Three Views on the Origins of the Synoptic Gospels

Robert L. Thomas
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While secular critics and liberal religious scholars have discounted the historicity and integrity of the first three Gospels, evangelicals maintain that the Synoptic Gospels fully support a high view of inspiration and historicity, despite varying views among evangelicals on Gospel origins.

Four evangelical scholars join together in a presentation/response format to examine the three dominant views on Gospel origins. Grant Osborne and Matthew Williams present the Two-Source or Markian Priority View; John H. Niemela presents the Two Gospel or Matthewan Priority View; and F. David Farnell presents the Independence View. Robert Thomas provides a helpful introduction to the issues and a final summary of the discussion.

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Brukerevaluering  - Mark -

While the vast majority of conservative scholars have embraced the "Two-Source Hypothesis," and a smaller number, the "Two-Gospel Hypothesis," I think it is good to keep the "Independence View" in ... Les hele vurderingen

Brukerevaluering  - Anthony Scott -

I thought this was an excellent and much needed conservative treatement of the proposed Synoptic Problem. Robert Thomas should be applauded. I hope his work encourages other like-minded scholars to do the same. Les hele vurderingen

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