SEC. 11 (as amended by chapter 2566, Acts of 1906–7). Said no- Delivery of tice shall be deemed to have been served if delivered to the person

notice. to be notified, or if left with any adult person at the usual residence or place of business of the person to be notified in the District of Columbia, or if no such residence or place of business can be found in said District by reasonable search, if left with any adult person at the office of any agent of the person to be notified, provided such agent has any authority or duty with reference to the building to which said notice relates, or if no such office can be found in said District by reasonable search if forwarded by registered mail to the last known address of the person to be notified and not returned by the post-office authorities, or if no address be known or can by reasonable diligence be ascertained, or if any notice forwarded as authorized by the preceding clause of this section be returned by the post-office authorities, if published on ten consecutive days in a daily newspaper published in the District of Columbia, or if by reason of an outstanding unrecorded transfer of title the name of the owner in fact can not be ascertained beyond a reasonable doubt, if served on the owner of record in the manner hereinbefore in this section provided. Any notice to a corporation shall, for the purposes of this act, be deemed to have been served on such corporation if served on the president, secretary, treasurer, general manager, or any principal officer of such corporation in the manner hereinbefore provided for the service of notices on natural persons holding property in their own right, and notice to a foreign corporation shall, for the purposes of this act, be deemed to have been served if served on any agent of such corporation personally, or if left with any person of suitable age and discretion residing at the usual residence or employed at the usual place of business of such agent in the District of Columbia : Provided, That in case of failure or refusal of the Non compll. owner entitled to the beneficial use, rental, or control of any ance. buildings specified in this act, to comply with the requirements of the notice provided for in section ten, then, and in that event, the Commissioners are hereby empowered and it is their duty to cause such erection of fire escapes and other appliances mentioned in the notice provided for, and they are hereby authorized to assess the costs thereof as a tax against the buildings on wbich they are erected and the ground on which the same stands, and to issue tas-lien certificates against such building and grounds for the amount of such assessments, bearing interest at the rate of ten per centum per annum, which certificates may be turned over by the Commissioners to the contractor for doing the work.

Sec. 12. The supreme court of the District of Columbia, in term Enforcement. time or in vacation, may, upon a petition of the District of Columbia, filed by its said Commissioners, issue an injunction to restrain the use or occupation of any building in the District of Columba in violation of any of the provisions of this act.

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CHAPTER 3054.-Emplcyment of children-School attendance.

SECTION 1. Every parent, guardian, or other person residing in Attendance the District of Columbia having charge and control of a child be- required. tween the ages of eight and fourteen years shall cause such child to be regularly instructed in the elementary branches of knowledge, ineluding reading, writing, English grammar, geography, and arithmetic, and pursuant to this end every such parent, guardian, or other person aforesaid shall cause any child under the charge and control of such person to attend some public, private, or parochial school during the period of each year the public schools in the District are in session, on the customary days and during the customary hours of the school term. No child shall be credited with attendance upon a private or parochial school unless the attendance officer hereinafter provided for receives a certificate of attendance signed by the person in charge of such school. A child between the ages a foresa id may be excused from school attendance or instruction upon presentation of satisfactory evidence to the

Unlawful em

superintendent of schools that such child is being or has been within said year instructed a like period of time in the branches taught in the public schools, or that such child has acquired these branches of learning, or that the physical or mental condition of such child is such as to render such attendance or instruction inexpedient or impracticable.

SEC. 5. Any person who induces or attempts to induce any child ployment, etc. to be absent unlawfully from school, or who knowingly employs or

harbors while school is in session any child absent unlawfully from school, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and be pun

ished by a fine of not more than twenty dollars. Enforcement. Sec. 6. The otficers empowered under this act shall visit any place

or establishment where minor children are employed to ascertain whether the provisions of this law are duly complied with, and shall as often as twice a year demand from all employers of such children a list of children employed, with their names and ages.


CHAPTER 3138.—Employment offices. SECTION 1. The term person, used in this and subsequent sections of this act, means also a corporation, partnership, company, or association. The term employment agent or agency means any person who procures, offers to procure, promises to procure, attempts to procure, or aids in procuring, either directly or indirectly, help or employment for another, where any fee, remuneration, profit, or any consideration of any nature whatsoever is promised, paid, or is received therefor, either directly or indirectly. The term fee means every form or nature of fee, remuneration, profit, or consideration promised, paid, or received, directly or indirectly, for any service of whatsoever nature performed, offered to be performed, or promised to be performed by such employment agencies. The term applicant shall mean any person seeking work, employment, or engagement of any legal character. The term applicant for help shall mean any person or persons

seeking help, employees, or performers in any legitimate enterprise. License re- SEC, 2. No person shall conduct, temporarily or otherwise, any quired.

