sheet shall also be mailed on each Saturday by the commissioner of the State bureau of labor and industrial statistics to the State inspector of factories. It is hereby made the duty of 'sa id factory inspector to do all he reasonably can to assist in securing situations for such applicants for work, to secure for the free employment offices the cooperation of the employers of labor in factories, to immediately notify the superintendent of free employment offices of any and all vacancies or opportunities of employment

that shall come to his notice. Cooperation SEC. 926–165. It shall be the duty of each such superintendent with employ- of a free employment office to immediately put himself in com

munication with the principal manufacturers, merchants and other employers of labor, and to use all diligence in securing the cooperation of the said employers of labor, with the purposes and

objects of such employment offices. Annual

SEC. 926–166. It shall be the duty of each such superintendent ports.

to make a report to the State bureau of labor and industrial statistics annually, not later than December first of each year, concerning the work of his office for the year ending October first of the same year, together with a statement of the expenses of the sa me, and such reports shall be published by the said bureau of labor and industrial statistics annually. Each such superintendent shall also perform such other duties in the collection of statistics of labor, as the commissioners of the bureau of labor and

industrial statistics may require. No fee to be SEC. 926–167. No fee or compensation shall be charged or recharged.

ceived, directly or indirectly, from any person or corporation applying for employment or help through said free employment offices; and any superintendent or clerk who shall accept, directly or indirectly, any fee or compensation from any applicant, or from his or her representative, shall be deemed guilty of a misde meanor, and, upon conviction, shall be fined not less than twenty. five dollars nor more than fifty dollars and imprisoned in the

county jail not more than thirty days. Definition.

Sec. 926–163. The term “applicant for employment" as used in this act shall be construed to mean any person seeking work of any lawful character, and "applicant for help” shall mean any person or persons seeking help in any legitimate enterprise. Noth. ing in this act shall be construed to limit the meaning of the term “ work” to manual occupation(s), but it shall include profes

sional service, and any and all other legitimate services. Private fices.

SEC. 926–169. No person, firm or corporation where a free employment office is located shall open, operate or maintain a private employment agency for hire or where a fee is charged to

either applicants for employment or for help, without first having License. obtained a license from the secretary of state, for which license

he shall pay one hundred dollars per annum; and no such private agent shall print, publish, or cause to be printed or published, or paint on any sign, window or newspaper publication, a name similar to that of the Wisconsin free employment offices.

And any person, firm or corporation violating the provisions of this act, or any part thereof, shall be deemed guilty of a misde meanor, and upon conviction such person, firm or, if à corporation,

all the officers thereof, shall be fined not less than fifty dollars. Removal

SEC. 926–170. Whenever, in the opinion of the commissioner of superintendent.

the bureau of labor and industrial statistics, the superintendent of any free employment office is not duly diligent in the performance of his duties, he may summon such superintendent to appear before him to show cause why he should not be recommended to the governor for removal, and unless such cause is clearly shown the said commissioner may so recommend. In considering such a case, a low percentage of positions secured to applicants for situations and help registered, lack of intelligent interest in the work, or a general inaptitude or inefficiency may be deemed by said commissioner sufficient to recommend a removal. And if, in the opinion of the governor, such lack of efficiency can not be remedied by reproval and discipline, he shall remove such person



from office as recommended by said commissioner: Provided, That the governor may at any time remove any superintendent or clerk for cause.


Examination and licensing of plumbers.
SECTION 959–53. No person, firm or corporation engaged in or

License working at the business of plumbing in cities of the first, second tain cities. or third class shall engage in or work at said business, either as a master or employing or as a journeyman plumber, unless licensed so to do in accordance with the provisions of the following three sections.

