Women's exchanges.

Platforms to be inclosed.

Ninth. The number of trustees, directors or managers who shall manage the affairs of the association, together with the names of those who shall manage such affairs for the first year.

SEC. 4584. Such association may be formed for one only of the following purposes:



Liability of railroad companies for injuries to employees.


SECTION 5173c. For any violation of or failure to comply with caused by neg- any of the provisions of this act [requiring switch lights] such ligence. [steam railroad] company shall be liable to all persons and employees injured by reason thereof, and no employee shall in any case be held to have assumed the risk incurred by reason of such violation or failure.

SEC. 4595g. To establish women's exchanges in order to promote cooperation among them, to give laboring women employment, and secure sale of the products of their labor and such articles as their necessities compel them to sell, and the associations named * * * [in this section] shall have the power to purchase and hold real estate and convey the same and receive donations, devises and bequests of real and personal property for the use and benefit of such association.

Protection of employees on street railways-Inclosed platforms.

SECTION 5479. Every electric street car, other than trail cars which are attached to motor cars, shall, during the months of November, December, January, February and March of each year, be provided, at the forward end thereof, with a screen constructed of glass or other materials, which shall fully and completely protect the driver, or motorman, or gripman, or other person stationed on such forward end and driving, guiding or directing the motive power by which such cars are propelled, from wind and storm.

SEC. 5479a. Any corporation, company, officer, agent, or any person violating the provisions of this act, shall, upon conviction, be fined in any sum not less than twenty-five dollars, nor more than one hundred dollars for each day each such car belonging to, used, or controlled by any such corporation, company, officer, agent, or other person is permitted to remain unprovided with the screen required in section one of this act [sec. 5479]; and it is hereby made the duty of the prosecuting attorney of each county where such cars are, or may be used, to institute the necessary proceedings to enforce the provisions of this act.

Time to vote to be allowed employees.



SECTION 6240. No person entitled to vote at any general, national,

to be allowed State or county election, shall be employed upon the day on which for voting.

such election shall be held in any manufacturing, mining, mechanical or mercantile establishment, or any railroad corporation in this State during the period of four hours after the opening of any election in the county in which such person is entitled to vote, except as to works of necessity, in which works of necessity every employee shall be given some period of four hours between the opening and closing of the polls on said day; and any circuit court may enforce the provisions of this section in term time or in vacation by mandate, or otherwise, upon the application of any voter: Provided, however, That in any such establishment or corporation the employer or employees may agree on any four hours between the opening and closing of the polls that will be most convenient. Every officer of any corporation, owner, superintendent, overseer or foreman who employs or permits to be employed any person in violation of this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and fined not less than fifty nor more than five hundred dollars.

Regulation and inspection of bakeries, etc.

SECTION 6725a. Every building, room[,] basement or cellar occu- Sanitation. pied or used as a bakery or confectionery, canning, packing, pickling, or preserving establishment, or for the manufacture (for sale) of any food product shall be properly heated, lighted, drained, plumbed and ventilated and conducted with a strict regard to the health of the operatives and the purity and wholesomeness of the food articles produced.

SEC. 6725b. The floors, side walls, ceilings, fixtures, furniture Construction, and utensils of every establishment or place where food products etc. of workare manufactured or stored, shall at all times be kept in a clean, healthful and sanitary condition.


The side walls and ceilings of every bake room or confectionery shall be well plastered, wainscoted or ceiled with metal or lumber. Plastered walls and ceilings shall be oil painted or kept well lime washed and all interior woodwork in every bakery or confectionery shall be kept well oiled or painted with oil paint and kept washed clean with soap and water. And every building, room, basement, or cellar occupied or used for the manufacture of any food products shall have, if deemed necessary by the chief inspector an impermeable floor made of cement or tile laid in cement.

SEC. 6725c. The chief inspector or deputy inspector of the department of inspection or any health officer shall have the ful power at all times to enter and inspect every building, room, basement, or cellar occupied or used as aforesaid, and if such inspection shall disclose a noncompliance with the purpose and provisions of this act the chief inspector shall require the execution of such lawful sanitary measures or alterations in or about such premises as will conform to the requirements of this act, and secure the production of the food products thereof in a clean and wholesome condition.

SEC. 6725d. Flour and meal shall be stored in dry and well ven- Basements, tilated rooms only, and no basement or cellar not now occupied or etc. used as a bakery or confectionery shall hereafter be used as such except that the requirements of section 1 of this chapter [sec. 6725a] shall have been first fully complied with.

SEC. 6725e. The sleeping place or places for the persons em- Sleeping ployed in a bake shop shall be separate and apart from the bake places for room; and no person shall be allowed to sleep in a bake room or place where flour or meal or the products thereof are stored.






SEC. 6725f. No employer shall knowingly require, permit or suffer any person to work in a bakery or confectionery who is of diseased peraffected with consumption of the lungs, or with scrofula, or with sons. any venereal disease or with any communicable skin disease. Cuspidors shall be provided by the owner or operator for each workroom of every bakery or confectionery, and no employee or other person shall expectorate on the floor or side walls of any bakery or confectionery or place where the manufacture or any food product is conducted.

