18 - A plane figure bounded by a curved line every point of which is equally distant from a point within is called a circle ; the point within is called the center ; and the bounding line, the circumference.
Side 77 - Couth ward, and a NE wind to the northward, of the equator, over which, in the upper regions of the air, the winds return in the contrary direction. This we accordingly fee happen in the months of October, November December, January, February, and March. 'But when the fun declines to the northward, and heats the land there, the air contiguous to thofe lands is...
Side 3 - If we take four consecutive terms, the product of the extremes will be equal to the product of the means.
Side 77 - North, fo that the whole body of the lower air to the northward of the equator moves towards the northern lands, notwithftanding the equatorial rarefaction, which muft be fupplied by the upper or C returning current.
Side 1 - If equal quantities be subtracted from equal quantities, the remainders will be equal. 3. If equal quantities be multiplied by equal quantities, the products will be equal. 4. If equal quantities be divided by equal quantities, the quotients will be equal. 5.
Side 41 - TN a plain triangle, the fum of any two fules is to their difference, as the tangent of half the fum of the angles at the bafe, to the tangent of half their difference.
Side 74 - ... of the equator, the wind is between the North and Eaft, and the more Northerly, the nearer the northern limit. To the Southward of the equator, the wind is between the South and Eaft, and the more Southerly, the nearer the fouthern limit. Between the parallels of 28...
Side 27 - Circumference of every Circle is fuppofed to be Divided into 360 equal Parts called Degrees, and each Degree into 60 equal Parts called Minutes, and each Minute into 60 equal Parts called Seconds, and thefe into Thirds, Fourths, &c.

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