The genial showman, reminiscences of the life of 'Artemus Ward'.

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Side 343 - A NEW EDITION, Revised and partly Re-written, with several New Chapters and Illustrations, crown 8vo, cloth extra, Js. 6d. Jennings' The Rosicrucians : Their Rites and Mysteries. With Chapters on the Ancient Fire and Serpent Worshippers, and Explanations of the Mystic Symbols represented in the Monuments and Talismans of the Primaeval Philosophers.
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Side 361 - Nearly 100 most curious illustrations on wood are given, showing the various old signs which were formerly hung from taverns and other houses. The frontispiece represents the famous sign of "The Man loaded with Mischief," in the colours of the original painting said to have been executed by Hogarth.
Side 363 - School Life at Winchester College; or, the Reminiscences of a Winchester Junior. By the Author of "The Log of the Water Lily," and "The Water Lily on the Danube.
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