Plain notices shall be posted in every place where food products of any kind are produced forbidding all persons expectorating on. the floors of such establishment.

SEC. 6725g. The door and window openings of every food producing establishment during fly season shall be fitted with selfclosing wire screen doors and top outward-tipping wire window



SEC. 6725h. Every bakery and confectionery shall be provided with wash room and water-closet or closets but separate and etc. apart from the bake room or rooms where the manufacture of any food product is conducted.

Wash rooms,

SEC. 67251. Any person who violates any of the provisions of Penalty. this act or refuses to comply with any lawful requirements, of the chief inspector, duly made in writing shall be guilty of a

43967-08- -25

misdemeanor and on conviction shall be punished for the first offense by a fine not less than ten dollars ($10) or more than fifty dollars ($50), for the second offense by a fine of not less than fifty dollars ($50) or more than one hundred dollars ($100), and third offense not less than two hundred dollars ($200) or by imprisonment for not more than sixty days or both fine and imprisonment.

Act to be A copy of this act shall be conspicuously posted in each workposted. room of every establishment effected [affected] by the provisions of this act.

Hourly wages fixed.



Appointment, qualifications, etc.

Seal, etc.



Rates of wages on public roads.

SECTION 6871. * * * The compensation for day labor herein, shall be 15 cents per hour; a team, with driver, wagon or other implement shall receive as compensation, not to exceed 25 cents per hour.

Labor commission—Arbitration of labor disputes.

SECTION 7050a. There shall be, and is hereby created a commission to be composed of two electors of the State, which shall be designated the labor commission, and which shall be charged with the duties and vested with the powers hereinafter enumerated. SEC. 7050b. The members of said commission shall be appointed by the governor, by and with the advice and consent of the senate, and shall hold office for four years and until their successors shall have been appointed and qualified. One of said commissioners shall have been for not less than ten years of his life an employee for wages in some department of industry in which it is usual to employ a number of persons under single direction and control, and shall be at the time of his appointment affiliated with the labor interest, as distinguished from the capitalist or employing interest. The other of said commissioners shall have been for not less than ten years an employer of labor for wages in some department of industry in which it is usual to employ a number of persons under single direction and control, and shall be at the time of his appointment affiliated with the employing interest as distinguished from the labor interest. Neither of said commissioners shall be less than 40 years of age; they shall not be members of the same political party, and neither of them shall hold any other State, county, or city office in Indiana during the term for which he shall have been appointed. Each of said commissioners shall take and subscribe an oath, to be indorsed upon his commission, to the effect that he will punctually, honestly and faithfully discharge his duties as such commissioner.

SEC. 7050c. Said commission shall have a seal and shall be provided with an office at Indianapolis, and may appoint a secretary who shall be a skillful stenographer and typewriter, and shall receive a salary of six hundred dollars per annum and traveling expenses for every day spent in the discharge of duty away from Indianapolis.

SEC. 7050d. It shall be the duty of said commissioners upon receiving creditable [credible] information in any manner of the existence of any strike, lockout, boycott, or other labor complication in this State, to go to the place where such complication exists, put themselves into communication with the parties to the controversy and offer their services as mediators between them. If they shall not succeed in effecting an amicable adjustment of the controversy in that way they shall endeavor to induce the parties to submit their differences to arbitration, either under the provisions of this act or otherwise, as they may elect.

SEC. 7050e. For the purpose of arbitration under this act, the labor commissioners and the judge of the circuit court of the county in which the business in relation to which the controversy shall arise, shall have been carried on, shall constitute a board of arbitrators, to which may be added, if the parties so agree, two other members, one to be named by the employer and the

other by the employees in the arbitration agreement. If the parties to the controversy are a railroad company and employees of the company engaged in the running of trains, any terminal, within this State, of the road, or of any division thereof, may be taken and treated as the location of the business within the terms of this section for the purpose of giving jurisdiction to the judge of the circuit court to act as a member of the board of arbitration.

SEC. 7050f. An agreement to enter into arbitration under this act shall be in writing, and shall state the issue to be submitted and decided, and shall have the effect of an agreement by the parties to abide by and perform the award. Such agreement may be signed by the employer as an individual, firm or corporation, as the case may be, and execution of the agreement in the name of the employer by any agent or representative of such employer then and therefore in control or management of the business or department of business in relation to which the controversy shall have arisen, shall bind the employer. On the part of the employees, the agreement may be signed by them in their own person, not less than two-thirds of those concerned in the controversy signing, or it may be signed by a committee by them appointed. Such committee may be created by election at a meeting of the employees concerned in the controversy at which not less than two-thirds of all such employees shall be present, which clection and the fact of the presence of the required number of employees at the meeting shall be evidenced by the affidavit of the chairman and secretary of such meeting attached to the arbitration agreement, but any employee concerned in any such controversy shall be accorded a hearing before such board. If the employees concerned in the controversy, or any of them, shall be members of any labor union or workingmen's society, they may be represented in the execution of said arbitration agreement by officers or committecmen of the union or society designated by it in any manner conformable to its usual methods of transacting business, and others of the employees represented by committee as hereinbefore provided.



