Beiträge zur Geologie von Niederländisch West-Indien und angrenzender Gebiete, Volumer 1-2

E.J. Brill., 1887

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Side 91 - K. Martin, Neues über das Tertiär von Java und die mesozoischen Schichten von West-Borneo. K. Martin, Ueber tertiäre Fossilien von den Philippinen.
Side 68 - ... trade, &c. of that place, with some relations concerning the neighbouring continent and islands of America. Illustrated with the figures of the things described, which have not been heretofore engraved, in large copper-plates 1 707. as big as the life.
Side 84 - Notice on the Occurrence of Eocene Freshwater Shells at Beaulieu, Langley, etc. in Hampshire. — Journ. Geol. Soc. V. p. 315. 4. On some Tertiary Beds in the Island of San Domingo: from Notes by JP Heniker ; with remarks on the Fossils. — Journ. Geol. Soc. VI. p. 39. MOORE (NF). 1. Ancient Mineralogy, or an Inquiry respecting Mineral Substances mentioned by the Ancients, with occasional Remarks on the Uses to which they were applied. New York, 1834: MOORE (T.). 1. On the Origin of Rock Basins...
Side 83 - Flora Barbadensis ; a Catalogue of Plants, Indigenous, Naturalized, and Cultivated, in Barbados. To which is prefixed a Geological Description of the Island.
Side 144 - Essai sur la constitution geologique de la partie basse de la Guadeloupe , dite la Grande-Terre", die Zweite „Observations sur les formations modernes de Guadeloupe".
Side 87 - Report on the geology of Trinidad ; or Part I. of the West Indian Survey.
Side 81 - Museum Calonnianum. — Specification of the various articles which compose the magnificent museum of Natural History collected by M. De Calonne in France...
Side 81 - Domingo, with notes on the Fossil Shells, by JC Moore, and on the Fossil Corals, by W. Lonsdale.
Side 85 - Notes on the coral reefs of the Island of Itaparica, Bahia, and of Parahyba do Norte.

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