Acts of the Legislature of the State of New Jersey

Secretary of State., 1916

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Side 402 - Where a negotiable bill has been lost or destroyed, a court of competent jurisdiction may order the delivery of the goods upon satisfactory proof of such loss or destruction and upon the giving of a bond with sufficient surety to be approved by the court...
Side 402 - That a creditor whose debtor is the owner of an order bill shall be entitled to such aid from courts of appropriate jurisdiction by injunction and otherwise in attaching such bill or in satisfying the claim by means thereof as is allowed at law or in equity in regard to property which cannot readily be attached or levied upon by ordinary legal process.
Side 401 - A mortgagee or pledgee, or other holder of a bill for security who in good faith demands or receives payment of the debt for which such bill is security, whether from a party to a draft drawn for such debt or from any other person, shall not be deemed by so doing to represent or to warrant the genuineness of such bill or the quantity or quality of the goods therein described.
Side 403 - The person to whom a certificate was originally issued is the person appearing bv the certificate to be the owner thereof, and of the shares represented thereby, until and unless he indorses the certificate to another specified person, and thereupon such other specified person is the person appearing by the certificate to be the owner thereof until and unless he also indorses the certificate to another specified person.
Side 117 - States shall designate one of the members of the board to serve for a term of two years, one for three years, one for four years, one for five years, and one for six years...
Side 404 - Value" is any consideration sufficient to support a simple contract. An antecedent or pre-existing obligation, whether for money or not, constitutes value where a certificate is taken either in satisfaction thereof or as security therefor. (2) A thing is done "in good faith...
Side 431 - ... in, the safe deposit company, trust company, corporation, bank, or other institution making the delivery or transfer herein provided, shall deliver or transfer the same to the executors, administrators or legal...
Side 97 - The said property shall be and continue forever thereafter exonerated and discharged from all taxes, assessments and other charges, which may be levied or imposed under the authority of this state; but the jurisdiction hereby ceded and the exemption from taxation hereby granted, shall continue in respect to said property so long as the same shall remain the property of the United States, and be used for the purposes aforesaid, and no longer.
Side 403 - In any case not provided for by this act, the rules of law and equity including the law merchant, and in particular the rules relating to the law of principal and agent, executors, administrators and trustees, and to the effect of fraud, misrepresentation, duress or coercion, mistake, bankruptcy, or other invalidating cause, shall govern.
Side 562 - Each house shall choose its own officers, determine the rules of its proceedings, and judge of the qualifications, elections and returns of its members ; and may, with the concurrence of two-thirds of all the members elected, expel a member.

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