SEC. 959–54. Any person desiring to engage in or work at such Applications. business shall apply to the board of public works, where such exist, or the board of health having jurisdiction in the locality where he intends to engage in or work at such business, and shall, at such time and place as may be designated by the board of examiners hereinafter provided for, to whom such application shall be referred, be examined as to his qualifications for such business. In the case of a firm or corporation the examination and licensing of any one member of the firm or the manager of the corporation shall be sufficient,

The provision contained in last sentence of this section is unconstitutional, as discriminating between persons. 76 N. W. Rep. 345. Sec. 959–55. There shall be in every city of the first, second and Boards of ex.

aminers. third class having a system of waterworks or sewerage a board of examiners of plumbers consisting of the board of public works, or where such board does not exist, the chairman of the board of health, and in cities having an inspector of plumbing the inspector of plumbing of said city, who shall be a member ex officio of said board, and serve without compensation, and a third member who shall be a practical plumber. Said third member shall be appointed by the mayor for the term of one year from the first day of May, and thereafter annually before the first day of May, and who shall serve without compensation : Provided, That if in any city there is no board of public works or inspector of plumbing the board of health shall appoint a second member of said board of examiners who shall be a practical plumber and who shall also serve without compensation.

Sec. 959–56. Said board of examiners shall, as soon as may be Duty of after the appointment of the third member thereof, meet and or- board. ganize by the selection of a chairman, and shall then designate the times and places for the examination of all applicants desiring to engage in or work at the business of plumbing within their city. Said board shall examine said applicants as to their practical knowledge of plumbing, house drainage and plumbing ventilation, and if satisfied of the competency of the applicants shall so certify to the board of public works, the board of health or inspector of plumbing, as the case may be. Said board of examiners shall License. thereupon issue a license to such applicant authorizing him to engage in or work at the business of plumbing as master or employing plumber or as a journeyman plumber. The fee for a license Fecs. for a master or employing plumber shall be two dollars; for a journeyman plumber, fifty cents. Said licenses shall be renewed annually upon payment of a fee of fifty cents. All moneys accruing from such fees shall be paid into the treasury of the city. In case of the removal of the licensee from the city his license may be renewed by any board having like authority. A license shall entitle the licensee to pursue his occupation in all parts of the State unless the board of the city to which he removes shall object, in which event said plumber shall be examined by said board.

SEC. 959–59. Any person violating any provision of either of Penalty. the

preceding sections shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be subject to a fine not exceeding fifty dollars for each and every violation thereof, and his license may be re voked by the examining board provided for in section 959–55.



State civil service-Labor class.

Appointments, SECTION 990–2. After the passage of this act, appointments to, etc.

and promotions in the civil service of this State shall be minde only according to merit and fitness, to be ascertained as far as practicable by examinations, which so far as practicable, shall be competitive. After the expiration of six months from the passage of this act, no person shall be appointed, transferred, removed, reiustated, promoted or reduced as an officer, clerk, employee or laborer in the civil service under the government of this state, in any manner, or by any means, other than those preseribed in

this act. Applications. Sec. 990–11. The civil service commission shall require persons

applying for admission to any examination provided for under
this act, or under the rules and regulations of the said commission,
to file in its office a reasonable time prior to the proposed exami-
nation a formal application, in which the applicant shall state
under oath or affirmation :

1. His full name, residence and post-office address.
2. His nationality, age, and the place and date of his birth.
3. His health and his physical capacity for public service.

4. His business and employments and residences for at least the five previous years.

5. Such other information as may reasonably be required touching the applicant's merit and fitness for the public service.

