supplying light, heat or water therein, or doing any act tending to the injury or destruction thereof, he shall be deemed guilty of an offense against this act, and shall be subject to a fine of not less than five dollars nor more than one hundred dollars or imprisonment of not less than five days nor more than sixty days, or both such fine and imprisonment.




Wages preferred-In assignments.

SECTION 585. Nothing in this act [regulating assignments] con- Wage claims tained shall be construed so as to prevent any debtors from paying to bave prioror securing to be paid any debt not exceeding the sum of one hun

ity. dred dollars, for clerks or servants' wages, or from paying or securing any debt which shall [have] been created within nine months prior to the date of such payment, or securing or to effect any mortgage or security made in good faith to secure any debt or liability created simultaneously with such mortgage or security, provided any such mortgage shall be filed for record in the proper office within thirty days from its date.

Examination and licensing of plumbers.

SECTION 1501 (as amended by chapter 24, Acts of 1903). In all Board of excities in the State of Nebraska, having a population of more than aminers. forty thousand (40,000) inhabitants there shall be a board for the examination of plumbers, of four (4) members, consisting of one member to be known as the chief health officer of the city, and one member to be known as the plumbing inspector of the city, one journeyman plumber, and one master plumber, all of whom shall be appointed by the mayor of said city, by and with the consent of the city council, the health officer and plumbing inspector to hold their office during the term of office of the mayor, and all of whom shall be residents of the city, and the inspector, journayman (journeyman), and master plumber, shall be licensed plunibers. All vacancies in said board may be filled by the mayor and council as above. The chief health officer and plumbing inspector, if such office exist in such cities, shall serve without additional compensation; and any of said board may be removed from office for cause, by the district court of the county in which such city is situated, and each of the board shall give bond in the sum of one thousand dollars ($1,000), conditioned according to law. The term of office of the journeyman and master plumber shall be for one (1), and two (2) years respectively, to be determined by the mayor at the time of appointing them.

SEC. 1502. The persons who compose the first plumbing board Organization. under this act, shall, within the (ten] (10) days after their appointments, meet in their respective city building or place designated by the city council, and organize by the selection of one of their number as chairman, and the plumbing inspector shall be the secretary of said board. It shall be the duty of the secretary to keep full, true and correct minutes and records of all licenses issued by it, together with their kinds and dates, and the names of the persons to whom issued, in books to be provided by such city, for that purpose, which books and records shall be, in all business hours, open for free inspection by all persons.

SEC. 1503. The said board shall have power, and it shall be its Board to duty, to adopt rules and regulations, not inconsistent with the adopt rules. laws of the State or the ordinances of the city, for the sanitary construction, alteration and inspection of plumbing and sewage connections and drains placed in, or in connection with, any and every building in such city, in which it will prescribe the kind and

size of materials to be used in such plumbing, and the manner in which such work shall be done, which rules and regulations, except such as are adopted for its own convenience only, shall be approred by ordinance by the mayor and council of such city, and the said board shall have the power to amend or repeal its said rules and regulations, subject, except such as relate to its own convenience only, to the approval of the mayor and council of such city. The said board shall have power to compel the owner or contractor to first submit the plans and specifications for plumbing that is to be placed in any building or adjoining premiises to be first submitted to and approved by said board before

they shall be installed in such building or premises. Regular meet- SEC. 1504. The board shall fix stated times and places of meetings.

ing, which times shall not be less than once in every two weeks, and may be held oftener upon written call of the chairman of the board, and the board shall adopt rules for the examination, at such times and places, of all persons who desire a license to work

at the construction or repairing of plumbing, within the said city. Applicants. SEC. 1505. Any person, not already licensed as herein provided,

desiring to do any plumbing, or to work at the business of plumbing, in any such city, shall make written application to the said board for examination for a license, which examination shall be made at the next meeting of the board, or at an adjourned meeting, and said board shall examine said applicant as to his practical knowledge of plumbing, house drainage, ventilation, and sanitation, which examination shall be practical as well as theoretical, and if the applicant has shown himself competent, the plumbing board shall cause its chairman and secretary to execute and deliver to the applicant a license authorizing him to do plumbing,

in such city. Licenses may

Sec. 1506. All original licenses may be renewed, and all renewal renewed. licenses may be renewed, by the board, at the dates of their expi

ration. Such renewal licenses shall be granted, without a reeramination, upon the written application of the licensee filed with the board and showing that his purposes and condition remain unchanged, unless it is made to appear by affidavit before the board that the applicant is no longer competent, or entitled to such renewal license, in which event the renewal license shall not be granted until the applicant has undergone the examination

hereinbefore required. Term of li. SEC. 1507. All original and renewal licenses shall be good for one

year from their dates, provided that any license may be revoked Revocation.

by the board at any time upon a hearing upon sufficient written, sworn charges filed with the board showing the holder of the license to be then incompetent or guilty of a willful breach of the rules, regulations or requirements of the board, or of the laws or ordinances relating thereto, or of other causes sufficient for the revoking of his license, of which charges and hearing the holder

of such license shall have written notice. License re- SEC. 1508. It shall be unlawful for any person to do any plumbquired. ing in any such city of this State, unless he holds a proper license. Fees.

