in Canada. Mr. Collier was married in the year 1845, to Miss Ellen Patton, in Canada. The next year afterwards he returned to the state of New York, and after remaining there for about five years, he went to Pennsylvania and resided there until 1856. From Pennsylvania, Mr. Collier emigrated to St. Louis, Missouri, and after living there until the autumn of 1863, removed with his family to Knox county, Illinois. He enlisted in the Union army and was chief of transportation in a quartermaster's department with the commission of captain. He served in this position during four years. At the close of the war he returned to his home, and soon after, having been employed on a railroad in Iowa, went thither with his family. He has ever since been engaged in railroad business either in Iowa or Missouri. He is now engaged superintending a party of men who are making railroad ties. He is located at Vibbard. Mr. and Mrs. Collier have one daughter, Helen M., born November 19, 1848. She is a school teacher.


James S. Asbury was born in Ray county, Missouri, November 21, 1847. His parents, Stephen and Nettie Asbury, emigrated to Missouri in the year 1843, first locating in the southern part of the state until 1847, and then coming to Ray county. Our subject attended the common schools of this county, and remained at home until he was sixteen years of age. He then went to Leavenworth, Kansas, and obtaining work, remained there during eighteen months. While in the city of Leavenworth, he attended night school, and thus finished his education. He clerked in a dry goods store at Plattsburg, Missouri, after leaving Leavenworth, and also at Dover in Lafayette county. He opened a store on his own account at Hainesville, Missouri, in the year 1869, and remained there for two years. He then kept store for eleven years at Lawson, in this county. At present, April, 1881, Mr. Asbury is conducting a large dry goods and grocery store at the town of Vibbard. He is also postmaster at that place. He was married April 8,1875, to Miss Lottie C. Barrett, daughter of Rev W. C. and Nancy Barrett, natives of Williamsport, Virginia. The marriage ceremony was performed by the bride's father, who is a minister of the Baptist Church. Mrs. Asbury was born in Virginia, September 9, 1850. They have two children living: Louis J., born January 15,1877; Herbert, born April 2, 1880. Mr. Asbury is a successful, popular merchant, and an accommodating and efficient postmaster.


Adam Hauser was born in Ray county, Missouri, May 13, 1849. He is the son of Thomas and Susan Hauser. His father was born in Surry county, North Carolina, November 18, 1809, and died April 21, 1881. His mother was born in the state of Indiana, September 20, 1822, and is yet living. Our subject after finishing the course of study in the district schools, attended William Jewell College, at Liberty, Missouri, and at the age of seventeen years, entered upon the duties of a teacher in the schools of his native county. Mr. Hauser was married December 15, 1870, to Miss Margaret M. Odell, daughter of Henry and Anna Odell. Her father was a native of South Carolina, and her mother of Indiana. She was born in Ray county, July 18, 1853. Mr. and Mrs. Hauser have three children: Kate L., born November 1, 1871; Cleopatra A., born November 3, 1874; Virgil M., born February 27, 1878. Mr. Hauser owns seventy-four acres of land in township fifty-two, range twenty-nine, and also two houses and lots in the town of Vibbard. He is assessor of the town and also a member of its council. He and his wife are members of the Christian Union religious denomination. He is a popular and successful teacher and a valuable and leading citizen.


Allen Sisk was born in Cocke county, Tennessee, December 9, 1833. He is the.son'of Lawson and Sarah Sisk. His father was born in Culpepper county, Virginia, his mother in Cocke county, Tennessee. She is dead. His father is yet living in Tennessee at the advanced age of eighty years. His grandfather, Bartlett Sisk, was a soldier in the war for American Independence. Our subject came to Ray county in 1853, and has since resided here. He was married May 13, 1856, to Miss Nancy A. Smart, daughter of Samuel and Mary J. Smart, natives of Cocke county, Tennessee. She was born in Ray county December 2, 1839. Mr. and Mrs. Sisk have six children living: Mary E., born June 21, 1857; John, born October 18, 1861; Dorothea A., born January 29, 1864; Sarah E., born July 21, 1866; James H., born July 21, 1873; William C., born August 19, 1867. Mr. Sisk united with the regular Baptist Church in the month of August, 1860, and soon after commenced the study of the ministry. He was ordained in the year 1866, and has since been diligently working in the Lord's vineyard, and his labors have been blessed with great success. He is a devout Christian and much beloved by his congregations.


John R. Jones was born in Harrison county, Kentucky, July 10, 1842. He is the son of Richard S. and Verlinda Jones, natives of Kentucky. He was educated in his native state, and grew to manhood on the farm of his father. At the age of nineteen years, in the fall of 1861, he enlisted in company D, 23d Kentucky regiment of Union volunteer infantry, army of the Cumberland, and participated in the following named battles of the civil war: Mission Ridge, Chickamauga, Franklin and Nashville, besides numerous skirmishes. He was discharged in January, 1865, and returned to his home in Kentucky. He came to Ray county, in the month of August, 1872. March 6, 1873, Mr. Jones was married to Miss Margaret F. Shelton, daughter of L. L. and Catherine Shelton. Her father was born in Kentucky, and her mother in Missouri. Four children have been born to Mr.-and Mrs. Jones, only two of whom are now living: Viola C., born June 18, 1877; Verlinda S., born March 6, 1881. Mr. Jones is a thrifty, enterprising farmer and stock-dealer, a leading citizen, and a much respected member of the community in which he lives.


