Rome, Pollution and Propriety: Dirt, Disease and Hygiene in the Eternal City from Antiquity to Modernity

Mark Bradley, Kenneth Stow
Cambridge University Press, 26. jul. 2012 - 320 sider
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Rome, Pollution and Propriety brings together scholars from a range of disciplines in order to examine the historical continuity of dirt, disease and hygiene in one environment, and to explore the development and transformation of these ideas alongside major chapters in the city's history, such as early Roman urban development, Roman pagan religion, the medieval Church, the Renaissance, the Unification of Italy, and the advent of Fascism. This volume sets out to identify the defining characteristics, functions and discourses of pollution in Rome in such realms as disease and medicine, death and burial, sexuality and virginity, prostitution, purity and absolution, personal hygiene and morality, criminality, bodies and cleansing, waste disposal, decay, ruins and urban renovation, as well as studying the means by which that pollution was policed and controlled.

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Approaches to pollution and propriety 11
Pollution religion and society in the Roman World 43
Purification in ancient Rome 59
tradition and religion in
Crime and punishment on the Capitoline Hill 103
On the burial of unchaste Vestal Virgins 122
Era Girolamo Savonarola and the aesthetics of pollution
Was the ghetto cleaner ? 169
cleansing CounterReformation Rome 182
The clash of picturesque decay and modern cleanliness
Victorian Protestants in the Roman
deviant youngsters in
its life and afterlife 258
Bibliography 265
Index 310

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Mark Bradley is Associate Professor of Ancient History at the University of Nottingham. His main research and teaching interests are in the visual and intellectual culture of imperial Rome, and his recent work has been particularly concerned with exploring cultural differences in perception, aesthetics and sensibilities. His first book, Colour and Meaning in Ancient Rome (Cambridge, 2009), was longlisted for the 2011 Warwick Prize for Writing, and he is the author of several articles in the field of Roman visual culture. He is Editor of The Papers of the British School at Rome and is currently working on a book on foul bodies in Ancient Rome.

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