[The following are full courses running through the year, unless otherwise stated. Brackets indicate that the course is omitted in 1915-16. Courses omitted in one year are usually given in the year following.]


Primarily for Undergraduates

1. European History from the Fall of the Roman Empire to the Present Time (introductory course). Professor HASKINS and others.

2. European History from the Close of the Middle Ages to the Outbreak of the French Revolution. Asst. Professor MERRIMAN.

30a. Continental Europe since 1815. Half-course. Dr. LORD.

306. The Expansion of Europe since 1815. Half-course. Professor COOLIDGE. 32a. American History: The Formation of the Union, 1760-1829.

Professor CHANNING.


326. American History: The Development of the Nation, 1830 to the Present Time. Half-course. Professor TURNER.

For Undergraduates and Graduates

3a. History of the Roman Republic. Half-course. Professor FERGUSON. 36. History of the Roman Empire. Half-course. Professor FERGUSON.

[4. History of Greece to the Roman Conquest. Professor FERGUSON.]

[5. The Church in the Middle Ages from Charlemagne to Dante. Professor EMERTON.]

7. The Era of the Reformation in Europe from the Rise of Italian Humanism to the close of the Council of Trent (1350-1563). Professor EMERTON.


History of France to the Accession of Francis I. Half-course. Professor HASKINS. 9. Constitutional History of England to the Sixteenth Century.


10a. American History to 1760. Half-course. Dr. MORISON.

Asst. Professor

11. History of England during the Tudor and Stuart Periods. Asst. Professor MER


12. The History of England from 1688 to the Present.

Asst. Professor JOHNSTON.

14. The French Revolution and Napoleon I. Asst. Professor JOHNSTON. [15. History of Russia. Dr. LORD.]

[16. History of Spain and Portugal and of the Spanish and Portuguese Empires. Half

course. Professor MERRIMAN.]

[17a. The History of the West to 1840. Half-course. Professor TURNER.]

176. The History of the West, 1840-1915. Half-course. Professor TURNER.

[18. History of the Far East in the Nineteenth Century. Half-course. Professor COOLIDGE.]

19. The Eastern Question. Half-course. Professor COOLIDGE.


The History of the Christian Church in Europe in the Nineteenth Century, and of the Expansion of Christendom, with the naturalization of Christianity in the East in the same period. Professor EDWARD C. MOORE.

28. History of Modern Germany. Dr. LORD.


History of Italy from 1789 to 1870. Half-course. Asst. Professor JOHNSTON.] 34. The Political Geography of Europe. Half-course. Asst. Professor JOHNSTON.] [37. Character and Spread of Hellenistic Culture. Half-course. Professor FERGUSON.] 40. History of France in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries. Half-course. Dr. LORD.

[42. The Age of the Renaissance in Europe.]

55. Introduction to Military History. Half-course. Asst. Professor JOHNSTON.

56. Latin America. Half-course. Professor M. de OLIVEIRA LIMA and Asst. Professor P. A. MARTIN (Leland Stanford Jr. University).

57. Recent Commercial History of Latin America. Half-course. Dr. KLEIN. [58. The Social History of England to 1750. Half-course.]

Primarily for Graduates

[6. The First Eight Christian Centuries. Professor EMERTON.]

21. Introduction to the Sources of Mediaeval History. Half-course.



22. The Elements of Latin Palaeography, with reference to the use of historical sources. Half-course. Professor HASKINS.

23a. Selected Topics in the Historical Development of American Institutions. Halfcourse. Professor CHANNING.

236. Selected Topics in the Foreign Relations of the United States from 1789 to 1800. Half-course. Dr. MORISON.

[23c. The Literature of American History. Half-course. Professor CHANNING.]
25. Historical Bibliography and Criticism. Half-course. Professor HASKINS.
[26. History of Christian Thought. First half-year. Professor EMERTON.]

[27. The Historical Literature of France and England since the Close of the Eighteenth Century. Half-course. Asst. Professor JOHNSTON.]

29. Selected Topics in the History of the Nineteenth Century. Professor COOLIDGE. [31. Selected Topics from the History of Continental Europe in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries. Half-course. Asst. Professor MERRIMAN.]

[35. Roman Constitutional History. Professor FERGUSON.] 36. Greek Political Institutions. Professor FERGUSON.

