Miners' Circular, Utgaver 30-42

Bureau of Mines, 1928

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Side 49 - The use of this mailing label to do so will be official business, and no postage stamps will be required UNITED STATES PENALTY FOR PRIVATE USE TO AVOID DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR PAYMENT OF- POSTAGE, $300 BUREAU OF MINES OFFICIAL.
Side 41 - With arms held straight, swing forward slowly, so that the weight of your body is gradually brought to bear upon the patient. The shoulder should be directly over the heel of the hand at the end of the forward swing. Do not bend your elbows. This operation should take about two seconds.
Side 10 - ... may step into the street a sufficient distance to obtain a clear view, but not more than three paces; after the children have crossed, he returns to his station on the curb. Where the street is wide or the traffic heavy, there should be two patrol boys at the crossing. One operates as described in the preceding paragraph, on the side from which the children are coming. The other operates similarly on the opposite curb, giving attention to possible traffic approaching on that side and assisting...
Side 40 - Place the palms of the hands on the small of the back with fingers resting on the ribs, the little finger just touching the lowest rib, with the thumb and fingers in a natural position, and the tips of the fingers just out of sight.
Side 10 - Same as previous item with more possibility of collapse and syncope, increased respiration and pulse. 50-60 Syncope, increased respiration and pulse; coma with intermittent convulsions; Cheyne-Stokes
Side 36 - The closing valve of the highpressure gas container shall be provided with a device to prevent the wearer of the apparatus from screwing the stem entirely out of the valve. The closing valve shall also be provided with a device to enable the wearer to lock the valve stem open when the valve has been opened to the desired point. The valve-closing device shall be operable by hand without use of wrenches or external levers.
Side 9 - The function of the school safety patrol is to instruct, direct and control the members of the student body in crossing the streets at or near schools. Patrols should not be charged with the responsibility of directing vehicular traffic, nor be allowed to do so, other than signaling to a motorist who approaches the crossing after the student pedestrians have left the curb. • "Note: Patrols need not and should not, therefore, be recognized by city ordinance. They must not be termed 'police
Side 27 - Said commission shall, within ten days after their appointment, meet and organize by electing one of their number chairman and another secretary of said commission, who shall hold their respective offices for a period of one year from the date of their election and until their successors are elected and qualified. Members of the said commission...
Side 5 - One-half of 1 per cent of carbon dioxide in normal air causes a slight and unnoticeable increase in the ventilation of the lungs; that is, a man exposed to one-half of 1 per cent of carbon dioxide will breathe a little deeper and a little faster than when in pure air. If there is 2 per cent of carbon dioxide in the air, the lung ventilation will be increased about 50 per cent; if there is 3 per cent, the lung ventilation will be increased about 100 per cent; 5 per cent causes about 300 per cent increase...

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