ON STATE AND WISHES OF THE CHURCHES. After careful examination, your committee finds the churches in a good and prosperous condition. New churches have been added to many of the charges; new chapels have been erected; pastors employed at stated salaries;* new members quite frequently received in the churches; houses in good repair; peace prevails among the membership; the doctrine of Christain Union is well understood and maintained by our many live local churches; prayer meetings are held, and the attendance upon public preaching is often very large and universally good; our churches are liberal and generous toward all religious people.

ON BIBLE CAUSE. We, your committee, report 1st, That we favor the general circulation of King James' translation of the bible; 2d, That we co-operate with the American bible society in its good work; 3d, That we recognize the bible as the great, grand, universal creed of the true church of Christ, and will have no other creed.

We, your committee on correspondence beg leave to report,

1st. That we have continued to write numerous letters to different sections of our common field of operation, in which letters we have earnestly presented the claims of this blessed Union cause.

2d. We have written to the leading state meetings, and received words of cheer therefrom.

3d. We have carried on a correspondence with the prominent workers in and out of the state, from whose pens we have personally learned that our cause was well entrenched in the hearts and minds of all our most useful and successful workers.

4th. We have written to churches in various parts of the state, sending all the words of good cheer we possibly could.

5th. In our correspondence at home and abroad, we find no apparent weakening on the part of Christian Union advocates; all are more confident, with but very few exceptions.

6th. We have extended our correspondence beyond our immediate borders and have received words

of cheer and good fellowship from D. L. Moody, J. V. Farwell

, J. Cook, President Abernethy, Dr. Lyman Abbott, Dr. N. F. Ravlin, H. L. Hasting, H. W. Beecher, and many others, whose worthy names we have not space to mention.

7th. Our correspondence with Tennessee and Kentucky Christian Union assures us that the cause is rapidly gaining influence in those

Good cheer reaches us from Brothers Deason, Cook, and others, giving accounts of the rapid and effectual advance of the work among their brethren.

8th. Correspondence shows to us that the good brethren in the northeastern portion of Missouri are pressing the work of Union with earnestness and faithful prayer.

9th. We have many communications from Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and elsewhere, written by private brethren, in which we have very cheering news concerning the advance of our active preachers and church workers.

10th. From letters in our possession we learn that quite a large number of members have united with us in the various states; that new churches have been established, and new chapels erected, and dedicated to the worship of Almighty God.

11th. We receive urgent appeals to send ministerial help to destitute localities.

12th. Great anxiety is manifest on the part of all our brethren,whose hearts are in the work—in relation to our having a firmly established printing house. Letters reach us almost daily, urging that we advance and lead off in this undertaking. Many matters have presented themselves to us, which time and space will not permit recounting.


We, your committee, report that, as resolutions, expressive of our views, we refer our friends to the resolutions of the last state meeting, and those of the last general council. We stand upon the broad and catholic platform received and acknowledged by all Christians as essential to salvation. Our people are resolved to hold to no dogma calculated to produce and promote division in the church of God.

ON BOUNDARIES. We, your committee, see no occasion for a change in boundaries, and recommend that they remain as heretofore; but suggest that district councils be held by the brethren of northeast Missouri.

ON SUNDAY SCHOOLS. We, your committee, beg leave to report as follows: We would solicit the churches in different localities to establish Sunday-schools in their community without any sectarian principles connected with them; to establish them upon the principles and platform of American Union. Raise your children under the sway of the sceptre of Union and the oneness of the church of Christ; create within them large Union hearts. We would further recommend that the council instruct the state evangelist to do all in his power to organize American Union Sabbath-schools in the different localities visited by him, believing that the Sabbath-school is the nursery of the church.


We, your committee, report that some of the charges do not support their pastors as liberally as should be done, and therefore we urge that every church should contract with its pastor and pay him promptly. That every member be required to pay to the support of the gospel among them. That the elders see to it, that every attendant on our services be invited to contribute to the support of the minister, that no one may fail of 'an opportunity to do his duty; that our members be advised to pay as the Lord has prospered them, so that our pastors may not be embarrassed in their calling.

