such changes, repairs and improvements to be adopted and used as he may deem expedient for the contemplated route. He shall also fix the number of passengers that may be trapsported. He shall also, whenever be deems it expedient, visit any vessel licensed under this act and examine into her condition for the purpose of ascertaining whether or not any party thereon baving a certificate from him has conformed to and obeyed the conditions of such certificate and the provisions of this act. The owner, master, pilot, captain or engineer of such vessel shall answer all reasonable questions, and shall give all the informa. tion in his or their power, in regard to said vessel, her machinery and the manner of managing the same. In case of damage by fire or by explosion or by means of an electrical apparatus, be may investigate the cause thereof, and if found by him to have been occasioned by a violation of any of the provisions of this act, or of the orders, regulations and requirements issued by him, be shall so certify to the prosecuting attorney of the county wbere such violation occurred, together with the names of the persons

guilty thereof and of the witnesses. Boilers to be SEC. 3. The commissioner shall also test the boilers of all steam tested. vessels, before the same shall be used, and at least once in every

year thereafter. Iu subjecting to the hydrostatic test, boilers called and usually known under the designation of high-pressure boilers, the hydrostatic pressure applied must be in proportion of one hundred and fifty pounds to the square inch to one hundred pounds to the square inch of the steam pressure allowed. And in subjecting to the hydrostatic test, that class of boilers usually designated and known as low-pressure boilers, the cout missioner shall allow as the working power of each new boiler, a pressure of only three-fourths the number of pounds to the square inch, to which it shall have been subjected by the hydrostatic test, and found to be sufficient therefor; but should said commissioner be of the opinion that such boiler, by reason of its construction or material will not safely allow so high a working pressure he may, for reasons specifically stated in his certificate, fix the working pressure of such boiler at less than three-fourths of said test pressure, and no boiler or pipe, or any of the connections therewith, shall be approved, which is made in whole or in part, of bad material, or is unsafe in its form, or dangerous from defective workmanship, age, use or other cause. In addition to the hydrostatic test as herein provided, the commissioner may cause a hammer test to be made and an internal examination of such boiler or boilers so tested, whenever deemed neces. sary. Any boiler having been in use ten years or more may be drilled at the bottom of shell or boiler, and also at such other points as the inspectors may direct to determine the thickness of such material at those points, and the general condition of such boiler or boilers at the time of inspection and the steam pressure allowed shall be determined by such ascertained thickness and general condition of the boiler. He shall also see that all connections to the said boiler or engines are of suitable material, size and construction ; and that the boiler, machinery and appartenances are such as may be employed with safety in the service to be performed. He shall also satisfy himself that the sifety valves are of suitable dimensions and that the weights of the site are properly adjusted, so as to allow no greater pressure than the maximum amount prescribed by him; and that there is a sufficient number of gauge cocks, properly attached to the boiler. so as to indicate the quantity of water therein; and suitable steam gauges to correctly show the amount of steam carried; and as to any other matter connected with such steam vessel or the machinery thereof, that to said commissioner shall seem necessary to the safety of her passengers and crew. And he shall make such inspection, examination and test of na phtha launches and electrle launches and their appa ratus and machinery, as will enable bin to determine whether they can be safely used in navigation.

SEC. 4. The commissioner, if satisfied that such vessel is in all Certificates. respects safe and conforms to the requirements of this act, shall make and subscribe duplicate certificates, setting forth the age of the vessel, the date of inspection, the name of the vessel, the name of the owner, the master, the number of licensed officers and crew which he deems necessary to manage the vessel with safety, the number of boats and life-preservers required, and the numbe of passengers that she can safely carry, and if a steam vessel, the age of the boiler, and the pressure of steam she is authorized to carry. One of such certificates shall be kept posted in some conspicuous place on the vessel to be designated by the commissioner in the certificate and the other copy shall be kept by the commissioner and by him recorded in a book to be kept for that purpose. If the commissioner refuses to grant a certificate of approval, he shall make a statement in writing, giving his reasons for such refusal, and deliver the same to the owner or master of the vessel.

SEC. 6. All steamboats and other vessels to which this act is ap- Construction plicable, shall hereafter be so constructed that the wood work of vessels. about the boilers, chimneys, fire boxes, cook houses, stove and steam pipes, or any machinery or apparatus involving danger of fire, where such woodwork is exposed to ignition, shall be so shielded by come incombustible material, that the air may circulate freely between such material and woodwork or other ignitible substances, and before granting a certificate of inspection, the commissioner shall require that all other pecessary provisions be made throughout such vessel, as he may judge expedient to guara against loss or damage by fire.

SEC. 13. Whoever intentionally loads or obstructs, or causes to Loading safe. be loaded or obstructed, in any way, the safety valve of the boiler, ty valve. or employs any other means or device whereby the boiler may be subjected to a greater pressure than the amount allowed by the commissioner's certificate, or intentionally deranges or hinders the operation of any machinery or device employed to denote the stage of the water or steam in any boiler, or to give warning of any approaching danger, or intentionally permits the water to fall below the prescribed low water limit of the boiler, shall forfeit to the State of Washington the sum of five hundred dollars for each violation.