SEC. 1508a. The fee for the original license of a journeyman plumber, the fee shall be $1. [sic] All renewal fees shall be fifty cents. All license fees shall be paid, prior to the execution and delivery of the license, to the treasurer of the school district within the city, for which the license was issued, to be used ex

clusively for the support of the common schools therein. l'enalty. SEC. 1512. Any person violating any provisions of this act, or of

any lawful ordinances, or rules and regulations, authorized by this act, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall be fined not exceeding $50 nor less than $5 for each and every violation thereof; and if such persons hold a plumber's license he shall forfeit the same and it shall be void, and he shall not be entitled to another plumber's license for the space of one year after such forfeiture is declared against him by the board.


Safety appliances on railroads.


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in use.

SECTION 1794. *

It shall be unlawful for any corporation, Cars without company or person operating any line of railroad in this State, a utomatic any car manufacturer or transportation company using or leasing be put in use; cars to put in use in this State any car or cars that are not equipped with safety or automatic couplers or drawbars such as shall not necessitate the going between the ends of such cars to couple or uncouple them. SEC. 1795. *

It shall be unlawful for any corporation, Nor retained company or persons operating a railroad, or any transportation company using or leasing cars of any description, and used in the commerce of the country or in the construction of railroads, to have upon any railroad in Nebraska, for use in the transportation of freight or passengers, any car that is not equipped with such safety automatic couplers as provided for in said section 1 [1794].

SEC. 1796. It shall be unlawful for any corporation, company or Power brakes person operating any line of railroad in this State, to use any locomotive engine upon any railroad or in any railroad yard in this State, * * that is not equipped with a proper and efficient power brake, commonly called a "drive brake.”

SEC. 1797. It shall be unlawful for any corporation, company or Equipment reperson, operating a line of railroad in this State, to run any train quired. of cars

that shall not have in that train a sufficient number of cars with some kind of efficient automatic or power brakes, so that the engineer upon the locomotive can control the train without requiring brakemen to go between the ends or on top of the cars to use, as now, the common hand brakes.

SEC. 1798. Every railroad corporation, company or person oper- Reports. ating a railroad in this state, and every person, corporation or company using or leasing cars in the transportation business, or in building railroads, shall, and are by this act required to include in their annual report to the State railroad commissioners the number of locomotive engines and cars used in this State, and what number is equipped with automatic power brakes and what number of cars equipped with automatic safety couplers and the kind of brakes and couplers used and the number of each kind when more than one kind is used.

Sec. 1799. Any corporation, company or person operating a rail. Penalty. road in this State, and using a locomotive engine, or running a train of cars, or using any freight, or way, car contrary to the provisions of this act, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall be subject to a fine of not less than five hundred dollars ($500) or not more than one thousand dollars ($1,000), for each and every offense for the benefit of the school fund : Provided, That penalties and liabilities on this section shall not apply to companies in receiving and hauling cars delivered for transportation by railroads other than those of this State which are engaged in interstate traffic. And any railroad employee who may be injured by the engine or train or cars contrary to the provisions of this law shall not be considered as waiving his rights to recover damages by continuing in the employ of such corporation, company or person running such engine, or train of cars contrary to this law.

Intoxication of railroad employces.


SECTION 1811. If any person shall, while in charge of a locomo- Intoxication tive engine running upon the railroad of any such corporation, or of engineers, while acting as the conductor of a car or train of cars on any such railroad, be intoxicated, he shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be fined not less than one hundred dollars por more than five hundred dollars, or be imprisoned not less than six months nor more than one year, and be imprisoned until the fine is paid.


Labor organizations, etc.-Incorporation. Lodges in. SECTION 1892 (as amended by chapter 31, Acts of 1907). All corporated. State, grand, supreme, or national, secret, fraternal, benevolent

or charitable orders, lodges, organizations, societies, or other
bodies issuing charters to, and having subordinate or auxiliary
orders, lodges[,] organizations, societies, or other bodies within
this State which may have been heretofore or may hereafter be
regularly established and chartered therefrom, or thereby, in-
cluding the following:
* Knights of Labor ;

gether with each and every subordinate or auxiliary lodge,
or other designated organization or body within this State under
its properly designated or chartered name as heretofore been, or
may hereafter be, established and chartered within or for Ne
braska, by its respective State, grand, supreme or national
lodge, organization, or other governing body and working under
a charter or charters from its respective State, grand, supreme,
or national or other governing body, are hereby made and de-
clared corporations within this State under the name and title
designated in their respective charters, by which name they shall
be capable of suing, and being sued, of pleading and being im-
pleaded in the several courts of this State, the same as natural
persons. And each of said organizations, lodges or societies, shall
have the power to receive bequests of real and personal property,
to hold and convey both real and personal property, to lease prop-
erty for the purposes of its organization, to mortgage its property
and to do all other things usually done by corporations for the
purposes for which organized.

