Chess Player's Chronicle, Volum 2

R. Hastings, 1878

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Side 159 - MEDLEY). 1 P. to K. 4 2 P. takes P. 3 P. to K. Kt. 4 4 P. to K. Kt. 5 5 Kt.
Side 31 - Kt, was tempting, but would have been thoroughly unsound, eg, 1. P to К 4 2. Kt to К В 3 3. P to Q 4 4.
Side 144 - Game :—to which is added, a Selection of Critical and Remarkable Situations won or drawn by Scientific Moves.
Side 144 - THE GAME OF THE CHESSE," the First Book printed in England by WILLIAM CAXTON, reproduced in facsimile from a copy in the British Museum, with a few Remarks on Caxton's Typographical Productions, by VINCENT FIGGINS.
Side 178 - Bird). 1 P to К 4 2 Kt to К В 3 3 Kt to Q В 3...
Side 154 - X. 1. P to К 4 2. Kt to К В 3 3. В to Kt 5 4. В to В 4 5.
Side 48 - FIFTY GAMES at CHESS, played by the Author and some of the best Players in England, France, and Germany; to which is added, an Account of the Village of Stroebeck, in Germany, and of the Game practised there. Price 2s. 6d. CABRERA'S TREATISE on CHESS ; to which is added, the Art of playing without seeing the Board.

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