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1. An EPISTLE to a Lady, who desired the

Author to make Verses on her in the Heroick Stile.
II. On reading Dr. Young's Satires called, The Uni-

verfal Paffion.
ly. On the Words, Brotber. Protestants, and Fellow-


An EPISTLE to à LADY, who

desired the Author to make Verses on Her, in the Heroic Stile:

FTER venting all my Spight,

Tell me what I have to write?
А Ev'ry Error I could find

Thro' the Mazes of your Mind

Have my busy Muse empley'd,
Till the Company was cloy'd.
Are you potitive and fretful?
Heedless, ignorant, forgetful?
Those, and twenty Follies inore
I have often told before.

Hearken, what my Lady
Have I nothing then to praise?
Iu it fits you to be witty,
Where a Fault should move your Pity,
If you think me too conceited,
Or to Passion quickly heated :
If my wand'sing Head be less
Set on Reading, than on Dress:
If I always seem too dull c'ye;
I can solve the Diffi.-culty.

You wou'd teach me to be wife ;
Truth and Honour how to prize;
How to Mine in Conversation,
And, with Credit fill my Station;
How to relish Notions high,
How to live, and how to die.



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