by such purchasers, to be assessed by a jury of twelve householders before the recorder of said city, together with one hundred per centum upon the original amount of purchase money paid therefor by such purchaser, provided, however, that married women, persons of unsound mind, and minors shall have the period of five years after such disabilities are removed to appear and redeem the land sold as above provided.

Sec. 14 Any purchaser of any real estate, sold for the non-payment of any fine, judgment, penalty, forfeiture, or taxes, or in consequence of a failure on the part of the owner thereof to grade, curb, or pave any front or sidewalk fronting upon any public street or avenue, upon the payment to the treasurer of the corporation hereby created, of the purchase money thereof, shall receive of and from such treasurer a certificate of the payment of said amount of purchase money, describing such real estate by lot and number, upon the recorded plat of said town of Richmond, or by the metes and bounds thereof, and briefly describing the judgment, penalty, forfeiture, tax, or improvement, for the non-payment of which the same was sold, together with the date of sale, which certificate shall be countersigned by the mayor of said city, under the seal of the corporation.

Sec. 15. Any holder of such certificate, after the lapse of two years from the date thereof, (if a resident or non-resident owner of such real estate shall have failed, neglected, or refused to redeem the same in the manner provided by this act), upon the production of such certificate at any regular session of the city council, and upon said council, or a majorit}' of them being satisfied by the affidavit of such purchaser, or otherwise, that said owner has failed to redeem the estate herein described within two years after the sale of such real estate, and the date of such certificate, such purchaser shall receive a deed of conveyance from the said corporation, conveying to such purchaser the real estate described in such certificate.

Sec. 16. The deed of conveyance referred to in the foregoing section of this article shall be made and executed by the mayor of the city of Richmond in the name of said city, and shall recite the judgment, penalties, forfeitures, taxes or neglected improvement, together with a law or ordinance under which the (same) was sold, the advertisement of sale, time, place and term of sale, the fact of the sale, the consideration, the certificate granted by the treasurer, and the failure to redeem, and shall convey the premises as described in such certificate by the operative words "assign, transfer, convey and confirm" to such purchaser and his heirs and assigns forever, reserving the right of married women, persons . of unsound mind and minors, as hereinbefore provided. Such conveyance shall be signed by said mayor, and attested under the seal of the said corporation, and shall be acknowledged before any officer (other than the recorder of the city) authorized to take acknowledgments of instruments of writing, conveying real estate under the laws of the state of Missouri.

Sec. 17. Such deed of conveyance so executed and acknowledged shall vest in such purchaser all the right, title and interest, estate and property of the previous owner of such real estate, and shall be admitted as evidence in any court within this state in any suit or action at law, or in equity as prima facie evidence of title without further proof.

Sec. 18. The owner of any real estate sold under the provisions of this act, or his widow, heirs or executors, or administrators, may any time within two years after such sale, redeem the same by paying to the purchaser thereof, or to the treasurer of the corporation hereby created, the amount paid by said purchaser, and all taxes subsequently thereon, together with the value of any and all useful or necessary improvements and needful repairs made thereon by such purchaser, together with one hundred per centum upon the original amount of purchase money paid therefor, and upon such payment shall receive from the said council, attested by the mayor, under the seal of the corporation, a quietus to the title thereto conforming as nearly as may be the quietus granted by the state of Missouri under analogous circumstances, and such quietus shall fully vest all the title to such real estate in the original owner.

Sec. 19. All surplus money received Dy the corporation hereby created, arising from the sale of any real estate over and above the amount due for taxes, fines, forfeitures, penalties, judgments and costs, at the time of such sale, shall be paid over to the owner of such real estate; or his legal representatives, in the event of his decease, may appy to the city council for such surplus, who shall issue a warrant on the city treasurer in favor of the owner of such real estate at the time of such sale, or his representatives, for such amount so paid into the city treasurer for his use.

Sec 20. All prosecutions for misdemeanors shall be instituted before the recorder or other officer having jurisdiction thereof, as in this act is herein expressed and directed.

Sec. 21. The true intent and meaning of this act is, an appeal shall be allowed to the Ray circuit court from the final judgment of the recorder or other officer having jurisdiction of the subject matter, (other than for contempt of court) or from the finding of any jury in like manner and with like effect, as appeals are allowed from justices of the peace to said court, any law or usage, or any provision or construction of this act to the contrary notwithstanding.