Applicants for positions in the recognized mechanical trades must have had practical experience for such periods as the com

mission may prescribe. Classes. SEC. 990–12. The offices, positions and employnrents in the classi

fied service of the State shall be arranged by the civil service commission in five classes to be designated as the exempt class, the competitive class, the noncompetitive class, the labor class and

legislative employees. Labor class. SEC. 990–21. The labor class shall include ordinary unskilled

laborers. Vacancies in the labor class shall be filled by appointment from lists of applicants registered in their respective localities by the civil service commission according to rules and regulations determined by sa id commission except in cases of temporary employment. There may be separate lists of applicants for different kinds of labor or employments and the commission may establish separate labor lists for various localities, institutions and departments. Where the labor service of any institution or department extends to separate localities the commission may provide separate registration lists for each district or locality. The commission shall require an applicant for registration for the labor service before he can be registered to furnish such evidence or to pass such examination as they may deem proper with respect to his age, residence, physical condition, ability to labor, sobriety, industry, capacity and experience in the employment for which be

applies. Removals, etc. SEC. 990-22. No subordinate or employee in the competitive

class, noncompetitive class, or the labor class of the civil service of the State, who shall have been appointed under the provisions of this act or the rules made pursuant thereto, shall be removed, suspended for more than fifteen days, discharged, or reduced in pay or position, except for just cause, which shall not be religious or political. In all cases of removal the appointing officer shall, at the time of such action, furnish to the subordinate his reasons for the same and allow him a reasonable time in wbich to make an explanation. The reasons for removal and the answer thereto shall be filed in writing with the commission.

Bureau of labor and industrial statistics. SECTION 1021b. The bureau of labor and industrial statistics, heretofore established, is continued. A room or rooms in the cap itol shall be set apart for the use thereof, and such printing shall

Bureau tinued.



事 *


be done for and such supplies furnished the same as may be necessary for the performance of the duties devolved upon the officers thereof.

Sec. 1021c. A commissioner of said bureau shall be appointed by Commissioner. the governor, with the advice and consent of the senate, for the term of four years from the first Monday of February in the year of his appointment. Vacancies shall be filled for the unexpired term.

Sec. 1021d. The commissioner may appoint a deputy, who, when Assistants. acting for or instead of the commissioner, shall have equal authority with him. He may also appoint a clerk, a clerk and typewriter operator, a factory inspector, an assistant factory inspector and a clerk and janitor. The factory inspector shall be a resident of Milwaukee, and he and the assistant inspector shall perform their duties under the direction of the commissioner.

The commissioner of labor and industrial statistics shall have power to appoint ten suitable persons as assistant factory inspectors who shall perform their duties under his direction and who may be removed by him for cause.

The factory inspector or assistant factory inspector having inspected any factory or mercantile establishment under his jurisdiction shall, at the time such inspection is made, issue a certificate or statement as to how the factory laws were complied with at the time of his inspection.

Each of the said assistant factory inspectors shall be paid a salary at the rate of one thousand dollars per annum together with necessary traveling expenses to be paid out of money in the general fund not otherwise appropriated.

The commissioner of labor and industrial statistics shall have Female power to appoint one assistant factory inspector in addition to spector. those now authorized by law who shall be a woman and who shall perform her duties under his direction and who may be removed by him for cause.

Said additional assistant factory inspector shall be paid a salary at the rate of one thousand dollars per annum, together with necessary traveling expenses to be paid out of money in the general fund not otherwise appropriated.

SEC. 1021e. Said commissioner shall collect, collate and publish Duties. statistical and other information relating to the manufacturing interests, industrial classes and material resources of the State; he shall especially examine into the relations between labor and capital, the means of escape from, and the protection of life and health in, factories and workshops, the employment of children, the number of hours of labor exacted from them and from women, the educational, sanitary, moral and financial condition of laborers and artisans, the cost of food, fuel, clothing and building material, the causes of strikes and lockouts, and other kindred subjects pertaining to the welfare of the industrial interests and classes.

