1.-Alpha etical List of

Articles contributed 10

this Volume.
An Account of the Phonic System of
Teaching Reading. By William
Chadwick, Head Master of the
Lancasterian Schools, Wakefield,

Anecdotal Natural History. By the

Rev. J. G. Wood, M.A., F.L.S.,
Author of 'Homes without Hands,

Nature's Teachings,' etc., and
Theodore Wood, M.E.S., Joint
Author of the 'Field-Naturalist's

I. The Squirrel Tribe, 3

The Camel, 67
III. Bats, 115
IV. The Mole, 167
V. The Cat Tribe, i. 215
VI. The Cat Tribe, ii. 266
VII. The Cat Tribe, iii. 322
VIII. The Dog Tribe, 369

Whales, 423

The Seal Tribe, 479 XI. The Elephant, 533 XII. The Rhinoceros

and Hippopotamus, 586. A Talk about Language and Gram

mar. By Martin F. Tupper, D.C.L., F.R.S., Author of Proverbial Philosophy, etc., 130, 178,

224, 271 Concerning our Reviews in General,

and One in Particular. By the

Ryland, F., M.A., 101
Sanderson, E., M.A., 513
Schwatka, Lt., 518
Sharples, 249
Singleton, J. E., 148
Sonnenschein, A., 101
Spence, 101
Spencer, C., 200
Stoker, G. N., F.I.C., F.R.M.S.,

Story,'A. T., 6co
Surr, Mrs., 518
Tamlyn, H., 249
Thomas, Rev. R. O., 513
Thomas, S., 570
Treloar, W. P., 568
Ward, M. J. R., M.A., 198
Wareham, 101
Watson, J. L., 149
Watt, A., 100, 516, 600
Waugh, I., 572
Williams, J. F., F.R.G.S., 148
Wilson, Rev. T. P., 518
Wood, R. S., 570
Yonge, C. M., 566
Y., J. R., 39


Editor, 301

Original School Songs, in both II.- Alphabetical

List of
Notations. By Thomas Crampton

Authors whose Works
1. Beautiful Spring, 38

have been Reviewed in
II. The Cuckoo's Call, 86.
III. Cloud and Sunshine, 133

this volume.
IV. Radishes and Onions, 180

Andrews, W., 566
The Blacksmith's Shop,

Antoine, A., 103

Arnoid, T., 517
VI. The Farmers' Boys, 276

Arnold, T. M. A., 601
VII. The Harvest Fields, 347

Aylmer, Mrs., 443
VIII. Hodge the Miller, 380

Baker, C., 250, 599
IX. On the Beach, 444

Bamford, H. A., 146
X. Chris mas Song, 493

Barwell, Mrs., 518
New Year's Song, 559

Benham, Rev.

.., M.A., 515
XII. Sliding Song, 602
Practical Lessons on Insect Life. By

Berkeley, E., 351

Bevan, G. P., F.S.S., F.G.S., 39,
Theodore Wood, M.E.S., Joint

103, 199, 306, 440.
Author of The Field Naturalist's

Blakiston, J. R., M.A., 151, 353

Blanchard, W., 353
1. What is an Insect, 122

Bonnech se, E. de, 443
II. The Metamorphoses of

Booth, J., 568
Insects, 174.
III. The Orders of Insects,

Bray, Mrs., 518
Brown, Rev. C. J., B.A., 39

Browne, W. J., M.A., 199
IV. The Coleoptera or Beetles

I. 263

Campbell, D., 148, 382


Casey, J., LL.D., F.R.S., 248

319 VI.

III. 367

Clifiord, T., 514
VII. The Dermaptera, or Ear-

Cox, J., 149
wigs, and the Orthop-

Crawley, Dr., 601

Creak, A., M.A., 99
tera, 427
VIIIThe Orthoptera, 484

Daniel, Rev. E., M.A., 246

Davenport, E., 443
IX. The Thysanura and Neu-

Dick, A. H., 381
roptera, 535

Dodds, W., 565
The Trichoptera and Hy-

Dunman, T., 381, 568
menoptera, 583
Practical Organic Chemistry, for

Edgeworth, Miss, 513

Ellery, T. B., 384 the 2nd B.Sc. Exam. London Uni

Ferrier, J., 439
versity. By H. Chapman Jones,

Fletcher, J. S., 303
F.I.C., F.C.S., etc., Professor of

Fitch, J. G., M.A., 39, 435, 511, 563
Organic Chemistry at the Birkbeck

Fivas, V. de, M.A, LL.D., 39
Institution, 488

Florian, 518
Proposals for the Revision of the
Code, 330

Gammon, F. T., 567

Gardiner, A., 516
Publications Received, 37, 09, 154,

Geddie, J., 517
184, 245, 281, 343, 389, 434, 509,

Gellie, M. E., 569
570, 596
Publications Reviewed, 39, 99, 145,

Gibson, C. H., M.A.. 514

Gilbert, W., 201 197, 246, 304, 351, 381, 435, 511,

Goodman, T., 439
563, 599

Graves, A. P., 149
Pupil Teachers' Examination Papers,
with Model Answers, 26, 87, 134,

