[This Volume contains “ Paul's Letters to his KINSFOLK," written mostly during Sir Walter Scott's tour on the Continent in the summer of 1815,—and being indeed, to a considerable extent, the substance of his private letters to his own family ;-together with an “ ABSTRACT OF THE EYRBIGGIA-SAGA,” contributed to the extensive work entitled “ Northern Antiquities,” which was drawn up in 1813.]





Campaign opens-British and Prussian Positions-

Treachery of Fouché-Bonaparte's advance-Occupa-

tion of Charleroi—Crossing of the Sambre-Ney com-

mands the Left Wing-Bonaparte the Centre and the

Right-Advance of the Allied Troops—Cameron's

Gathering — Black Brunswickers-Brussels-Action

at Quatre Bras-French occupy Le Bois de Bossu-

Are repulsed by General Maitland-Post at Quatre

Bras—Charge by French Cavalry-Gallant defence

of the 42d_Loss of the British_Confidence inspired

by their success, ..................... .................


BATTLE OF LIGNY_Bonaparte's Plan for attacking

Blucher_Blucher's Position-Number of Troops on

both sides-Mutual hostility of the Prussians and the

French—The two Armies join Battle— Vicissitudes

of the Contest—Storming of St Amand-Taking of

Ligny-Charge of the Imperial Guards—Charge of

the French Cavalry-Blucher's horse shot—Repulse

of the French Cavalry_Prussians Retreat-Concen-.

tration of the Prussian Army at Wavre-Loss of the

Prussians—British Army retreats—Bonaparte re-

solves to turn his whole Force against the British-

Retreat of the British-Pursuit of the French-Bad

state of the Roads—French Cavalry checked in two

Attacks—British Army retire upon Waterloo_Head-

quarters of the Duke of Wellington—Headquarters of

Bonaparte—Storminess of the Night_Melancholy Re-

flections of the British_Triumphant Confidence of the

French-Remarks on Bonaparte's Plan of Attack, ...


BATTLE OF WATERLOO._Field of Waterloo described

-Disposition of the British Forces_ Valley between

the Armies_Hougoumont-Position of the French

Army-Dawn of the 18th-Preparations of the French

_Communication between the British and Prussians

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Commencement of the Battle-Spot where Bonaparte

was posted - Advance of French Cavalry-Determina-

tion of the British Troops—First Attack of the French

- Their partial success-Defence of Hougoumont-

Renewed Attack upon it-Resistance of the Black

Brunswickers-Formation of the Regiments into

Squares-Attack upon Mount St John— Inefficiency

of Light Cavalry- Temporary superiority of the French

--Charge of the Heavy Brigade-Instance of Military

Indifference-Feats of personal valour-Corporal Shaw

—Sir John Elley-French Cavalry beaten off-Alarm

at Brussels on the arrival of French Prisoners—Con-

test renewed on the Right Wing-Charges of French

Cavalry_Courage of individual Frenchmen-Coolness

of our Soldiers-Retreat of a Belgian Regiment-

Cowardice of the Hanoverian Hussars— The Centre

and Left again assaulted-La Haye Sainte stormed-

Dreadful Carnage at Hougoumont- Burning of the

Chateau-The Position successfully defended—Duke

of Wellington-He encourages the Troops-Losses

among his Staff — Sir W. De Lancey— Sir A. Gordon-

Lieut.-Col. Canning-Incessant Attacks of the French

- Determination of Wellington-Bulow's Division ap-

pears—They are met by Lobau-Caution of Blucher

-Grouchy attacks the Prussian Rear-Defence of the

Bridge of Wavre_The Bridge forced-Grouchy waits

for orders_March of Blucher-Reasons assigned by

the French for their Defeat-Blucher appears near

Sunset_Bonaparte miscalculates on Grouchy's sup-

port-Attack of the Imperial Guards—Position of the

British – Advance of the Imperial Guards — Our

Guards meet them— The French fly- The British form

Line and pursue-Bonaparte-His Admiration of the

British His Flight - The English advance-Final

Rout of the French_Last Gun fired by Captain

Campbell - The Flight and Pursuit_ Wellington and

Blucher meet- La Belle Alliance-Cruelty of the

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