employment agency or perform any of the acts authorized to be performed by an employment agency in the District of Columbia without procuring a license from the Commissioners of the Dis

trict of Columbia as herein provided. Applications. SEC. 3. An application for a license must be made in writing in

the form prescribed by the Commissioners of the District of Columbia, and may be made at any time, and every license shall date from the first day of the month in which it is issued and shall expire on the thirty-first day of October following its issue, unless sooner revoked. Every application for such license shall contain the full name of the applicant therefor, together with his place of residence by street and number if so designated. If the applicant is a corporation, the application must specify the names and like addresses of the president, treasurer, and secretary thereof, or other officers performing corresponding duties and under different names; and the said Commissioners may, in their discretion, require the names and like addresses of all the officers, including the directors, of any corporate applicant for a license. If the applicant is a partnership or unincorporated association, the names and like addresses of all the members thereof must be specified in the application. The application must be subscribed by the applicant or applicants therefor, if natural persons, and if a corporation in the corporate name, by the president or chief officer thereof, attested by the secretary or assistant secretary, with the corporate seal attached, and each aj lication must be acknowledged. Each application must state that the applicant or applicants is or are the person or persons who have the sole beneficial interest in the business established or to be established under said license, and also the place, by street and number and such other description as the Commissioners of the District of Columbia may determine, where it is proposed to conduct such employment agency. The said Commissioners may refuse to receive any application for such license which does not meet the requirements of this section. The Commissioners of the District of Columbia must be satistied that the applicant is a person of good general character, or, if a corporation, that the officers thereof and those under whose direction the business of the employment agency is to be carried on are persons of good general character, and may for that purpose require any other statements to be made in the application for the license or otherwise which said Commissioners deem necessary. A license Fee for 11. fee of twenty-five dollars shall be paid annually, which sum shall cense. accompany each application for a license, which fee shall be returned if the license is not granted. Every application for a license shall be filed not less than one week prior to the granting thereof, and notice thereof shall be posted in the office of the assessor of said District, and a written protest may be made by any person against the granting of such license; and if said protest is made, the said Commissioners shall give a public hearing before a determination is made upon such application. Any person who conducts or intends to conduct a lodging house, separate and apart from such employment agency, shall not be granted a license unless the fact of conducting such lodging house is set forth in the application, whieh fact shall also be designated in the certiticate of such license. The said Commissioners shall have power to reject any application for license and also to revoke any license for violation of or noncompliance with any of the provisions of this act in addition to any other penalty in this act provided.

Sec. 4. Each application for a license shall be accompanied by a Bond. bond, in due form, to the District of Columbia in the penal sum of one thousand dollars, with two or more sufficient sureties, who may be required to justify, and conditioned that the obligor will not violate any of the duties, terms, conditions, provisions or requirements of this act and the act of Congress approved August first, eighteen hundred and ninety-two (Twenty-seventh Statutes, page three hundred and forty), commonly known as the labor law. [This law regulates the hours of labor on public works.) The execution of any such bond by fidelity or surety company authorized by the laws of the United States to transact business therein shall be equivalent to the execution thereof by two sureties, and such company, if excepted to, shall justify in the manner required by law of fidelity and surety companies. If any person shall be aggrieved by the misconduct of any such licensed person and shall recover judgment against him therefor, such person may, after the return unsatisfied either in whole or in part of any execution issued upon such judgment, maintain an action in his own name, upon the bond of such employment agency, in any court having jurisdiction of the amount claimed. The Commissioners of the District of Columbia shall furnish to anyone applying therefor a certified copy of any such bond filed in their office upon the payment of a fee of twenty-five cents, and such certified copy shall be prima facie evidence in any court that such bond was duly executed and delivered by the persons or corporations whose names appear thereon.

SEC. 5. Every license certificate shall contain the names of the Certificate. persons licensed and a designation of the city, street, number, and floor of the house in which the person licensed is authorized to conduct such employment agency, and the number and the date of its issuance. Such license shall not be used to protect any other than the person to whom it is issued nor any place other than that designated in the certificate, and shall not be transferred or assigned to any other person. Every licensed person shall post in a conspicuous place in such agency the license certificate. Sec. 6. No such agency shall be located in rooms used for living


forbidden. purposes, or in rooms where boarders or lodgers are kept or where meals are served, or persons sleep, or in the building or on premises, or in connection with a building or on premises, or in connection with a building or premises where intoxicating liquors are sold to be consumed on the premises, except that no one shall be pre



cluded from keeping an employment agency in an office building by reason of there being a cafe or restaurant in another part of said building. No such licensed person shall accept any application for employment made by or on behalf of any child, or shall place or assist in placing any such child in any employment whatever in violation of any compulsory-education or child-labor laws.