Hall, S. C., 569

Hamonet, A., 439
185, 234, 285, 339, 389, 445, 494, 543
Query Column, 158, 203, 251, 307,

Harletius, T. J., 513

Harte, Bret, 601
343, 406, 459, 519, 571, 603

Harvey, T. S., 442
Questions set at the Certificate Ex-
amination, 1891, 610

Hassell, J., 249
Recent Inspection Questions :-

Heeley, J. H.. B.A., 99
Arithmet:c, 41, 81, 132, 179, 227,

Henty, G. A., 443

Hewitt., W., B.Sc., 198
275, 345, 378, 4 '3, 510, 558, 595
Dictation, 433, 510, 558

Hime, M. C., M.A., LL.D., 201,
Domestic Economy, 179, 275, 379

Geography, 25, 81, 227, 595

Hoare, Rev. E. N., M.A., 518
Grammar, 83, 132, 179, 227, 275,

Hooper, E. G., 246

Hopkins, H., M.A., Ph.D., 437
346, 379, 433, 510, 558, 596
History, 346

Hughes, W., F.R.G.S., 352
Physiology, 132

Jago, W., F.C.S., 439
Scholarship Questions, 1881, with full

Jeune, M. S., 442, 443
Model Answers, 296, 353, 409, 463,

Johns, Rev. B. G., 151
507, 570. Errata, 343

Johns, Rev. C. A., 250
Science and Art Department. Solu-

Johnston, K., 441

Jones, H. C., F.C.S., 147
tions to Science Paper in Mathe-

Kerr, E., cor
matics. By W. T. Knight, F.S.Sc.
London, Author of 'Algebraic

Kingston, W. H. G., 442, 518, 569
Factors : how to find them, and

Knight, H. C., 518
how to use them,' etc., 126

Knight, W. T., F.S.Sc., 438
Short His orical Anecdotes. By the

Levander, F. W., F.R.A.S., 437
Rev. Sir G. W. Cox, Bart., M.A.,

Lewis, Rev. H., M.A., 39
Author of ' Tales of Ancient

Löfving, C., 513
Greece,' 'A History of Greece,' Lupton, W. M., 200
'The Mythology of the Aryan

Magnus, P., B.A., B.Sc., 146
Nations,' etc., 7, 70, 118, 171, 218,

Marshall, J. W., 197

Mason, C. M., 197
Speech of the Rt. Hon. A. J. Mun.

Mast, G. C., 247,
della, M.P. (Vice-President of the McCartney, R. H., 517
Committee of Council on Educa. Meiklejohn, J. M. D., M.A., 516
tion) upon Introducing the Pro- Milburn, R., M.A., 39
posals for a New Code, 332

Milnes, A., M.A., 248
Subject of Drawing Competition, Moberley, Rev. C. E., M.A., 200

Morrison, C., M.A., 101, 384
The English Children in the Roman Nesbitt, H. A., M.A., 101
Slave Market, 561


Education Department: Syllabus for Male and Female Candidates,

590, 593 Engagements, 42, 104, 154, 197,

254, 379, 434, 492, 555, 596 Gossip, 231, 280, 349, 404 Health at School. By Alfred Car.

penter, M.D. (Lond.), C.S.S.
(Camb.), Vice-President of the
Council of the British Medical
Association, Author of Preventive
Medicine and Public Health'

I. Introductory, 1
II. Site of School, 65, 113
III. Drainage and Water

Supply, 114, 165
IV. Baths and Bathing, 213

Construction of the Build.

ings, 261 VI.

Ventilation i. 317
VII. Ventilation ii. 365
VIII. Ventilation iii. 421
IX. Dormitories, 478
X. Physical Exercises i.

533 XI. Physical Exercises ii., 581 How I teach Arithmetic. By Wm.

Spencer, Author of ' Exercises in
Arithmetic,' 12, 73, 120, 172, 225,

273, 327, 375, 431, 555, 597
How I teach Elementary Science.

