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Side 9 - He shall carefully examine the certificates received monthly from the local registrars, and if any such are incomplete or unsatisfactory he shall require such further information to be furnished as may be necessary to make the record complete and satisfactory.
Side 6 - The medical certificate shall be made and signed by the physician, if any, last in attendance on the deceased, who shall specify the time in attendance, the time he last saw the deceased alive, and the hour of the day at which death accu-red.
Side 10 - That in case 303 the death occurs from some disease that is held by the state board of health to be infectious, contagious, or communicable, and dangerous to the public health, no permit for the removal or other disposition of the body shall be granted by the registrar, except under such conditions as may be prescribed by the state board of health.
Side 9 - That the State registrar shall prepare, print, and supply to all registrars all blanks and forms used in registering, recording, and preserving the returns, or in otherwise carrying out the purposes of this act; and shall prepare and issue such detailed instructions as may be required to procure...
Side 13 - Each section of this Act and every part of each section is hereby declared to be independent sections and parts of sections and the holding of any section or part thereof...
Side 8 - ... householder, or owner of the premises, manager or superintendent of public or private institution in which the birth occurred, to notify the local registrar within ten days after the birth of the fact of such a birth having occurred. It shall then, in such case, be the duty of the local registrar to secure the necessary information and signature to make a proper certificate of birth.
Side 6 - ... physician, or when there is no such official, and in such cases only, the registrar is authorized to make the certificate and return from the statement of relatives or other persons having adequate knowledge of the facts...
Side 12 - And he shall make. an immediate report to the state registrar of any violation of this law coming to his knowledge, by observation or upon complaint of any person, or otherwise.
Side 10 - The State registrar shall further arrange, bind, and permanently preserve the certificates in a systematic manner, and shall prepare and maintain a comprehensive and continuous card index of all births and deaths registered...
Side 9 - That when any certificate of birth of a living child is presented without the statement of the given name, then the local registrar shall make out and deliver to the parents of the child a special blank for the supplemental report of the given name of the child, which shall be filled out as directed, and returned to the local registrar as soon as the child shall have been named.

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