Sec. 22. Whenever an appeal shall be allowed to the Ray circuit court from the verdict and finding of any jury, or from the judgment of the recorder or other officer having jurisdiction under this act, such appeal, if involving a charge of misdemeanor, shall be tried by said circuit court before a jury of six men, and such misdemeanor shall be punished in the manner and according to the provisions of this act, and the ordinance of the city council governing such original trial, not inconsistent with, or repugnant to the same, any law or usage to the contrary notwithstanding, and if such appeal be taken from the judgment of the recorder or other officer, or finding of any jury, in any act to recov r any tax, fine or penalty, or forfeiture, other than a misdemeanor for the breach of any law or ordinance or by-law of said city, such action shall be tried before such circuit court as appeals from justices of the peace, and shall be governed and determined in all respects and particulars as nearly as may be according to such existing law, ordinance or by-law of the said city of Richmond, and provisions thereof, before such recorder or other officer having jurisdiction upon such original trial, any law or usage to the contrary notwithstanding.

Sec. 23. The practice and proceedings before the recorder under this act, for the recovery of any fines, tax, penalty or forfeiture, for the breach of any city ordinance or by-laws, (unless when herein otherwise expressly provided,) shall conform in all respects and particulars as nearly as may be to the laws of the state of Missouri regulating justices' courts.

Sec. 24. In all cases, where a judgment shall be rendered by the recorder or other officer having jurisdiction, against any defendant for any fine, penalty, or forfeiture, or for the breach of any law or ordinance, or upon the verdict and finding of any jury, and such judgment, verdict, and finding of any jury or part thereof involves the imprisonment of the defendant, it shall be the duty of said recorder or other officer having jurisdiction, to forthwith order such defendant into the custody of the city constable, and to issue a mittimus or commitment committing such defendant to the common jail of said county, and such defendant shall, from the making of such order or the issual of such commitment, remain in safe custody, unless discharged by the taking and effecting an appeal as hereinbefore provided, or until discharged by due course of law.

Sec. 25. Upon the filing of any charge or misdemeanor by the city attorney against any person or persons as provided in this act, it shall be the duty ofthe recorder or other officer, having jurisdiction, to issue his warrant,' reciting such charge directed to the city constable, and commanding him forthwith to apprehend such person or persons, and bring him or them before such officer having jurisdiction, to be further dealt with according to law, and such city constable shall execute such warrant in any part of Ray county.

Sec. 26. In all cases of misdemeanor committed, or charged to be committed, within the city limits, the accused shall be entitled to a summary trial by jury before the recorder or other officer having jurisdiction.

Sec. 27. The constable or any other officer shall have power to arrest any offenders against the laws or ordinances of the city of Richmond, and bring him or them before the proper officers without a warrant.

Sec. 28. All persons charged with misdemeanors shall be entitled to six peremptory challenges, and the city attorney or other officers shall be entitled to three, and the jury shall consist of six persons qualified under the laws of the state of Missouri to serve as jurors.

Sec. 29. Richmond College and the lands thereto belonging, the fair grounds and the land thereto belonging, all schools and academies and institutions of learning, male and female, churches and all other public property shall be exempt from the provisions of this act, in relation to taxes, streets, lanes and alleys, and avenues, so long as they remain and are used for such purposes.

Sec. 30. Nothing in this act shall be so construed as to interfere with the jurisdiction heretofore exercised by the grand jury and the circuit court within and for Ray county, over crimes and misdemeanors within the limits of the city, and the punishment thereof by indictment and trial thereon in said circuit court.

Sec. 31. The said city council shall not have power to borrow money on the credit of the city at any time at higher rate of interest than the then legal and lawful rate of interest per annum.

Sec. 32. That Humphrey J. Comer, Joseph S. Hughes, Jacob Darneal, Wilson R. Holman and Patrick Smith, be, and the same are hereby appointed and authorized, immediately after receiving this charter from the legislature, to lay off the city into seven wards, according to the provisions of this act, and immediately thereafter to order an election, giving ten days notice previous thereto, for all the officers provided herein to be elected, who shall serve in their office respectively until the annual election on the first Monday in April, A. D. 1858, and until their successors are duly elected and qualified.

Sec. 33. The general assembly of the state of Missouri, may at any time, alter, amend or repeal this charter.

Sec. 34. All acts and parts of acts contrary to, and inconsistent with the provisions of this act, are hereby repealed.