By Richard Balchin, Head Master
of the Gloucester Road Board
School, London, 125, 177, 222, 269,
326, 374, 430, 487, 541, 589
How I teach Geography. By A.

Park, F.R.G.S., F.E I.S., etc.,
Head Master of the Albion Edu.
cational Institute, Ashton-under-
Lyne; Author of a Manual of
Method,' • Elementary Geography

for Schools,' etc., 21
How I teach Writing. By Joseph

Cox, Author of Practical Standard
Copy Books,' 17
How to

write Examination Paper. By W. P. Workman, First in Honours, June Matriculation, London University, 1880, and Senior Cambridge, 1878; also First in Pure and Applied Mathematics, Senior Oxford and Senior Cambridge, 1878, Trinity College,


111.-Classified List of Works,

arranged in Alphabeti-
ca! Order, which have
Deen Reviewed in this

Light and Heat, Illustrations of,

201, 249
Sound, Light, and Heat, A Manual
of, 516

Algebra, Exercises in, 39
Algebraic Factors, 428
Algebraical Tests, Cayzer's, 151

Arithmetic, Integral, Fractional,

Approximate, 101
Arithmetic, The Standard, 442
Arithmetic, Marcus Ward's, 197
Arithmetical Test Cards, 249
Arithmetical Test Cards, The Marl-

boro', 385
Arithmetical Tests, Cayzer's, 151.
Arithmetical Tests, The Practical

Examiner's, 570
Arithmetical Tests, The Quarterly,

Examination Arithmetic, 442
Mental Arithmetic, The Teacher's

Manual of Exercises in, 437
Table Book, The Victoria, 383

Biological Terms, A Glossary of,
Man: His Frame and Wants, 250
Types of Nations, 147
Types of Nations, Handbook to,

Chemistry, Inorganic, 439
Chemistry, Practical Organic, Text.

book of, 147
Chemistry, Science and Art Depart-
ment, 246

Cookery, Popular Lessons on, 103
Domestic Economy Test Cards, 383

Drawing Books, The School of Art,

Freehand Test Papers, First Grade,

English Literature, Studies in, 197
English Poetry and Prose, 601
How to Write English, 600
Midsummer Night's Dream, Rugby

Edition of, 200
Ode to Duty, Chambers' Edition of,
Poetry for the Young, 569
Siege of Corinth, Chambers' Edition
of, 200

Nesbitt, M. L., 380
The Hon. Lyulph Stanley, M.P.,

Norris, E. M., 443
and the Westminster Training Col. Nottette, L., B.A., 150
lege. By the Editor, 562

Palgrave, R. H. I., 381
The late William Sugden, B.A., 183

Park, A., F.R.G.S., 100
The Proposed New Class Subject : Payne, J., 197
• Elementary
Science' By

Pearson, w. W., 199, 305
Richard Balchin, Head Master of Potter, E., 307
the Gloucester Road Board School, Prince, J. J., 564
London, 337

Ragon, A. E., 385
The Unitary Method in Proportion. Reade, A. A., 600

By W. P. Workman, Trinity Col- Rice-Wigan, H. R., 149
lege, Cambridge, 506

Roach, 570
Twenty-Guinea Prize Competition Robson, W., 601
Scheme, 560

Ross, W.S., 145

Cambridge, 10
John Richard Langler, B.A.,

F.R.G.S., President of the National
Union of Elementary Teachers for

1881, 181
Matriculation Chemistry. By the

Rev, E.W. V. Volckxsom, F.C.S.,
Lecturer on Chemistry at St.
Gregory's College, Downside,

Bath, 83, 233, 282, 385
Memorandum of Agreement between

Managers and Teachers, 377 Monthly Notes, 41, 104, 155, 201,

229, 277, 348, 403.