SEC. 1021f. The commissioner, his deputy, the factory inspector Access to facand the assistant factory inspector may enter any factory, mer- tories, etc. cantile establishment or workshop in wbich laborers or women are employed, for the purpose of obtaining facts and statistics, examining the means of escape therefrom in case of fire and the provisions made for the health and safety of operatives or for suitable seats for women therein. If any such officer shall learn Notice. of any violation of or neglect to comply with the law in respect to the employment of children, the hours of labor for them or for women, or in reference to fire escapes or the safety of employees, or such seats for women, he shall give written notice to the owner or occupant of such factory, mercantile establishment or workshop, of such offense or neglect, and if the same is not remedied within thirty days after the service of such notice, such officer shall give the district attorney of the county in which such factory, mercantile establishment or workshop is situated, formal notice of the facts, whereupon that officer shall immediately institute the proper proceedings against the person guilty of such offense or neglect.

Posting laws, SEC, 1021h. Any officer of the bureau may post in any factory etc.

or workshop examined by him the laws relating to the emplos. ment of children therein, hours of labor, fire escapes or other matters pertaining to the health and safety of artisans; any person who shall remove or mutilate such laws so posted shall be fined fifty dollars for each offense. Any such officer may order bull wheels, fly wheels, tumbling rods, elevator wells, stairways, shafting or dangerous machinery of any kind to be enclosed or otherwise guarded so as to protect workmen or others; and any

person refusing to obey the written order of such officer to such Guards for effect shall be fined fifty dollars for each such refusal. Ang machinery.

person who shall remove any guard or other safety device from bull wheels, fly wheels, tumbling rods, elevator wells, stairways, shafting or dangerous machinery, while such bull wheels, fly wheels, tumbling rods, elevators, stairways, shafting or dangerous machinery is in motion or use, and shall neglect or fail to replace such safety device before permitting such bull wheels, fly wheels, tumbling rods, elevators, stairways, shafting or dangerous machinery to be put in motion or use shall be fined not less than

five dollars nor more than fifty dollars or by imprisonment in the Elevators.

county jail not to exceed thirty days, or both, for each such offense. It shall be the duty of such officers to examine freight and passenger elevators and to condemn those found to be de fective and unsafe by serving written notice on the person for whom it is being operated or on his agent, or by posting such notice on the walls or cab of any elevator found to be in an unsafe condition; the owner of any elevator so condemned, or the person for whom it is being operated, shall, by continuing the use thereof without making such repairs as will place it in a safe condition, be liable, civilly and criminally, for any physical injury caused by such use, whether such injury results in the death of the person injured or not. It is also the duty of such officers, when in their judgment it may be necessary, to see that in every manu

facturing establishment, the machinery in which is propelled by speaking steam or other power, communication, by means of speaking tubes tubes, etc.

or electric bells, shall be provided between each room in which machinery so operated is placed and the room in which the engineer is stationed. Any person occupying as owner, lessee or manager any maufacturing establishment where machinery so operated, is used, or controlling the use of any building or which machinery propelled by steam is used, who shall fail to provide such means of communication shall be fined not less than ten dollars nor more than fifty dollars but no prosecution shall be commenced for such violation until thirty days after written notice has been given by one of the officers designated in this chapter to such person of the changes necessary to be made to comply with the provisions hereof, nor then, if, in the meantime, changes

have been made in accordance with such notice. Collection of SEC. 1021i. The said commissioner shall have power to prescribe statistics. blank forms and transmit them to employers, which shall be filled

out clearly and completely, under oath, by the persons to whom they are sent, with the facts, statistics and statements asked for, and returned to him within such reasonable time as he may fix. In case any owner or occupant or his agent shall refuse to admit any officer of the said bureau to his workshop or factory he shall forfeit the sum of ten dollars for each and every offense, and if he shall, through his agent or otherwise, neglect, fail or refuse to fill out the said blank forms and verify and return them as required, he shall forfeit the sum of ten dollars for each and every day the said blank may be so delayed beyond the time fixed by the commissioner for their return. The fines authorized by this chapter shall be sued for in the name of the State by the district attorney of the proper county upon complaint of any officer of said

bureau or any citizen, and shall be paid into the school fund. Leal,

Sec. 1021j. There shall be provided a seal of office for the use of the bureau, and the commissioner or his deputy, for the purpose

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