38. Byzantine History. Half-course. Professor FERGUSON. [39. Comparative Studies in the Institutions of Western Europe, 1300-1600 (England, France, Spain). Half-course. Asst. Professor MERRIMAN.]

[41. Early Mediaeval Institutions. Half-course. Professor HASKINS.] 44. Selected Topics in American History, 1880-1895.

[45. Diplomatics. Half-course. Professor HASKINS.]

Professor TURNER.

46. Manuscript Materials of American History. Half-course. Mr. W. C. FORD. [47. Introduction to the Sources of Modern European History. Half-course.


48. General History of Russia (advanced course). Dr. LORD.


[50. Studies in the Political Literature of the Revolutionary Period in France and Italy. Half-course. Asst. Professor JOHNSTON.]

[52. European Diplomacy since 1814. Half-course. Asst. Professor JOHNSTON.] [History of Religions 1. The Origin and Development of Religion. First half-year. Professor G. F. MOORE.

History of Religions 3.

[History of Religions 6.

Germanic and Celtic Religions. Half-course. Professors F. N. ROBINSON.

The Religion of Israel. Professor G. F. MOORE.]

History of Religions 7. The Religion of the Roman Empire at the Beginning of the Christian Era. Half-course. Professor Lake.

[History A 1.

[blocks in formation]

History of the Church in Outline. Professor PLATNER.]
History of Christian Doctrine. Professor PLATNER.
Christian Institutions. Professor PLATNER.]
History of the Church in England. Half-course.

Professor PLATNER.

History of the Church in America. Half-course. Professor PLATNER.]
History of Early Christian Literature. Professor PLATNER.


20a. Readings from the Historical Literature of the Reformation Period. Professor EMERTON.

206. Topics in the History of English Legal Institutions. Asst. Professor McILWAIN. 20c. Mediaeval Institutions. Professor HASKINS.

20d. History of Continental Europe and of Asia in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries. Professor COOLIDGE, Asst. Professor JOHNSTON, and Dr. LORD. 20e. American History. First half-year. Professor CHANNING. 20f. English Institutions in the Tudor and Stuart Periods.


Asst. Professor MER

20g. Topics in the History of Spain in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries. Asst. Professor MERRIMAN.

20h. Topics in the History and Present Conditions of Latin America. First half-year, Professor M. de ŎLIVEIRA LIMA and Asst. Professor P. A. MARTIN (Leland Stanford Jr. University); second half-year, Dr. KLEIN.

201. Topics in Greek and Roman History. Professor FERGUSON.

20k. American History. Professor TURNER.

20m. Topics in Military History. Asst. Professor JOHNSTON.

20n. Selected Topics in American Colonial History. Second half-year. Dr. MORISON. History of Religions 20. Professor G. F. MoORE.


Primarily for Undergraduates

1. Constitutional Government. Professor MUNRO and assistants.


For Undergraduates and Graduates

Professor WILSON.

[3. Party Government. Asst. Professor HOLCOMBE.] Elements of International Law. 5a. The Development of Roman Law. Half-course. Asst. Professor McILWAIN. 56. The Development of English Law. Half-course. Asst. Professor McILWAIN. 66. Political Theories of Modern Times. Half-course. Asst. Professor HOLCOMBE. 8. Government of the French Republic and of the German Empire. Half-course. Asst. Professor YEOMANS.

86. Comparative Political Institutions in Europe. Half-course. Professor DUPRIEZ (University of Louvain).


Government of American States. Asst. Professor HOLCOMBE.

[10. The Government of England. Half-course.]

13. Constitutional Development of the United States (1775–1914). Professor HART. 14. American Diplomacy: Treaties; Foreign Policy. Professor Hart.

[16. Tendencies of American Legislation. Professor STIMSON.]

17. Municipal Government. Professor MUNRO and an assistant.

18. State and City Government in Massachusetts. Half-course. Mr. L. A. FROTH


[21. Colonial Governments.]

286. Elements and Applications of Roman Law. Professor DUPRIEZ (University of Louvain).

31. Municipal Administration. Professor WHIPPLE and Professor MUNRO.

Primarily for Graduates

6a. History of Political Theories. Half-course. Asst. Professor HOLCOMBE. [11. Federal Government: History, Theory, and Systems. Professor HART.] [12. American Political System, National, State, and Municipal. Professor HART.] [15. International Law as administered by the Courts, and as observed in International Negotiations. Professor WILSON.]

[19. American Constitutional Law: A study of constitutional principles and limitations throughout the United States.]