Morality, 353
Psychology and Ethics, A Student's
Handbook of, 101

French-English and English-Frenok

Dictionary, Cassell's, 443
French Nouns and their Genders,

French : Practice and Theory, 247
French Verbs, An Easy and Rapid

Method for Learning, 385




[ocr errors][merged small][ocr errors]

Com pany,


of, 305

French Verbs, A Short and Com.

plete Exposition of, 382
French Verb Book, The Multum in

Parvo, 150
Modern French Conversation, A

Guide to, 39
Practical French Verb Book, A Short
and Easy, 103

Ancient Geography, Maps of, 100
Atlases, Philips', 352
Child's Geography, The, 198
Civil Service Geography, 101
Early Glimpses, 383
Elementary Atlas of Modern Geo.

graphy, An, 568
Elements of Geography, The, 151,
Geography for the Use of Schools,
Geography, A First Book of, 250
Geography of the Oceans, The,

Glimpses of the British Empire, 150
Glimpses of the Earıh, 353
Glimpses of England, 151
Glimpses of the Globe, 151
Industrial Geography of France, A

Primer of the, 199
Industrial Geography of Great Bri.
tain and Ireland, A Primer of the,
Industrial Geography of the United

States, A Primer of the, 306
Map of Asia, The Imperial, 147
Modern Geography, A Class-Book

of, 357
Pictorial Atlas of Nature, A, 440
Royal Relief Atlas, The, 39
School Physical and 'Descriptive

Geography, A, 441
Slare Paper Outline Atlas, 150
Si te Paper Projection Atlas, 150
Statistical Atlas, The,

Volcanoes and Coral Reefs, 381
Wonders of the World, 201

Euclid, A Sequel to the First Six
Books of, 248

German Phraseology, 383
German Prepositions, 383

Analytic Test Cards, The, 57),
English Grammar and Analysis, A

Complete Course of, 383
Grammar and Analysis, The Im-

perial, 35
Grammatical Exercise Books, The

Midland, 570
Grammar-Land, 381
Harry Hawkins, H' Book, 353
Illustrated English Grammar, An,

Sentences for Analysis for Use in

Schools, 99.
Grammar, History, and Derivation
of the English Language, 246

British Empire, A History of the,

English History Reading-Book, The

Young Student's, 515
Great Events in English History,

Henry's First History of England,

History and Geography, Matricula-

tion Questions on, 437
Historical Remembrancer,

Young Pupil's, 39
Notabilia of English History, 353
Great Englishmen, Short Lives of,

Cæsar's Gallic War, A Complete

Dictionary of, 99
Latin Grammar and Composition,

Limen Latinum, 5!4
Method of Acquiring the Latin
Verbs, An Easy and Rapid, 566

Logic, Elementary Notions of, 248

Elementary Mechanics, Class-Book

Junior Scholars' Tablet Book, 601 Old Testament, How to Teach the,
Ludgate Hill, Past and Present, 568 515
Mack's Scrap Packet, 601

Paley's Evidences, Outline of, 381
Mangnall's Questions, 39

Scripture Manuals, 513
Method of Teaching the Deaf, A,


Elementary School Manager, The,
New Testament, Revised Version of 149
the, 198

Infant Classes, Notes of Lessons for,
Physical Exercises, 517.

Punishments in the Olden Time, 566 Lectures on Teaching, 39, 435, 511
Pupil Teachers' Examination Papers
(1880), 100

Kindergarten, The, 567
School Board Gymnastics, 600 School Management and Method,
Scientific Industries Explained, Vol. 564
I., 100; Vol. II., 600

Senior Scholars' Tablet Book, 601 English Spelling and Dictation, 148
Self-Education, 201

Spelling and Dictation, a Manual
Teachers' Handbook to the Circle of

of, 249
Knowledge, The, 599

Twenty Minutes' Talk with Parents, Copy Books, Imperial, 251

Copy Books, Improved Writing, 304
What Her Majesty's Inspectors Say, Practical Standard Copy Books, A

Series of, 149

Church Choir Manual, The, 307 Animals : Their Nature and Uses,
Manual of Music, A, 149.

Sight Singing, A Méthod of Teach. Natural Hist:ry, Plates, 515

ing, IOI
Theory of Music, The Rudiments of

IV.--Alphabetical List of
the, 146
Vocal Music, The National Method

Firms, etc., who have

Advertisid in tiis
Vocal Music, The Notation of, 199


Adair, H., ccccxviii, cccclxii, dxxxi,
Agonic-Eyed Needles, 570

dlxxviii, dexx.
Invariable Stocking Scale, 383

Allen and Co., W. H., ccix, dxxvii.