ON FRATERNAL RELATIONS. We, to whose care the matter of fraternal relations was submitted one year ago, report as follows:

1st. That brotherly love and peace pervades our home churches and membership, clerical and lay.

2d. That the best of good feeling exists toward the brethren and the general work throughout the entire confines of the Christian Union field.

3d. That the reports we receive from the fraternal messengers who have been appointed to the previous state councils, indicate the best of results.

4th. As your committee, we hereby officially extend our right hand of fellowship to every Christian Union man and woman in the world.

5th. That we hereby and herein declare that, as a people, we stand ready to fraternize with every Christian person or body of persons whose love and kindliness will prompt them to co-operate with us in our efforts to lead perishing mankind to the blood-stained cross of Jesus.

6th. That in our fraternal overtures we draw no party lines nor prescribe any sectarian or sectional boundaries or edicts, but ask for brotherly love and affiliation on the primal and essential truths of God's dear Son our Savior.

7th. We rejoice to know that partisanism and sectarian denominationalism are rapidly dying out, and the great and holy principle of a soulsaving gospel getting hold upon and deeply in the hearts of good and true Christians in all the various religious organizations.

8th. The indications, everywhere, justify the conclusion that the religious elements of our country are drawing closer and still closer together.

We, your committee on publishing interests, report as follows:

1st. That the Witness has been suspended, and we are, therefore, without a church organ at present.

2d. That our cause is amply strong to maintain and support a printing house, at which all needed printing can be done at reasonable rates, and a good Christian Union paper provided for the promotion of our

3d. We therefore propose that this council appoint a committee of five, whose duty it shall be to proceed and raise means sufficient to buy a printing office, with all needful appurtenances, to print a Christian Union paper, etc., etc.

4th. That this committee be ordered by this body to use their wisdom in the plan of securing a publishing house, to-wit: That they induce one, two or more brethren to provide said office and have the proceeds thereof, and hire the editor; or, else, that said committee raise a general fund in a sum sufficient to buy an office complete—said sum to be raised by contributions throughout the brotherhood, by a canvass among the local churches; and that said office be the common property of the donors, and to be used, for all time to come, as the publishing house of the Christian Union.

5th. That we, after buying this office, authorize this said committee of five to arrange with Bro. J. V. B. Flack, our former editor, to run the said office and edit a Christian Union paper for a period of, at least, five years; unless, in the judgment of the committee and donors, his services should be discontinued and another take his place, or said editor desires to relinquish the office of his own motion.

6th. Furthermore, we direct that said committee take under advise


ment the idea of the combined contributions of the Christian Union and public generally buying a printing office outfit complete, and then tender the use of said office for five years to Brother J. V. B. Flack, allowing him to have the use of the material, free of all expense, for said period, on condition that he provide a Christian Union weekly paper for our people, he, the said J. V. B. Flack, to receive all the proceeds for subscription and for job work done by the said office, he paying all the expenses for running said office, and keeping up the same to a point of usefulness.

With these suggestions we leave the matter with the council and the contemplated committee of five, should you in your wisdom appoint one.

ON PUBLISHING MINUTES. We, your committee, advise that the proceedings of this council be printed in pamphlet form, and that means be raised at once to defray the expense thereof.

ON EXAMINATION AND ORDINATION. We, your committee, report that, after careful examination, we commend as proper candidates to ordination, Bros. J. R. Franklin and A. S. Gechter.

ON EDUCATION. We, your committee, commend to your notice the wisdom and propriety of sound education. We urge that our members seek to give their children the advantages of learning. We suggest that at an early period we adopt measures to secure in our council bounds a first-class college, and until then we commend Rutherford College, Happy Home, North Carolina, to the patronage of our people. We also desire to hereby express our thanks to the above named college and its learned faculty for the merited honor they conferred upon our fellow worker, Brother J. V. B. Flack, in constituting the said beloved brother a doctor of divinity. His learning and faithfulness have rendered him worthy of all honor.