Sec. 7. It shall be the duty of every such licensed person, except those conducting theatrical agencies, teachers' agencies, or agencies for the employment of vaudeville performers, or nurses' registries, or agencies for the procuring of technical, clerical, sales, or executive positions for men only, to keep a register, approved by the Commissioners, in which shall be entered, in the English language, the date of the application for employment, the name and address of the applicant to whom employment is promised or offered, the amount of the fee received, and, whenever possible, the names and addresses of former employers or persons to whom such applicant is known. Such licensed person, except those above specified in this section, shall also enter in a separate register, approved by the Commissioners of the District of Columbia, in the English language, the name and address of every applicant accepted for help, the date of such application, kind of help requested, the names of the persons sent, with the designation of the one employed, and the amount of the fee received. The aforesaid registers of applicants for employment and for help shall be open during office hours to inspection by the said Commissioners or their agents. No such licensed person, his agent or employees, shall make any false entry in such registers. It shall be the duty of every licensed person, whenever possible, to communicate orally or in writing with at least one of the persons mentioned as references for every applicant for work in private families or employed in a fiduciary capacity, and the result of such investigation shall be kept on file in such agency: Provided, That if the applicant for help voluntarily waives in writing such investigation of references by the licensed person, failure on the part of the licensed person to make such investigation shall not be deemed a violation of this act. Every licensed person exempted from the provisions of this section as to the keeping of registers shall keep accurate records in the English language of all persons to whom work is promised or offered, or from whom a fee is taken, and of all persons from whom an application for an employee is accepted, together with the date of the engagement, and the amount of the fee received.

SEC, 8. The fees charged for the employment of agricultural hands, coachmen, grooms, hostlers, seamstresses, cooks, waiters, waitresses, scrub women, nurses (except professional nurses), chambermaids, maids of all work, domestics, servants, or other laborers (except seaman), or for the purpose of procuring or giving information concerning such person for or to employers, shall be as follows:

Employment agents or agencies shall be entitled to receive in advance from an employer

For male or female employees, one dollar each.

Employment agents or agencies shall be entitled to receive in advance from the applicant for work or employment, either male or female, one dollar each, one-half of which is to be returned on demand if such applicant is not secured a fair opportunity for employment within four days after the receipt of said original fee of one dollar: Provided, That the whole fee and any sums paid by the applicant for transportation in going to and returning from such employer shall be refunded within four days of de mand, if no employment of the kind applied for was vacant at the place to which the applicant was directed: And provided further, That it shall be unlawful for any employment agent or agency to receive more than the fees set forth in this act in the business aforesaid.

It shall be the duty of such licensed person to give to every applicant for employment from whom a fee shall be received a receipt in which shall be stated the name of said applicant, the

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date and amount of the fee, and the purpose for which it was paid, and to every applicant for help a receipt stating the name and address of said applicant, the date and amount of the fee, and the kind of help to be provided. Every such receipt, excepting only those given by theatrical and teachers' agencies and those procuring technical, clerical, sales, and executive positions for men only, shall have printed on the back thereof a copy of this section in the English language. No such licensed person shall divide fees with contractors or their agents or other employers or anyone in their employ to whom applicants for employment are sent. Every such licensed person shall give to each applicant for employment a card or printed paper containing the name of the applicant, name and address of such employment agency, and the written name and address of the person to whom the applicant is sent for employment. Every such licensed person shall post in a conspicuous place in each room of such agency a plain and legible copy of this act, which shall be printed in large type.

Sec. 9. No such person shall induce or attempt to induce any Inducing emdomestic employee to leave his employment with a view to ob-ployees to leave

place. taining other employment through such agency. Whenever any

Employment licensed person, or any other acting for him, agrees to send one outside city. or more persons to work as contract laborers in any one place outside the city in which such agency is located, the said licensed person shall give to the applicant for employment, in writing, the name and address of the employer, name and address of the employee, nature of the work to be performed[,] wages offered, destination of the person employed, and terms of transportation.

Sec. 10. No such licensed person shall send, or cause to be sent, Sending to any female as a servant or inmate or performer to enter any place immoral reof bad repute, house of ill fame, or assignation house, or to any house or place of amusement kept for immoral purposes, or place resorted to for the purpose of prostitution, or gambling house, the character of which such licensed person could have ascertained upon reasonable inquiry. No such licensed person shall knowingly permit any person of bad character, prostitutes, gamblers, intoxicated persons, or procurers to frequent such agency. No such person shall procure or offer to procure help or employment in rooms or on premises where intoxicating liquors are sold to be consumed on the premises, whether or not dues or a fee or privilege is exacted, charged, or received directly or indirectly : Provided, That proprietors of barrooms shall have the right to Provisos. employ bartenders through employment agents or agencies, and bartenders shall have the right to procure employment in barrooms through such agents or agencies: And provided further, That it shall be unlawful for employment agents or agencies to send applicants for employment to employers other than those who have applied to such agents or agencies for help or labor. For the violation of any of the foregoing provisions of this sec- Violations. tion the penalty shall be a fine of not more than two hundred dollars and in default in payment thereof by imprisonment in the workhouse for a period of not more than one year, or both, at the discretion of the court. No such licensed person shall publish or cause to be published any false or fraudulent or misleading notice or advertisement. All advertisements of such employment agency by means of cards, circulars, or signs, and in newspapers, and other publications, and all letter heads, receipts, and blanks shall contain the name and address of such employment agency, and no such licensed person shall give any false information, or make any false promise or false representation concerning employment to any applicant who shall register for employment or help.

SEC. 11 (as amended by chapter 37, Acts of 1906–7). The en- Enforcement. forcement of this act shall be intrusted to the Commissioners of the District of Columbia. Complaints against any such licensed persons shall be made orally or in writing to the said Commissioners, and reasonable notice thereof, not less than one day, shall be given in writing to said licensed person by serving upon him a concise


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