The Practical Surveyor's Guide: Containing the Necessary Information to Make Any Person of Common Capacity a Finished Land Surveyor, Without the Aid of a Teacher

H.C. Baird & Company, 1892 - 198 sider

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Side 11 - DYER AND COLOR-MAKER'S COMPANION: Containing upwards of two hundred Receipts for making Colors, on the most approved principles, for all the various styles and fabrics now in existence; with the Scouring Process, and plain Directions for Preparing, Washing-off, and Finishing the Goods.
Side 19 - Table for finding the Solidity in cubic yards from Mean Areas. The whole being adapted for convenient use by Engineers, Surveyors, Contractors, and others needing Correct Measurements of Earthwork.
Side 7 - CAMPIN. — A Practical Treatise on Mechanical Engineering: Comprising Metallurgy, Moulding, Casting, Forging, Tools, Work, shop Machinery, Mechanical Manipulation, Manufacture of Steam' Engines, etc. With an Appendix on the Analysis of Iron and Iron Ores.
Side 18 - Screw Cutting Tables, for the use of Mechanical Engineers, showing the proper arrangement of Wheels for cutting the Threads of Screws of any required pitch, with a Table for making the Universal Gas-pipe Threads and Taps.
Side 13 - Collecting, and Refining; the Processes of Manipulation, Recovery of Waste; Chemical and Physical Properties of Gold; with a New System of Mixing its Alloys ; Solders, Enamels, and other Useful Rules and Recipes.
Side 18 - Underground Pumping Machinery. MINE DRAINAGE ; being a Complete and Practical Treatise on Direct-Acting Underground Steam Pumping Machinery, with a Description of a large number of the best known Engines, their General Utility and the Special Sphere of their Action, the Mode of their Application, and their merits compared with other forms of Pumping Machinery. By STEPHEN MICHELL, Joint- Authorof" The Cornish System of Mine Drainage.
Side 11 - Assaying : As applied to the Manufacture of Iron from its Ores, and to Cast Iron, Wrought Iron, and Steel, as found in Commerce.
Side 19 - FORMULAE for finding the Discharge of Water from Orifices, Notches, Weirs, Pipes, and Rivers. With New Formulae, Tables, and General Information on Rain-fall, Catchment-Basins, Drainage, Sewerage, Water Supply for Towns and Mill Power. By JOHN NEVILLE, Civil Engineer, MRIA Third Edition, carefully revised, with considerable Additions.
Side 5 - Worker's Manual: Containing Practical Information respecting Marbles in general, their Cutting, Working, and Polishing ; Veneering of Marble ; Mosaics ; Composition and Use of Artificial Marble, Stuccos, Cements, Receipts, Secrets, etc., etc. Translated from the French by ML BOOTH. With an Appendix concerning American Marbles. 12mo., cloth. $1.50 BOOTH AND MOKFIT.— The Encyclopedia of Chemistry, Practical and Theoretical : Embracing its application to the Arts, Metallurgy, Mineralogy, Geology,...
Side 1 - ANDRES.— A Practical Treatise on the Fabrication of Volatile and Fat Varnishes, Lacquers, Siccatives and Sealing Waxes. From the German of ERWIN ANDRES, Manufacturer of Varnishes and Lacquers.

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