SEC. 7050g. If upon any occasion calling for the presence and intervention of the labor commissioners under the provisions of er pro tempore. this act, one of said commissioners shall be present and the other absent, the judge of the circuit court of the county in which the dispute shall have arisen, as defined in section 5 [sec. 7050e], shall, upon the application of the commissioners present, appoint a commissioner pro tem. in the place of the absent commissioner, and such commissioner pro tem. shall exercise all the powers of a commissioner under this act until the termination of the duties of the commission with respect to the particular controversy upon the occasion of which the appointment shall have been made, and shall receive the same pay and allowances provided by this act for the other commissioners. Such commissioner pro tem. shall represent and be affiliated with the same interests as the absent commissioner.

SEC. 7050h. Before entering upon their duties the arbitrators Proceedings. shall take and subscribe an oath or affirmation to the effect that they will honestly and impartially perform their duties as arbitrators and a just and fair award render to the best of their ability. The sittings of the arbitrators shall be in the court room of the circuit court, or such other place as shall be provided by the county commissioners of the county in which the hearing is had. The circuit judge shall be the presiding member of the board. He shall have power to issue subpoenas for witnesses who do not appear voluntarily, directed to the sheriff of the county, whose duty it shall be to serve the same without delay. He shall have power to administer oaths and affirmations to witnesses, enforce order, and direct and control the examinations. The proceedings shall be informal in character, but in general accordance with the practice governing the circuit courts in the trial of civil causes. All questions of practice, or questions relating to the admission of evidence shall be decided by the presiding mem


SEC. 70501. The arbitrators shall make their award in writing and deliver the same with the arbitration agreement and their oath as arbitrators to the clerk of the circuit court of the county in which the hearing was had, and deliver a copy of the award to the employer and a copy to the first signer of the arbitration agreement on the part of the employees. A copy of all the papers shall also be preserved in the office of the commission at Indianapolis.

SEC. 7050j. The clerk of the circuit court shall record the papers delivered to him as directed in the last preceding section, in the order book of the circuit court. Any person who was a party to the arbitration proceedings may present to the circuit court of the county in which the hearing was had, or the judge thereof in vacation, a verified petition referring to the proceedings and the record of them in the order book and showing that said award has not been complied with, stating by whom and in what respect it has been disobeyed. And thereupon the court or judge thereof in vacation, shall grant a rule against the party or parties so charged, to show cause within five days why said award has not been obeyed, which shall be served by the sheriff as other process. Upon return made to the rule the judge or court, if in session, shall hear and determine the questions presented and make such order or orders directed to the parties before him in personam, as shall give just effect to the award. Disobedience by any party to ment of orders. Such proceedings of any order so made shall be deemed a con


tempt of the court and may be punished accordingly. But such punishment shall not extend to imprisonment except in case of willful and contumacious disobedience. In all proceedings under this section the award shall be regarded as presumptively binding upon the employer and all employees who were parties to the controversy submitted to arbitration, which presumption shall be overcome only by proof of dissent from the submission delivered to the arbitrators, or one of them, in writing before the commencement of the hearing.

SEC. 7050k. The labor commission, with the advice and assistance of the attorney-general of the State, which he is hereby required to render, shall make rules and regulations respecting proceedings in arbitrations under this act not inconsistent with this act or the law, including forms, and cause the same to be printed and furnished to all persons applying therefor, and all arbitration proceedings under this act shall thereafter conform to such rules and regulations.



Rules, etc.

ber of the board summarily and without extended argument. The sittings shall be open and public or with closed doors, as the board shall direct. If five members are sitting as such board three members of the board agreeing shall have power to make an award, otherwise two. The secretary of the commission shall attend the sittings and make a record of the proceedings in shorthand, but shall transcribe so much thereof only as the commission shall direct.

SEC. 70501. Any employer and his employees, between whom dif

Adjustment of differences. ferences exist which have not resulted in any open rupture or strike, may of their own motion apply to the labor commission for arbitration of their differences, and upon the execution of an arbitration agreement as hereinbefore provided a board of arbitrators shall be organized in the manner hereinbefore provided, and the arbitration shall take place and the award be rendered, recorded and enforced in the same manner as in arbitrations under the provisions found in the preceding sections of this act. SEC. 7050m. In all cases arising under this act requiring the at


of proceedings. tendance of a judge of the circuit court as a member of an arbi

tration board, such duty shall have precedence over any other business pending in his court, and if necessary for the prompt transaction of such other business it shall be his duty to appoint some other circuit judge, or judge of a superior or the appellate or supreme court to sit in the circuit court in his place during the pendency of such arbitration, and such appointee shall receive the same compensation for his services as is now allowed by law to

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