Sec. 14. Every person employed as master, pilot or engineer Masters, etc., on board of a steam vessel or a vessel propelled by machinery, to be licensed. carrying passengers for hire or towing for hire, shall be examined by the commissioner as to his qualifications, and if satisfied therewith he shall grant him a license for the term of one year for such boat, boats or class of boats, as said commissioner may specify in such license. In a proper case, the license may permit and specify that the master may act as pilot, and in case of small vessels also as engineer and pilot. The license shall be framed under glass, and posted in some conspicuous place on the vessel on which he may act. Whoever acts as master, pilot or engineer, without having first received such license, or upon a boat or class of boats not specified in his license, shall be liable to a penalty of fifty dollars for each day that he so acts, except as in this act otherwise specified, and such license may be revoked by the commissioner for intemperance, incompetency or willful violation of duty.

SEC. 20. No master, engineer or other person having charge of Creating un the boiler or apparatus for the generation of steam of any steam-due amount of boat or vessel shall create, or allow to be created any undue or unsafe quantity of steam in order to increase the speed of such boat or to excel another boat in speed. Any person violating the provisions of this section shall forfeit to the State of Washington the sum of five dollars for every such violation,

SEC. 21. Every master of a steamboat or vessel who shall vio- Violations. late any of the preceding sections of this act shall, for every such violation, forfeit to the State of Washington the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars, unless a different penalty is prescribed.


Act to be SEC. 23. The master of every vessel shall keep a copy of the posted.

preceding sections of this act posted in a conspicuous place on such vessel for the inspection of all persons on board thereof. Every master violating the provisions of this section shall forfeit to the State of Washington, twenty-five dollars, and the additional sum of twenty-five dollars for each month while such riola

tion continues. Report. Sec. 24. The commissioner shall on or before the first day of

January in each year, make a verified report to the governor, containing a detailed statement of the names and number of vessels examined and licensed, the names and number of ressels to which licenses were refused and stating the reasons for the refusal, the names and number of persons examined and licensed, the names and number to whom licenses were refused and stating the reasons therefor, and may include in such report any other

information he may deem desirable. Fees.

Sec. 26. For each inspection provided for in sections two and three of this act the owner or master of each vessel shall pay the commissioner of labor an inspection fee, which shall not be less than five dollars, nor more than twenty dollars, to be fixed by the commissioner of labor with reference to the size of the vessel inspected. For each license issued under section eighteen of this act the person so licensed shall pay to the commissioner of labor the sum of five dollars. All of the fees re ceived from this source shall be accounted for by the commis. sioner of labor to the State treasurer, and credited to the

general fund. Compensation. SEC. 27. The inspectors provided for in this act shall receive

seven dollars per diem for the time actually engaged in making the inspections and examinations provided for herein, and shall be paid necessary traveling expenses when making such inspections and conducting such examinations at other than the domi

cile of said inspectors. Inspectors to

Sec. 28. Any inspector duly employed by the commissioner of be deputies.

labor for the execution of any of the provisions of this act, shall be deemed to be a deputy of said commissioner for the purposes hereof, and may perform any act and exercise any authority herein prescribed for the cominissioner of labor.

CHAPTER 224.—Railroad employeesPurchase of uniforms. Emplo yees SECTION 1. It shall be unlawful for any railroad or other transnot

to stricted in buy. portation company doing business in the State of Washington, or ing.

of any officer, agent or servant of such railroad or other transportation company, to require any conductor, engineer, brakeman, fireman, purser, or other employee, as a condition of his continued employment, or otherwise to require or compel, or attempt to require or compel, any such employees to purchase of any such railroad or other transportation company or of any particular person, firm or corporation or at any particular place or places, any uniform or other clothing or apparel, required by any such railroad or other transportation company to be used by any such employee in the performance of his duties as such; and any such railroad or transportation company or any officer, agent or servant thereof, who shall order or require any conductor, engineer, brakeman, fireman, purser, or other person in its employ, to purchase any uniform or other clothing or apparel as aforesaid, shall be deemed to have required such purchase as a condition of such employee's

continued employment. Violation. SEC. 2. Any railroad or other transportation company doing

business in the State of Washington, or any officer, agent or servant thereof, violating any of the provisions of this act shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be punished by a fine in any sum not less than one hundred dollars ($100) nor more than five hundred dollars ($500), or by imprisonment in the county jail of the county where the misdemeanor is committed, not exceeding six months.


CHAPTER 231.--Employment of children-School attendance.

SECTION 1. All parents, guardians and other persons in this School attend State having or who may hereafter have immediate custody of ance required any child between eight and fifteen years of age shall cause such child to attend the public schools of the district in which the child resides for the full time which such school may be in session, or shall attend a private school for the same time, unless the child is physically or mentally unable to attend school, has already attained a reasonable proficiency in the branches required by law to be taught in the first eight grades of public schools of this State as provided by the course of study of the said school, is otherwise being furnished with the same education, or has been excused from such attendance for some other sufficient reason, by the superintendent of the schools of the district in which the child resides, if there be such a superintendent, and, in all other cases, by the county superintendent of common schools. Proof of absence from public school or approved private school shall be prima facie evidence of a violation of this section.

