Page, Aberdeen Proving Ground, care of peach orchard-------- 30 Air, expenses allowed for travel by------------------- 28 Air Service: Acquisition of land for helium gas----------------- 28 Expenses allowed for travel by air----------------- 28 Grade and pay of flying cadet--------------------- 28 Instruction for aviation students------------------ 28 Organization continued---------------------------- 37 Subscriptions for foreign and professional newspapers 2S Aircraft operations, claims for damages from----------- 28 Allowance for subsistence to certain civilian employees--- 34 Ambulances, motor, purchase of ---------------------- 33 Amendment of section 69, national defense act---------- 35 American manufacture, Ordnance Department material to be of --- --- 34 American Red Cross, medical supplies for------------- 39 Ammunition, transfer of 30 Appropriations: Available for— Allowance in lieu of subsistence to certain civilian employees-------------------------- 34 Care and disposal of crops raised on reservations- 30 Certain printing, binding, etc.------------------ 36 Certain moneys to constitute one fund-------------- 30, 33 Disbursement for certain clerical help-------------- 20 Restrictions in the use of.------------------------- 27, 36 Archway, memorial, at Wicksburg, Miss---------------- 7 Army cold-storage plant, Chicago, Ill., exchange of ----- 38 Army field clerks, pay and allowances------------------ 29 Army Medical School, purchase of land for------------ 33 Assignment of field clerks, Quartermaster Corps, messengers and laborers- -- 30 Assistance of Government mapping agencies------------ 34 Automobiles, sale of surplus--------------------------- 27 Aviation stations in the Philippine Islands-------------- 28 Aviation students, courses of instruction--------------- 28 Barracks and quarters, Philippine Islands, title to building sites ----------------- 32 Boughton Memorial Association, building on military reservation at Fort Leavenworth--------------------- 39 Building on military reservation at Fort Leavenworth, erection of by the Boughton Memorial Association_____ 39 Building sites in Philippine Islands, title to------------- 2 Buildings, rent of, for military purposes---------------- 32 Cadet, flying, grade and pay established.----------------- 28


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Canal Zone, subsistence of patients in hospitals--------
Care and disposal of crops raised on reservations_______
Chemical Warfare Service, organization continued------
Citizen's outer clothing, issue of suit to certain persons--
Civil engineers, employment of ------------------------
Civilian employees:
Allowance for certain, in lieu of subsistence_________
Medical care and treatment-----------------------

Subsistence in hospitals---------------------------
Civilians, instruction of, at rifle ranges-----------------
Claims for damages from operations of aircraft---------
Claims, prosecution of, by former Government employees–
Clerks, employment of, for the completion, etc., of the
draft records---------------------------------------
Issue of articles of, to the National Guard-----------
Issue of suit of citizen's, to certain persons----------
Coast Artillery School, subscriptions for foreign and pro-
fessional newspapers -----------
Cold-storage plant, Chicago, Ill., exchange of -----------
Commutation of rations for enlisted competitors in the
national matches-------------------------------
Competitors, national matches, commutation of rations---
Construction Division, organization continued.-----------
Crops on reservations, care and disposal of -------------
Damages from operations of aircraft, settlement of claims
for--- --------------------
Disbursement of appropriation for certain clerical help--
Dishonorable discharged prisoners, donation to certain---
Disposal of real property by Sale or lease----------------
Donation to certain dishonorably discharged prisoners---
Draft records, employment of clerical help for the com-
pletion, etc., of ----
Draftsmen, employment of skilled----------------------
Emergency Army, grade of officers appointed to the
Officers' Reserve Corps------------------------------
Employees. See also Civilian employees.
Employees, Government, prosecution of claims by former-
Employment of clerical help by The Adjutant General for
the completion, etc., of the draft records---------------
Employment of skilled draftsmen, civil engineers, etc.----
Enlisted men:
Commutation of rations for, as competitors in the
national matches--------------------------------
Increase in pay continued--------------------------
Medical care and treatment------------------------
Pay in case of missing service records---------------
Subsistence in hospitals–––––––––––––––––––––––––––
Enlistments in the National Guard---------------------
Equipment, issue of, to the National Guard--------------

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Exchange, foreign, in connection with pay of the Army---
Exchange of Army cold-storage plant, Chicago, Ill-------
Expenses allowed to officers traveling by air-------------
Expenses of officers on journeys of instruction,-----------
Field clerks, Army, pay and allowances--------------- -
Field clerks, Quartermaster Corps, assignment to posi-
tions -----
Flying cadet, grade and pay established.----------------
Foreign exchange in connection with pay of the Army----
Foreign newspapers, subscriptions for-------------------
Fund, certain moneys to constitute one fund-------------
Gas, helium, acquisition of land for---------------------
General appropriations, Quartermaster Corps, disburse-
ment of certain moneys under------------------------
Government employees, prosecution of claims by former——
Grade of flying cadet established.-----------------------
Grade of emergency officers appointed to the Officers'
Reserve Corps
Helium gas, acquisition of land for----------------------
Horses, purchase of
Hospital, Walter Reed General, purchase of land--------
Hospitals, subsistence of patients-----------------------
Increase of pay: -
Continued in force for enlisted men-----------------
For Warrant officers

