PREFACE. To experienc'd Conveyan .

cer can be suppos’d ignorant in placing and connexing the particular Parts of a Deed or Conveyance, but it may be prefum'd that the Memory of eve. ry Practiser, ( cho' of good Judgment ) may not be sufficient to retain and exactly re. member every Covenant and Part of a Deed, especially when it is of great length, and that his Experience may not fully enable him to draw an uncommon Draughe without some Ara sistance, at least not without much Labour and Difficulty : I have therefore compiled this volumeas a Remembrancer of whata

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veyancer may have fome Knowledge of, and as a Guide and Information in many special Cases, that he may not have met with in Practice, and it will be particularly useful as an itinerant Library, or Office, to allilt the Conveyancer when he is absent from home, whereby, he hach not the Benefit of his Papers; and even at home in his Office it will be no less Useful when the Business in Hand is very uncommon and extraordinary, or (as the Case often happens) he can: not turn to an entire Precedent suiting his Occasion.

Some Attorneys there are who advance Nocions, That Forms of Covenants in Deeds, or of Deeds themselves, are useless, and pretend to draw a Deed or Conveyance according to Law, without any Assistance from Pre


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cedents, and on thac Foundation į disregard che Methods observed

by experienced Practitioners ; which, however despised by the

unchinking; must be esteem'd by i the careful and prudent Practiser,

as a sure Directory, if not essencial: But chefę opiniaced Gentlemen, after struggling with great Difficulties have frequently found themselves mistaken in their Designs to the prejudice of their Clients, as well as the Injury of their Reputations, and been at last obliged to resort to Prece. dents, for the Dispatch of their Affairs, with the exactness that is necessary; as Precedents certainly compleat the Man of Business, and are of the greatest Ule where a Person is not entirely. govern’d by them, and has Şense enough to make a proper Applicacion.


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