Austing and Sons, iv, ccxi, ccccxv,
Our Little Ones, 518, 569, 601

cccclxxv, dcxxiii.
Universal Instructor, or Self-Culture Banks and Ashwell, dlxxvii.

for All, The, 150, 197, 383, 517,.570 Birkbeck Bank, cclvi, cccxii, ccclx,
W-sleyan Methodist 's's Magazine,

ccccxiv, cccclxx, dxxviii, dlxxvii,


Blackie and Son, cccclxix.
Lays of Romance and Chivalry, 145 Blackwood and Co., J., cccclxxi.
Missing Sheriff, and other Poems, Blanchard, W., cccxii.
The, 249

Bond, M., cccxv, ccclxii, ccccxvi.
Poetry for the Young, 569

Brodie and Middleton, dxxx,
Rhymes in Council, 569

dlxxviii, dexxiii.
Songs after Sunset, 305

Brown and Son, A., cxliv, cclix.
Political ECONOMY.

Cambridge University Press, xv,
Political Economy Reading Book,

cccxv, ccclxiii, cccclxxv, dxxxi,
A, 381

PRIZE Books.

Cameron, R. M., dxxvi.
A Gem of an Aunt, 569

Cassell, Petter, Galpin and Co.,
Alpine Climbing, 518

ccclviii, cccclxviii.
Beyond the Himalayas, 517

Chambers, W. and R., cvii, clxii,
Boy's own Toymaker, The, 568

clxxii, ccx, cexi, celvi, ccclxii,
Canal Boy who became President, ccccxvii, cccclxxvi, dlxxv.
The, 567

Collins, Sons and Co., W., iii.
Claudine, 443

Cornwell, Dr., vii,cclx, dxxvii, dlxxv.
Distant Homes, 443

Crosby, Lockwood and Co., iv, clxi,
Fickle Flora, 443,
Good in Everything, 518

Curtis, J. C., B.A., xiv, cxii, ccclxi,
Great Heights attained by Steady ccccxvii, dixxx.
Efforts, 518

Darlow and C., d'xxv, dcxv.
Hero of Brittany, The, '443

Davis, Dr. W., dcxxi.
Hofer, the Tyrolese, 569

De La Rue and Co., dxxviii.
Holidays Abroad, 443

Educational Musical Instrument Co,
Holly Berries, 570

Hurricane Hurry, 518

Educational News Co., ix.
Kilkee, 601.

Eyre and Spottiswoode, ccccxx,
Out on the Pampas, 443

Our Birthdays, 443

Fielding, H., dxxx.
Peter the Whaler, 569

Fletcher, J. S., cccclxxi.
River Sineers, Th, 601

Fowler, L. N, dcxxiii.
Rocket, The, 518

Gall and Inglis, xiii.
Salt Water, 442

Gill and Sons, xviii, cvii, ccccxv.
School Days in Paris, 442

Griffith and Farran, cclx, dxxiv.
Search for Franklin, The, 518

Guest, W. H., ccx.
Stolen Cherries, 443

Harrison, T., dxxviii, dlxxvi, dcxxiii.
Stories about Dogs, 518

Hawes, G., dxxx, dlxxvi, dcxx.
Tempered Steel, 518

Heywood, J., cix, clx, ccccxiv.
We Four, 518

Hopkins, Dr., ccccxv, dxxviii,
William Tell, 518


Howard, D., ccxii, celvi, cccxii,
Bell's Reading Books, 313

ccclx, ccccxv.
Descriptive Geography Readers, 351 Hodder and Stoughton, ii.
Geographical Reader, A Third, 352 Hudd, H. J., cix, clx, ccx, cclvi.
Geographical Reader, An Introduc- Hughes, J., iv, xiv, xv, xvi, cviii,
tory, 353

clxii, clxiii, clxiv, ccxi, ccxii,
Geographical Reader, The London, cclvii, cclviii,cccxiii, cccxiv, ccclxi,

ccclxii, ccccxvi, cccclxx, cccclxxiii,
Geographical Reading Books, Stew. cccclxxiv, dxxvii, dlx, dlxxv,
art's, 306

Macmillan and Co., xliii., dcxxi.
Macniven and Cameron, duxviii,

dxxxi, dlxxix, dexv.
Mansford, C., xviii, cx, clxi, cccxv,

ccclxiii, ccccxiv.
Marlborough, Gould and Co.,

dxxviii, dlxxviii, dcxxiii.
Midland ducational

cccclxxi, dxxxi, dlxxvii.
Milne, J. V., Henley House, cccxi.
Moffatt and Paige, xi.
Morrison, C., cccxii, ccclx, ccccxv,
Morrison and Gibb, vii.
Murby, T., x, dxxxii.
National Thrift Society, ccclix.
National Society, i, xlv, cix, clx,

dlxxvii, dlxxx.
Ne son, T., and -ons, xix, dcxiv.
Noble, J. S., dlxxviii.
North of England School Furnishing

