The Game of Golf

Longmans, Green, 1896 - 277 sider

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Side 229 - ... apparently of equal size, it may be put where either piece lies, at the option of the player. If a ball crack or become unplayable, the player may change it, on intimating to his opponent his intention to do so. 39. A penalty stroke shall not be counted the stroke of a player, and shall not affect the rotation of play. 40. Should any dispute arise on any point, the players have the right of determining the party or parties to whom the dispute shall be referred ; but should they not agree, either...
Side 224 - ... (7) If a competitor's ball strike the other player, or his clubs or caddie, it is a 'rub of the green,' and the ball shall be played from where it lies.
Side 228 - The player or his caddie may remove (but not press down) sand, earth, worm casts or snow lying around the hole or on the line of his putt. This shall be done by brushing lightly with the hand only, across the putt and not along it. Dung may be removed to a side by an iron club, but the club must not be laid with more than its own weight upon the ground. The...
Side 231 - Round, and thereafter no member shall play any stroke on a putting green before competing. 4. The scores shall be kept by a special marker, or by the competitors noting each other's scores. The scores marked shall be checked at the finish of each hole. On completion of the course, the score of the player shall be signed by the person keeping the score and handed to the Secretary. 5. If a ball be lost, the player shall return as nearly as possible to the spot where the ball was struck, tee another...
Side 217 - Any movement of the club which is intended to strike the ball is a stroke. 5. The game commences by each side playing a ball from the first teeing ground. In a match with two or more on a side, the partners shall strike off alternately from the tees, and shall strike alternately during the play of the hole. The players who are to strike against each other shall be named at starting, and shall continue in the same order during the match. The player who shall play first on each side shall be named...
Side 233 - No player should play from the tee until the party in front have played their second strokes and are out of range, nor play to the Putting-Green till the party in front have holed out and moved away.
Side 223 - ... 20. When the balls in play lie within six inches of each other — measured from their nearest points — the ball nearer the hole shall be lifted until the other is played, and shall then be replaced as nearly as possible in its original position. Should the ball further from the hole be accidentally moved in so doing, it shall be replaced. Should the lie of the lifted ball be altered by the opponent in playing, it may be placed in a lie near to, and as nearly as possible similar to, that from...
Side 218 - On starting for a new match, the winner of the long match in the previous round is entitled to the ' honour.' Should the first match have been halved, the winner of the last hole gained is entitled to the
Side 156 - ... 11. In playing through the green, all loose impediments, within a club length of a ball which is not lying in or touching a hazard, may be removed, but loose impediments which are more than a club length from the ball shall not be removed, under the penalty of one stroke.
Side 235 - The reckoning of the strokes is kept by the terms ' the odd,' ' two more,' ' three more,' etc., and ' one off three,' ' one off two,' ' the like.' The reckoning of the holes is kept by the terms — so many ' holes up '—or ' all even ' — and — so many

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