John E. Weber was born in Louisa county, Iowa, August 1, 1857. His parents are Henry and Mary Weber. His father is a native of Germany, and his mother of the state of Ohio. John attended the district schools of his native state, and obtained a fair English education, and as soon as old enough he began to learn the blacksmithing trade in his father's shop. He continued working for his father until he was twentytwo years of age, and then left home, and began blacksmithing on his own account, in the town of Swanwick, then at Lawson, and is now doing a good business at Vibbard, this county. In the year 1858 his parents removed from Iowa to Kentucky, and after living there during twelve years, they emigrated to Missouri, and located, for two years, at the city of St. Joseph. From there they came to Ray county, and settled at the town of Elkhorn. Our subject is a good blacksmith, and very industrious. He is popular and receives a large patronage.


Was born in St. Charles county, Missouri, October 6, 1846. His parents were Thomas H. and Sarah E. McGaugh. His father was a native of Tennessee and his mother of the state of Virginia. At the age of sixteen years our subject enlisted and served about eighteen months; he was in the affray, when the noted desperado, Bill Anderson, was killed, near Albany, this county, in the year 1864. January 20, 1867, Mr. McGaugh was married to Miss Nancy C. Coffer, daughter of William and Miranda Coffer, natives of North Carolina. Mrs. McGaugh was born in the year 1849, in North Carolina. Three children, now living, have been the result of this union: Ida M., born October 26, 1867; Lottie Lee,born April, 1873; Homer H., born April, 1877. Mr. McGaugh is now engaged very successfully in business, at the town of Orrick.


Lewis H. Wood is a native of Albemarle county, Virginia, and was born December 25, 1832. He is the son of Henry and Rutha Wood, also natives of the state of Virginia. At the age of eighteen years, our subject went to California, and remained there during five years, engaged in mining. He then returned to his home in Virginia, but remaining there only a short time, emigrated to Missouri. He first stopped for about a year in Jackson county, and then came to Ray county, in 1857, and has ever since made his home here, though he has often been in Kansas and other states while working at his trade, which is that of a plasterer. Mr. Wood was married May 10, 1859, to Miss E. L. Rothrick, daughter of Alexander and Ellen Rothrick, natives of the state of New York. Mr. and Mrs. Wood have six children: Mamie, born March 7,1860; William L., born April 9, 1862; Lilly P., born June 2,1871; Andrew B., born April 15, 18— Effie born May 14, 1876,Emmett, born January 16, 1881; Mr. Wood is an excellent plasterer and his services are much in demand.


Rial Creason was born in Ray county, Missouri, on the 3d day of March, 1835. His parents were Willaim and Mary Creason. His father was a native of Kentucky, and his mother of the state of Tennessee. The family emigrated to this county at an early day, and were compelled, by fear of Indians, to,live in a block house on first coming. Our subject was married on the 31st day of August, 1854, to Miss Mary D. Hall, by Reverend T. N. O'Brien, of the Baptist Church. Mrs. Creason was born in Ray county, March 29, 1839. Her parents were T. and Zilpha Hall, natives of North Carolina, who came to this county about the year 1833. Mr. and Mrs. Creason became the parents of thirteen children, all but four of whom are now living: Martha E., born February 28,1827; Cyrus W., born May 15, 1858; Thomas W., born February 3, 1863; Sarah F., born January 3, 1865; Meda, born February 10,1866; Wiley B., born September 15, 1869; Robert E., born June 11, 1871; Daisy, born June 15, 1875; Lena, born December 27, 1877; Emma, born April 3, 1860, and died in the fall of 1862; Susie, born April 5,1865, and died in 1866; Furney, born in 1867, and died in 1868; Rosa, born May 16, 1872, and died in October, 1874. Mr. Creason has served seven years as justice of the peace, and is at present occupying that office. He owns about six hundred acres of Ray county's best bottom land, and is a successful and prosperous farmer and a good citizen. He is treasurer of Albany Grange, No. 520, P. of H., and a leading member of Ada Lodge, No. 444, A. F. & A. M., at Albany.


Oscar Mason was born in Ray county, Missouri, October 13, 1852. He is the son of John and Mary H. Mason. His father was born in Kentucky, and his mother in Mississippi. His opportunities for education were very limited, on account of the war, but he made the best use he could of such time as he spent at school, and has a fair common school education. He began farming for himself at the age of seventeen years and continued in that business in this county for about three years, and then went to Texas, where he engaged in herding cattle for two years and then returned to this county. He then engaged as clerk for one year in the dry goods store of Dorton & Pigg, since which time he has been engaged at Orrick, in business for himself.


Daniel H. Tucker, Sen., was born in Marion county, Kentucky, October 21, 1816. His parents removed to Ray county, Missouri, in the spring of 1835, and our subject has ever since lived here. He was married, November 10, 1836, to Miss Milly Ellioth, daughter of John and Susanna Ellioth, natives of North Carolina. She was born November 21, 1820, in Ray county. They have eleven children living: Mary E., James L., Martha, Sarena, Benjamin F., Milly, Andrew E., Daniel H., Eliza, Sallie, William. Susannah, Kitty A. and John E. are dead. Ten of these are now married, and nine of them living near their father. (Mary E. lives in Cedar county, Missouri). Mr. Tucker owns two hundred acres of excellent land in Fishing River bottom and is a well-to-do farmer, and a respected member of the community. He belongs to Ada Lodge, No. 444, A. F. & A. M., at Albany.


John Bogart is a native of Ray county, Missouri, and was born on the 24th day of April, 1825. His father, Alexander Bogart, was a native of Tennessee, and his mother, Mary, was born in Indiana. They emigrated to this county in the year 1819, and settled near where our subject now resides. John Bogart was married September 7, 1845, to Miss Elizabeth A. Hogue, daughter of James and Elizabeth Hogue, natives of South Carolina, who came to this county about the year 1838. Mrs. Bogart was born in South Carolina, November 10,1827. The issue of this

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