Sec. 35. The secretary of the state of Missouri, shall, as soon as this act is approved by the governor, transmit to Humphrey J. Comer, a copy thereof, certified under the seal of Missouri.

This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

Approved November 9, 1857.

I, B. F. Massey, secretary of state, hereby certify the foregoing copy of an act entitled: "An act to incorporate the city of Richmond, is a true copy of the original roll now on file in this office.

-*—v In Testimony Whereof, I have hereto set my name and j SEAL j affixed the seal of office. Done at the office of secretary of \ j state, in the city of Jefferson, the 29th day of December, A. D.

—,— 1857.

B. F. Massey, Secretary of State.




We it ordained by the City Council of the City of Richmond, as follows:

Section 1. That for the support of the city government, there shall be levied annually, a tax for general purposes, on all property, personal, real and mixed, within the limits of said city, subject to taxation for state and county purposes, not exceeding fifty cents on the one hundred dollars assessed value thereof.

Sec. 2. The recorder shall on or before the first day of August of each year, cause to be made out and delivered to the assessor, a well bound book, suitably ruled, to contain a list of all taxable real estate in the limits of the city, in which the assessor shall correctly describe every lot or parcel of ground subject to taxation, placing opposite to such description the name of the owner if known, and if unknown, he shall so state in an appropriate column.

Sec. 3. The city recorder shall also cause to be prepared in the assessor's book suitable columns for the assessment of personal property subject to taxation. The names of owners shall be entered in alphabetical order. Such personal assessment roll may be in the form of assessment roll for state and county taxes.

Sec. 4. And to said assessment list the following oath shall be made, or the same oath as is made to assessment list for state and county taxes:


State Of Missouri, County of Ray,

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that the foregoing list contains a true and correct statement of all the property made taxable by the laws of the state of Missouri, including therein the number of horses, number of neat cattle, number of sheep, number of hogs, number of asses and jennets, number of mules, all other live stock, all farm machinery and implements, household property, musical instruments, clocks, watches, chains and appendages, sewing machines, gold and silver plate, jewelry, household and kitchen furniture, money on hand, money deposited, notes unsecured by mortgage or deed of trust, notes secured by mortgage or deed of trust, all bonds, whether state, county, town, city, township, or of incorporated or unincorporated companies, and all other property and its value, which I owned on the 1st day of August, 18—, or which I had under my charge or management, or any money or property due me on said day from solvent persons or companies on notes, accounts, or otherwise, as fully and as specifically as I am required to make a return thereof, under the revenue law of this state; and I do further solemnly swear (or affirm) that I have not sent or taken, or caused to be sent or taken, any property, money or bills, bonds or notes, or other securities or evidences of debt, out of this

state to avoid taxation. So help me God.

Subscribed and sworn to before me, this .... day of 18...

Sec. 5. If any person shall fail, neglect or refuse to return said list with the blanks therein properly filled, and the certificate thereto properly sworn to, within ten days, to the assessor, the assessor shall assess the whole property belonging to, or in the charge of such person, at such amount as he may deem just and proper.

Sec. 6. If any person required to list his property shall do so falsely, the assessor shall list the same anew, and assess it at double its cash value. It shall also be the duty of the assessor to list and assess all personal property he may find in said city, when the owner thereof is unknown.

Sec. 7. If at any time it shall be ascertained by the assessor, that any property, either real, personal or mixed, has escaped assessment or taxation for one or two years past, he shall assess the same for such years, noting the amount due for each year.

Sec. 8. No tax shall be assessed or imposed upon the following property: Churches, chapels and other buildings used for religious worship, and land upon which they are situated, and used in connection therewith, real estate and personal property belonging to any incorporated agricultural society so long as the same shall be used for the purpose of such society and none other; cemeteries and grave-yards set apart and used for that purpose, all orphan asylums for the relief of sick and needy, with their furniture and equipments, and so much of the land upon which they are situated as may be exclusively used for that purpose; all libraries and their furniture and equipment belonging to any library association or society.

Sec. 9. The assessor shall return this assessment list to the city council on or before the first regular meeting of such council in the month of November of each year, verified by his affidavit thereto, that he has made diligent effort to discover all the taxable property within the city limits on the 1st day of August, and that so far as he has been able to ascertain, it is correctly set forth in the foregoing lists, in the manner and of the value therein stated, according to law.

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