A History of the United States and Its People: From Their Earliest Records to the Present Time, Volum 4

Barrows brothers Company, 1908

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Side 276 - The boast of heraldry, the pomp of pow'r, And all that beauty, all that wealth e'er gave, Await alike th
Side 325 - America; it is agreed, that, for the future, the confines between the dominions of his Britannick Majesty and those of his Most Christian Majesty, in that part of the world, shall be fixed irrevocably by a line drawn along the middle of the River Mississippi, from its source to the river Iberville, and from thence, by a line drawn along the middle of this river, and the lakes Maurepas and Pontchartrain to the sea...
Side 392 - THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN DATE DUE BOOK CARD DO NOT REMOVE A Charge will be made if this cord is mutilated or not returned with the book GRADUATE LIBRARY THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN...
Side 37 - I cannot say that ever in my life I suffered so much anxiety as I did in this affair...
Side 100 - If you find that fair means will not do with them, you must proceed by the most vigorous measures possible, not only in compelling them to embark, but in depriving those who shall escape of all means of shelter or support, by burning their houses and by destroying everything that may afford them the means of subsistence in the country.
Side 327 - England will ere long repent of having removed the only check that could keep her colonies in awe. They stand no longer in need of her protection ; she will call on them to contribute towards supporting the burdens they have helped to bring on her ; and they will answer by striking off all dependence.
Side 325 - His Britannic Majesty, on his side, agrees to grant the Liberty of the Catholic Religion to the Inhabitants of Canada : he will consequently give the most precise and most effectual Orders, that his new Roman Catholic Subjects may profess the Worship of their Religion, according to the Rites of the Romish Church, as far as the Laws of Great Britain permit.
Side 276 - Levi, and the troops will land where the French seem least to expect it. The first body that gets on shore is to march directly to the enemy, and drive them from any little post they may occupy. The officers...
Side 64 - Washington was often heard to say during his lifetime, that the most beautiful spectacle he had ever beheld was the display of the British troops on this eventful morning. Every man was neatly dressed in full uniform, the soldiers were arranged in columns and marched in exact order, the sun gleamed from their burnished arms, the river flowed tranquilly on their right, and the deep forest overshadowed them with solemn grandeur on their left.
Side 369 - A Memorial, containing a summary view of facts, with their authorities, in answer to the observations sent by the English Ministry to the Courts of Europe.

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