Provided, That in order to own, hold and convey real estate, to holding real each organization hereinbefore mentioned shall file with the secestate.

retary of state, for itself, a certified copy of the charter of the State organization, if there be one, or if there be no State organization, then of the supreme or national organization, duly certified as a true copy thereof by the secretary or other like officer of such State organization or supreme or national organization, as the case may be, under the official seal thereof. And each of the subordinate organizations mentioned herein and working under a charter from a State, supreme, or national organization shall, for itself, file with the clerk of the county in which such subordinate organization is located, a copy of the charter under which it is working, duly certified as a true copy thereof, by the secretary or other like officer thereof under the official seal thereof, and such societies shall be thereafter entitled to all the privileges and rights incident to bodies corporate so long as they retain their respective organizations and charters aforesaid.

Fire escapes on factorics, etc.



Fire escapes

SECTION 3168a (as amended by chapter 73, Acts of 1905). required, All buildings in this State which are three or more stories in where.

height, excepting such as are used for private residences exclusively, but including fats and apartment buildings, shall be provided with one or more metallic ladder or stair fire escapes attached, to the outer walls thereof, and provided with platforms of such size and dimensions, and such proximity to one or more windows of each story above the first, as to render access to such ladder or stair from each such story easy and safe, and shall also be provided with one or more automatic metallic fire escapes, or other proper device, to be attached to the inside of said buildings so as to afford an effective means of escape to all occupants who, for any reason, are unable to use said ladders or stairs; the number, material, location and construction of such escapes to be sub

ject to the approval of the commissioner of labor, or his deputy: Proviso a s Provided, however, That all buildings more than two stories in to facto ries, height used for manufacturing purposes,

shall have at least one such fire escape for every fifty persons, and one such automatic metallic escape for every twenty-five persons, for which


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accommodations are provided above the second stories of said buildings;

SEC. 3168b. All buildings of the number of stories and used for New buildthe purposes set forth in section 4 of this act [sec. 3168a] which ings. shall be hereafter erected in this State shall, upon or before their completion, each be provided with fire escapes of the kind and number and in the manner set forth in this act.

Sec. 3168c. It shall be the duty of said commissioner of labor or Enforce his deputy to serve a written notice in behalf of the people of the ment. State of Nebraska, upon the owner or owners, trustees, or lessees, their agents or the occupant of any building within this State, not provided with fire escapes in accordance with the provisions of this act, commanding such owner, trustee, lessee or occupant, or either of them, to place or cause to be placed upon such building such fire escape or escapes as is provided for in section four (4) of this act [sec. 3168a] within thirty (30) days after the service of such notice. And the grand juries of the several counties of this State may also, during any term visit or hear testimony relating to any building or buildings within their respective counties, for the purpose of ascertaining whether it or they are provided with fire escapes in accordance with the requirements of this act, and submit the result of their inquiry, together with any recommendations they may desire to make, to the district court, and said court may thereupon, if it find from the report of said grand jury that said building or buildings is or are not provided with a fire escape or escapes, in accordance with this act, cause the sheriff to serve a notice or notices upon the owner, trustee, lessee, or occupant of such building or buildings.

SEC. 3168d. Any such owner or owners, trustee, lessee or occu- Penalty. pant or either of them, or their agents, so served with notice as aforesaid, who shall not, within sixty (60) days after the service of such notice upon him or them, place or cause to be placed such fire escape or escapes upon such building as required by this act and the terms of such notice, shall be subject to a fine of not less than twenty-five or more than two hundred dollars, and to a further fine of fifty dollars for each additional week of neglect to comply with such notice.

SEC. 3168e. The erection and construction of any and all fire es- Commissioner capes provided for in this act shall be under the direct supervision of labor to suand control of said commissioner of labor or his deputy, and it shall be unlawful for any person or persons, firm or corporation to erect or construct any fire escape or escapes, except in accordance with a written permit first had and obtained and signed by said commissioner of labor or his deputy, which permit shall prescribe the number, location, material, kind and manner of construction of such fire escape[s]. Sec. 3168f. Any person or persons, firm or corporation, who shall Application

for permit. be required to place one or more fire escapes upon any building or buildings, under the provisions of this act, shall file in the office of sa id commissioner of labor or his deputy a written application for a permit to erect or construct such fire escape or escapes, which application shall briefly describe the character of such building or buildings, the height and number of stories thereof, the number of fire escapes proposed to be placed thereon, the purposes for which such building or buildings is or are used, and the greatest number of people who use or occupy or are employed in such building or buildings above the second stories thereof at any one time.

Bureau of labor census and industrial statistics.


SECTION 3310. There is hereby created a bureau of labor census

Bureau and industrial statistics, with headquarters in the capitol build-ated. ing, for which stationery, postage, expressage, printing, and facilities for transacting business shall be furnished the same as for other executive departments.

SEC, 3311. The governor of this State is hereby made commis- Commissioner. sioner of said bureau.

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