SEC. 2. No child under the age of fifteen years shall be em- Employment ployed for any purpose by any corporation, person or association during of persons in this State during the hours which the public schools of the district in which such child resides are in session, unless the said child shall present a certificate from a school superin- Certificates tendent, as provided for in section one of this act, excusing the said child from attendance in the public schools and setting forth the reason for such excuse, the residence and age of the child, and the time for which such excuse is given. Every owner, superintendent, or overseer of any establishment, corporation, company or person employing any such child shall keep such certificate on file so long as such child is employed by him, her or it. The form of said certificate shall be furnished by the superintendent of public instruction. Proof that any child under fifteen years of age is employed during any part of the period in which public schools of the district are in session, shall be deemed prima facie evidence of a violation of this section.

Sec. 3. Any person violating any of the provisions of either of Violations. the two preceding sections shall be fined not more than twentyfive dollars. Attendance officers shall make complaint for violation of the provisions of this act, to a justice of the peace or to a judge of the superior court. SEC, 4.

The attendance officer shall be vested with Enforcement police powers, the authority to make arrests and serve all legal processes contemplated by this act, and shall have authority to enter all stores, mills, shops or other places in which children may be employed, for the purpose of making such investigations as may be necessary to the enforcement of this act.



CODE-EDITION OF 1899. CHAPTER 3.-Time to vote to be allowed employees. SECTION 52. Every person entitled to vote at any general na- Four hours to

be allowed. tional, State or county election, who may be employed by another on the day on which such election shall be held in this State, shall be given some period of four hours, or more if necessary, between the opening and the closing of the polls, on said day, for the purpose of enabling such person to repair to his place of voting to cast his vote and return; and any circuit court, or the judge thereof in vacation, may enforce the provisions of this section by mandate, or otherwise, upon the application of any voter. Every officer of any corporation, owner, superintendent, overseer, foreman or other person, who employs or permits to be employed any person against his will, in violation of this section, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and fined not less than fifty, nor more than five bundred dollars.



CHAPTER 5.—Protection of employees as voters. Attempting to SECTION 7. *; and any corporation which shall, by its influence vote. officers, agents or otherwise, prevent or attempt to prevent any

voter in its employ from attending any election, or from freely exercising his right of suffrage at any election at which he is entitled to vote, by any threat direct or indirect, express or implied, to discharge, or deprive such voter from his employment, or shall discharge or deprive such voter from its employment because of any vote he may cast, or refuse to cast, at any election at which he is entitled to vote, it shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall upon conviction be fined not less than five thousand dollars nor more than twenty thousand dollars for every such offense, at the discretion of the jury.

CHAPTER 32.-Employment offices.

[blocks in formation]

SECTION 2 (as amended by chapter 82, Acts of 1907). No person without a State license therefor shall


(z) carry on the business of a labor agency:

Provided, That nothing in this chapter contained, and no license or payment under the provisions hereof, shall be taken to legalize any act which otherwise may be in violation of law, or exempt any person from any penalty prescribed for such violation,

SEC. 3. Any person violating either of the two preceding sections shall, ** for every such offense, forfeit not less than ten, nor more than one hundred dollars, and may, at the discretion of the court, be imprisoned in the county jail not exceeding three months. Sec. 109 (as amended by chapter 82, Acts of 1907).

on every license to conduct the business of a labor agency, one hundred dollars; any person or corporation who hires or contracts with laborers, male or female, to be employed by persons other than himself and to be transported out of the State for employment in another State, shall be deemed a labor agency within the meaning of this clause.



CHAPTER 41.-Eremption of wages-Unlaroful assignment of


Assigning Section 29a. I. It shall be unlawful for any person to insti. claims for col.tute, or permit to be instituted, proceedings in his own name, or lection outside of State.

in the name of any other person, or to assign or transfer, either for or without value, any claim for debt, or liability of any kind, held by him against a resident of this State, for the purpose of having payment of the same, or any part thereof, enforced out of the wages that may be exempted by

the Code of West Virginia by proceedings in attachment or garnishment, in courts, or before justices of the peace, in any other State than in the State of West Virginia; or to send out of this State by assignment, transfer, or in any other manner whatsoever, either for or without value, any claim or debt against any resident thereof, for the purpose or with the intent of depriving such person of the right to have bis wages exempt from distress levy, or garnishment, according to the provisions

of the Code of West Virginia. And the person instituting such suit, or permitting such suit to be instituted or sending, or assigning, or transferring any such claim or debt for the purpose, or with the intent aforesaid, shall be liable in an action of debt to the person from whom payment of the same or any part thereof shall have been enforced by attachment or garnishment, or otherwise, elsewhere than in the State of West Virginia, for the full amount, payment whereof shall have been so enforced, together with interest thereon, and the cost of the attachment or garnishee proceedings, as well as the costs of said action to recover the same.

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