Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the High Court of Chancery, from the Year M DCC LXXXIX to M DCCC XVII: With a Digested Index, Volum 17

C.C. Little and J. Brown, 1845

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Side 342 - The good-will which has been the subject of sale is nothing more than the probability that the old customers will resort to the old place.
Side 299 - ... and before the same officers as in the case of a tenant holding over after the expiration of his term without permission of his- landlord.
Side 455 - ... sealed and delivered in the* presence of two or more credible witnesses, or by her last will and testament in writing, or any writing...
Side 361 - Booth for und during the term of her natural life to and for her own sole and separate use and benefit...
Side 252 - On the other hand, where a testator devised all his leasehold, as well as freehold estates, &c. " unto his mother, and her heirs for ever, in the fullest confidence, that, after her decease, she would devise the property to his family...
Side 415 - it shall and may be lawful for all merchants and traders, and others desiring to end any controversy, suit or quarrel, for which there is no other remedy but by personal action or suit in equity...
Side 306 - The proposition was, that a value should be set on the partnership stock ; and, that they should take his proportion of it at that valuation ; or, that he should take away his share of the property from the premises. My opinion is clearly, that these are not terms, to which he was bound to accede. They had no more right to turn him out, than he had to turn them out, upon those terms. Their rights were precisely equal ; to have the whole concern wound up by a sale, and a division of the produce. As,...
Side 118 - ... aforesaid, and that there does not appear any reason to doubt the truth or fulness of such discovery...
Side xxii - Eldon said, though the purchaser of a lease has never been considered as a purchaser for valuable consideration without notice, to the extent of not being bound to know from whom the lessor derived his title, he was not aware of any case that had gone the length that the purchaser was to take notice of all those circumstances under which the lessor derived that title.
Side 97 - ... but where the true state of the fact is easily ascertained, and where it is perfectly clear that relief would originally have been given upon the ground of constructive trust, it is refused to the party who after long acquiescence comes into a Court of Equity to seek that relief.

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