Co., dxxx.
Osborne, E. C., ccccxv, cccclxxii,

Partridge and Co., S. W., dlxxvii.
Pearson, W. W., cclvi, cccxii.
Perry and Co., ccxii, cclviii, cccxii,

ccclx, ccccxv, cccclxxii, dxxviii,
dlxxviii, dexxiii.
Philip and Son., G., xiv., cxii, ccclx,

ccclxiv, ccccxiv, ccccxviii, cccclxx,

dxxv, dlxxiv.
Poole, W., cccclxxi.
Rogers, T., ccxi, dxxviii, dlxxix.
Saville and Co. (Pearce), ccccxiy,

Schoolmaster, The, v, dlxxix.
School Bcard Chrɔnicle, ix, cix, clx.
Scholastic Sewing Machine Co.,

Scholastic Musical Instrument Co.,

ccix, cclv, cccxi, ccclix, ccccxiii,
cccclxix, dxxv, dlxxv, dcxv.
Shepherd, w., xi, cvii, clxii, cclviii,

ccclx, cccclxxv.
Simpkin, Marshall, and Co., clxii,

Slipper, J. S., cclv, cccxi, ccclix.
Smith, Lider, and Co., xiii, ccccxiii,

Spencer, W., cccclxxii, dxxvi.
Stanford, E., dcxxiii.
Stewart and Co., W., vi., dcxxii.
Strahan and Co., xvii, cxi, clxiv,
ccxi, cclx, cccxvi, ccclxiv, ccccxx,

cccclxxvi, dxxxii.
Swan Sonnenschein, and Allen, viii,

Systematic Bible-Teaching Deposi-
Teachers' Bicycle and Tricyle Co.,

Theobald E., ccccxiii, cccclxix,

dxxv, dlxxv.
Thomas, S., dlxxviii.
Walker and Co., J., ccclix.,

cccclxxvi, dxxvi, dcxv.
Ward, Lock, and Co., xii, cclv,

cccxi, ccccxii.
Wesleyan Methodist Sunday School

Union, ii, ccccxix, dxxix.
Westminster School-Book Depot,

xi, cccclxxv, dxxvi, dlxxvi.
Whitehead and Son, J., ix, cx.
Willcox and Gibbs, ccix, cclv, cccxi.
Wood, R. S., dxxxi, dlxxvi.

tory, vii.

ccx, dxxviii.

V.- The following Firms have

Auvertised on the

Wrappers of this volume.
J. W. Bean and Son.
G. Bell and Son.
Blackie and Son.
A. Brown and Son.
Cassell, Petter, Galpin and Co.
Crosby, Lockwood and Co.
James Epps and Co.
Griffith and Farran.
Hodder and Stoughton.
Joseph Hughes.
W. Isbister.
W. and A. K. Johnston.
Thomas Laurie.
Midland Educational Company.
Thomas Murby.
National Society.
Thomas Nelson and Sons.
North of England School Furnish-

of, 198
Elementary Mechanics, Lessons on,

Mechanical Industries Explained,

Mechanics, for Junior Students, 197

Anchor Pens, 601
Bicycle Road-Book, The, 200
Civil Service Coach, The, 353
Fables, bor
Handbook of Competitive Examina.

tions, 601
Home Gymnastics, 513

dlxxix., dcxxi.
Geographical Readers, Chambers', Isbister, w., xliv.

Jarrold and Sons, dxxx.
Geographical Reader, A, 516

Jennings, J., ccxi, cclviii, cccxii.
Great Englishmen, 566

Johnston, W. and A. K., xx, clxii,
Historical Reader, A First, 381

cclx, cccxvi.
Imperial Reader, 382

Keefe, J., dxxx., dexxiii.
Morrison's British Reader, 101 Kegan Paul and Co., ccix, cclv.
Poetical Reader, A, 568

Kent and Co., iil.
Poetical Reader, the Code, 353 Knight, W. T., cix, clx, ccx, oclvi,

Butler's Analogy, A Synopsis of, 513 Laurie, T., xviii, ccccxiii, cccclxix,
New Testament, How to Teach the, dxxv.

Longmans and Co., dervi to dcxx,
Notes on Exodus, 441


ing Co.
Religious Tract Society.
Schoolmistress' Newspaper Co.
Scientific Instrument Agency.
W. S. Sonnenschein and Co.
E. Stanford.
W. Stewart and Co.
E. and E. Theobald.
J. Walker and Co.

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