ON TEMPERANCE. Resolved, that we are a temperance people; that we co-operate with all movements tending to help lift up the fallen inebriate; that we condemn the manufacture, sale and use of ardent spirits as a beverage; that we do not believe in organizing political parties on the temperance question, but think we should promote the cause by the machinery of the church and the conversion of the souls of the unfortunate.

ON UNFINISHED BUSINESS. We, your committee, after careful examination, do not find any unfinished business demanding attention.

ON PUBLIC WORSHIP. We, your committee on public worship, submit the following complete report: Preaching, Thursday night, by Elder A. Arnote; preaching, Friday, at 11 A. M., by Elder J. R. Franklin; preaching, Friday night, by Elder Å. S. Gechter; preaching, Saturday, at 11 A. M., by Élder N. Nickeson; preaching Saturday night, by Elder N. H. French; social meeting, Sunday, at 9 A. M., by Elder D. H. McClure; preaching, Sunday, at 11 A. M., by Elder G. W. Mitchell; sacramental meeting, at 3 P. M., by Elder H. Holman; preaching at night, by Elder A. S. Gechter, followed by Elder J. V. B. Flack.

ON MEMORIAL. Since, in the mysterious providences of God, our Heavenly Father, some of the beloved members of the Missouri Annual Council have been called from labor to reward, from earth-life to heaven-life, from mortal to immortal shores, from this valley of grief and partings, to the clime of glory and reunion: Therefore, we express our sense of their absence and our Christian condolence for the bereaved families of the deceased, by hereby recording their names, in token of the fact that their meritorious character and many exceeding excellencies are embalmed in the warm hearts of the members of this Annual Council. That the coming future and its generations may not be oblivious to the estimable and enviable memory of Elder Samuel Leabo, and Brothers G. W. Madden and Wilson Samples, we hereby declare that those beloved brethren were true and worthy citizens of our common country, and of the Christian Union and the State Council of Missouri; that they left behind them abiding evidences of their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and the joyful assurance of an abundant entrance into the eternal City of God, and the endless fellowship of the saints. May the angels of heavenly wing ever watch over their silent graves.



Brother Ephland writes the church report of the above-named church: This church is a new organization; was established by Elder Andrew Arnote; has sixty-two members in good standing; have enjoyed the spirit of revival during the last year; the pastor is very much appreciated for his ability, zeal and piety; have erected a commodious new church house, tastefully finished, and paid for; the house was dedicated by Elder J. V. B. Flack, D.D.; it was claimed that 2,000 persons were in attendance at the time of dedication; our future looks bright; we adhere to the doctrine of church union; the word of God is our only creed; we are living in daily evincement of the teaching of the 17th chapter of St. John.

REPORT OF ELDER A. ARNOTE. Dear Brethren: Tongue cannot express the thankfulness of my heart-to an allwise and loving Father-for the preservation of our lives and the many blessings extended to us during another year. It has pleased the good Lord to spare us so that we can meet once more and behold each other, face to face. I rejoice, brethren, that we can meet and congratulate each other that our work is prospering and Christian Union is moving forward every day, but let us not think that we will gain the victory riding on flowery beds of ease. The devil trembles lest the prayer of our blessed Savior be fulfilled, and the world made to believe; therefore he contends for every inch of ground we pass over, and sectarianism turns its artillery upon us. As men increase in education and a knowledge of the Lord, they naturally desire to throw off the yoke of bondage and dwell together in unity and love, consequently sectarian lines are beginning to break, and many are deserting and coming over to our ranks, hence we may naturally expect a strong resistance from their leaders, but, dear brethren, stand firm fear; not to declare the doctrine of Union. Christ prayed for it, God ordained it, and as sure as God sits upon

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