Instruction, traveling expenses of officers for the pur-
pose of -
Issue of articles of clothing and equipment to the
National Guard
Issue of suit of citizen's outer clothing to certain persons-
Laborers, assignment to positions----------------------
Land-grant railroads:
Compensation for services of ---------------------
Payment of Army transportation to-----------------
Manufacture, Ordnance Department material to be of
American ------------------------------------------
Maps, military, assistance in preparing-----------------
Meals, expense allowed for enlisted competitors in the
national matches------------------------------------
Medals for rifle contests-------------------------------
Medical care and treatment of certain persons
Medical museum, purchase of land for---______________
Medical supplies for the American Red Cross___________
Memorial archway at Wicksburg, Miss------------------
Messengers, assignment to positions--------------------
Military reservation at Fort Leavenworth, erection of
building by the Boughton Memorial Association_______
Military reservations:
Additions in Philippine Islands---------------------
Care and disposal of crops raised on---------------

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Military surveys and maps, assistance in preparing------
Money appropriated for pay of the Army to constitute
one fund
". designated under certain titles to constitute one

Motor ambulances, purchase of.------------------------
Motor Transport Corps, organization continued----------
Motor trucks, sale of surplus---------------------------
National Board for Promotion of Rifle Practice, regula-
tions to be prescribed by
National defense act:
Amendment of section 69–-------------------------
Issue of articles of clothing, etc., to the National
Guard under
National Guard:
Appropriations available for certain printing, etc.----
Enlistments in----
Issue of articles of clothing, etc., to----------------
National matches, commutation of rations for enlisted
competitors ----------------------------------------
National trophy and medals for rifle contests-----------
Newspapers, foreign and professional, subscriptions for--
Medical care and treatment
Subsistence in hospitals
Traveling expenses on journeys for the purpose of
instruction -------------------------------------
Officers, emergency, appointed to the Officers' Reserve
Corps, grade of
Officers' Reserve Corps, grade of emergency officers ap-
... pointed to ---
Ordnance and ordnance stores, other than clerical service
authorized for designing, etc.-------------------------
Ordnance Department material to be of American manu-
Organizations of the Army, certain special, continued----
Patients in hospitals, subsistence of ------------------
Army field clerks-
Enlisted men with service records missing----------
Flying cadet -
Foreign exchange --
Increase for warrant officers-----------------------
Increase in case of enlisted men continued in force___
Money appropriated for pay of the Army to constitute
one fund
Peach orchard, Aberdeen Proving Ground, care of -------
Philippine Islands, title to building sites----------------
Polo ponies, purchase and use of.-----------------------
Printing, binding, etc., appropriations available for cer-
tain -

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Prisoners, donation to certain dishonorably discharged---
Property, real, disposal of, by sale or lease---------------
Prosecution of claims by former Government employees--
Provost Marshal General's Office, employment of clerical
help in connection with records of -------------------
Purchase of horses and polo ponies---------------------
Purchase of land for hospital and other purposes---------
Purchase of motor ambulances-------------------------
Purchase of typewriting machines----- -*----------------
Quartermaster Corps, disbursement of certain moneys
under general appropriations of ---------------------
Railroads, land grant:
Compensation for services of ----------------------
Payment of Army transportation to-----------------
Rations, commutation for enlisted competitors in the na-
tional matches
Real property, disposal of by sale or lease---------------
Red Cross. See American Red Cross.
Regulations to be prescribed by the National Board for
Promotion of Rifle Practice--------------------------
Rent of buildings, Quartermaster Corps-----------------
Reservations. See Military reservations.
Restriction in use of funds for salaries of civilian em-
ployees - ---
Restrictions in the use of appropriations----------------
Rifle contests, national trophy and medals for-----------
Rifle ranges for civilian instruction---------------------
Salaries of civilian employees, restriction in use of funds—
Sale of certain surplus supplies-------------------------
Sale of war supplies ----
Schools, service translators
Service records, pay in case of missing------------------
Service schools, translators -
Settlement of claims for damages from operations of air-
craft---- --- ----------------
Skilled draftsmen, employment of ---------------------
Students, courses of instruction for aviation-------------
Subscriptions for foreign and professional newspapers---
Allowance to certain civilian employees in lieu of ---
Patients in hospitals—
Canal Zone.-----------------------------------
Private hospitals
Suit of citizen's outer clothing issued to certain persons--
Medical, for the American Red Cross---------------
Sale of certain surplus-----------------------------
Sale of war---------------------------------------
Surplus ammunition, transfer of, to other executive de-
partments --- - --

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