Railroad structures and estimates

J. Wiley & Sons, 1909 - 270 sider

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Side 184 - All cast-iron pipes and fittings must be uncoated, sound, cylindrical and smooth, free from cracks, sand holes and other defects, and of uniform thickness, and of the grade known in commerce as "extra heavy.
Side 234 - Engineer for the time being of the Railway Company, in the manner herein specified and limited and according to the Plans and Specifications hereto annexed, and which, for the purposes of identification, have been signed by the Contractor and the Secretary of the Railway Company and form part...
Side 238 - The Contractor and his agents, laborers and all others in his employ or under his control shall use due care that no person or property is injured or any rights infringed in the prosecution of the said work, and if any damage to any person or property occurs in or about the said work, or if any right is infringed by any act or neglect of the Contractor or of his agents, laborers or other employes, the damages or compensation therefor shall be paid by the Contractor, and together with any costs or...
Side 235 - ... the Engineer." (3) The said work shall be commenced immediately after the execution of this agreement, and shall be proceeded with continuously and diligently and under the personal supervision of the Contractor until completed. The work shall be carried on and prosecuted in all its several parts in such manner and at such times and at such points or places as the Engineer shall from time to time direct and to his satisfaction, but always according to the provisions of this agreement, and if...
Side 195 - The mean pressure of the atmosphere is usually estimated at 14.7 pounds per square inch, so that with a perfect vacuum it will sustain a column of mercury 29.9 inches or a column of water 33.9 feet high at sea level.
Side 230 - ... must not be modified, but may be annulled with the approval of the Secretary of War, if for the best interests of the Government; and after again inviting competition from bidders, who are fully informed of the changed requirements, a new award and contract can be entered into. To sanction variations or to relax stringency in any particular of an existing contract is irregular, and is likely to give the contractor an advantage which is unfair to competitors whose proposals were based on the expectation...
Side 240 - ... payor a full, complete, and final release and discharge of and from any and all claims and demands of said minor by reason of the accident described in said petition and the resultant injuries and damages to said minor.
Side 191 - FRICTION OF WATER IN ELBOWS (Pressure in Pounds per Square Inch to be Added for Each Elbow) Loss in Valves.
Side 241 - In order to prevent disputes or misunderstandings between the parties hereto in relation to any of the stipulations and provisions contained in this agreement, or the true intent and meaning thereof, or the manner of performance thereof, or of any part thereof...
Side 235 - Engineer, and will be made good and sufficient by the Contractor at his own expense and to the satisfaction of the Engineer, who shall have the power, and whose duty it shall be, to have any defective work or material taken out and rebuilt or replaced at the expense of the Contractor.

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