Mistresses of Henry VIII

The History Press, 26. des. 2010 - 224 sider
Seventeen-year-old Henry VIII was 'a youngling, he cares for nothing but girls and hunting.' Henry was considered a demi-god by his subjects, so each woman he chose was someone who had managed to stand out in a crowd of stunning ladies. This book offers an insight into the love life of Henry, and the twelve women who knew the man behind the mask.

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Definitely a rehashing of the lives of Henry's wives than an in depth study of his mistresses. Whilst Anne, Katherine and possibly Jane not only were both mistress then wife, I think more time could ... Les hele vurderingen


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For anyone interested in monarch history or henry viii. The delivery was prompt and the item was exactly as stated. I am very pleased with this purchase. Les hele vurderingen

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Kelly Hart is a historian, author, and teacher, specializing in the women of the Tudor period.

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