Einführung in Die Vergleichende Sprachwissenschaft

Professor Oswald Szemerenyi's Einfuhrung in die vergleichende Sprachwissenschaft, first published in 1970, remains the standard introduction to comparative Indo-European linguistics. It is available here in English for the first time in a revised, enlarged, and updated fifth edition. The introductory section presents a general survey of the principles of diachronic-comparative linguistics, and the remainder of the book is a thorough and detailed analysis, according to those principles, of the phonological and morphological structure of the Indo-European group of languages. Each section of the book has a detailed bibliography, so that the student can progress from the general overview to a more detailed examination of particular topics.

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Superb, balanced, overview, apart from the fact that the author did not accept laryngeals. Les hele vurderingen


Language in Change
Tasks of IndoEuropean Linguistics

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Oswald J. L. Szemerenyi is at University of Freiburg.

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