J. H. Colton's American School Geography: Comprising Separate Treatises on Astronomical, Physical, and Civil Geography : with Descriptions of the Several Grand Divisions and Countries of the Globe

Ivison, Phinney & Company, 1863 - 588 sider

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Side 3 - A Circle is a plane figure bounded by a curved line every point of which is equally distant from a point within called the center.
Side 546 - Some parts of the chain are considerably above the enow-line, and the highest summits may reach 15,000 feet. 5. The region bordering on the Red Sea, consisting of Abyssinia, Nubia, and Egypt. Abyssinia, we have seen, is the mountainous termination of the great southern plateau. Between this and the Mediterranean extends the low valley of the Nile, separated from the Red Sea on the east by a rugged mountainous region, and from the Libyan Desert on the west by a low ridge of limestone and sandstone....
Side 4 - R (fig. 4.) ab and cd and ef (fig. 5,) are three parallel lines ; and gh and ik (fig. 6,) are two parallel semicircles. A Globe or Sphere is a round body, every part of whose surface is equally distant from a point within, called its centre. A Spheroid is a figure nearly spherical, either oblong or oblate. The earth is a spheroid, having its axis or diameter at the poles shorter than at the equator. A Great Circle, ABDE, of a sphere, is one whose plane passes through its centre C.
Side 546 - Algeria, and Tunis. The northern slope towards the Mediterranean, called the .Tell, is, in aspect, climate, and productions, similar to the opposite coast of Europe ; the southern side merges gradually into the Sahara. Some parts of the chain are considerably above the snow-line, and the highest summits may reach 15,000 feet 5.
Side 198 - The legislative power is vested in a Congress, consisting of a Senate and House of Representatives. The Senate is composed of two members from each state, chosen by their Legislatures for 6 years.
Side 358 - America, we find the same lamentable spectacle ; the people of the elevated table lands of Mexico and Peru, are the only exception to this picture, and this exception goes far to establish the influence of the vegetative and humid nature of the lower plains of America.
Side 152 - Hampshire, on the cast by the Atlantic Ocean, on the south by the Atlantic Ocean, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, and on the west by New York.
Side 123 - They visit a man in his grave directly after he has been buried, and examine him concerning his faith. If he acknowledge that there is but one God and that Mohammed is his prophet...
Side 546 - Mediterranean, which extend further into the continent here than elsewhere. The portion of the Desert lying east of the route above described is called the Libyan Desert. It] is chiefly in this region that the oases are susceptible of cultivation ; the tracts of vegetation in the western portion are fit for little else than pasture, mainly for goats and sheep. The principal production of the more fertile oases is dates; but other fruits and grain are also cultivated.

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