[23. Selected Cases in International Law.

Professor WILSON.]


20a. Selected Topics in Municipal Government. Professor MUNRO.

20c. International Law. Professor WILSON.

20d. Selected Topics in State Government. Asst. Professor HOLCOMBE.

20e. American Institutions - National, State, Municipal and Insular. Professor ᎻᎪᎡᎢ .


Primarily for Undergraduates

A. Principles of Economics.

Asst. Professor DAY and Dr. Davis.

For Undergraduates and Graduates

1a. Statistics. Half-course. Asst. Professor DAY.

16. Accounting. Half-course. Dr. J. S. DAVIS.

2a. European Industry and Commerce in the Nineteenth Century.

Professor GAY.

26. Economic and Financial History of the United States.



Half-course. Professor

3. Money, Banking, and Commercial Crises. Asst. Professor ANDERSON. 4a. Economics of Transportation. Half-course. Professor RIPLEY.

46. Economics of Corporations. Half-course. Professor RIPLEY.

5. Public Finance, including the Theory and Methods of Taxation.


6a. Trade-Unionism and Allied Problems. Half-course. Professor RIPLEY.
[66. The Labor Movement in Europe. Half-course.]
7a. Economic Theory. Half-course. Professor TAUSSIG.
[76. The Single Tax, Socialism, Anarchism. Half-course.
8. Principles of Sociology. Half-course. Professor CARVER.
9. Economics of Agriculture. Half-course. Professor CARVER.


Professor CARVER.]

Primarily for Graduates

11. Economic Theory. Professor TAUSSIG.
12. The Distribution of Wealth. Half-course. Professor CARVER.
13. Statistics: Theory, Method, and Practice. Asst. Professor DAY.
14. History and Literature of Economics to the year 1848.
[15. German and French Economists of the Nineteenth Century.
[16. The Theories of Contemporary Socialism. Half-course.]

Professor BULLOCK.
Professor Gay.]

17. Economic Theory: Value and Related Problems. Asst. Professor ANDERSON.
18a. Analytic Sociology. Half-course. Asst. Professor ANDERSON.
[186. Historical Sociology. Half-course. Asst. Professor ANDERSON.]

23. Economic History of Europe to the Middle of the Eighteenth Century. Asst.
Professor GRAS (Clark University).

24. Topics in the Economic History of the Nineteenth Century. Professor Gay. 31. Public Finance. Professor BULLOCK.

[32. Economics of Agriculture. Half-course. Professor CARVER.]

33. International Trade and Tariff Problems.

34. Problems of Labor. Professor RIPLEY.

Half-course. Professor Taussig.


20a. Economic Theory, International Trade and Tariff Problems. Professor Taussig. 206. Economic Theory, Economics of Agriculture. Professor CARVER.

20c. Principles of Corporation Finance. Professor RIPLEY.

20d. Economic History. Professor GAY.

20e. American Taxation and Finance; History of Economic Thought. Professor


20f. Money, Banking, and Crises.

Professor SPRAGUE.

20g. Accounting. Assoc. Professor COLE.

[20h. Mediaeval Agrarian History.]


For Undergraduates and Graduates

1. Social Problems and Social Policy. Asst. Professor FOERSTER and Asst. Professor FORD.

2. Poor Relief and Neighborhood Work. Half-course. Dr. BRACKETT.

[3. Criminology and Penology. Half-course.]

4. Immigration and Race Problems. Half-course. Asst. Professor FOERSTER.

5. The Housing Problem. Half-course. Asst. Professor FORD.

6. Unemployment and Other Interruptions of Income, with Special Consideration of Social Insurance. Half-course. Asst. Professor FOERSTER.


Rural Social Development. Half-course. Asst. Professor FORD.

8. Child-Helping Agencies. Half-course. Dr. CARSTENS.

Primarily for Graduates


20. Special Researches. Asst. Professor FOERSTER and Asst. Professor FORD. 20a. Seminary. Labor Legislation. Asst. Professor FOERSTER.

206. Seminary. The Alcohol Problem. Asst. Professor FORD.

20c. School for Social Workers. Dr. BRACKETT.

20d. School for Social Workers. Advanced course. Dr. BRACKETT.

Descriptive pamphlets relative to the above-named courses for the year 191516, with circulars regarding admission to Harvard College and the Graduate Schools, may be obtained by applying to


University Hall, Cambridge, Mass.


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