The Canadian Canals: Their History and Cost, with an Inquiry Into the Policy Necessary to Advance the Well-being of the Province

Rollo & Adam, 1865 - 191 sider

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Side 171 - The troops were now to be disbanded. Fifty thousand men, accustomed to the profession of arms, were at once thrown on the world ; and experience seemed to warrant the belief that this change would produce much misery and crime — that the discharged veterans would be seen begging in every street, or would be driven by hunger to pillage.
Side 16 - Territory, and the improvements required for the development of the trade of the Great West with the Seaboard, are regarded by this Conference as subjects of the highest importance to the Federated Provinces, and shall be prosecuted at the earliest possible period that the state of the finances will permit.
Side 171 - In a few months there remained not a trace indicating that the most formidable army in the world had just been absorbed into the mass of the community.
Side 147 - The corn crop," as Mr. SB Ruggles remarked recently in Chicago, " is condensed and reduced in bulk by feeding it into an animal form, more portable. The hog eats the corn, and Europe eats the hog. Corn thus becomes incarnate ; for what is a. hog, but fifteen or twenty bushels of corn on four legs ?
Side 168 - America is drained by4 the St. Lawrence, which furnishes for the country bordering upon the Lakes a natural highway to the Sea. Through its deep channel must pass the agricultural productions of the vast Lake region. The commercial spirit of the age forbids that international jealousy should interfere with great natural thoroughfares, and the Governments of Great Britain and the United States will appreciate this spirit and cheerfully yield to its influence. The great avenue to the Atlantic through^the...
Side 168 - What the State of Illinois asks is a direct trade between the northwestern States and Liverpool, on the plea "that the increasing volume of business cannot be maintained without recourse to the natural outlet of the lakes.
Side 174 - Government, we could not quarrel with them for exercising it. Now that difficulty was swept away ; the very men who rejected the Militia Bill were, he believed, ready to do far more than had ever yet been proposed to put Canada in a state of defence. Even those who had been turned out were ready to join with them, seeing the necessity of being prepared. It was not, he believed, the wish of the Canadian people to throw the burden of their defence on this country ; they were prepared to take their...
Side 174 - Montreal on the principle he had mentioned was, he thought, the best mode in which that very desirable object could be carried into effect. Having some personal knowledge of the country, he only wished to make a few practical remarks. [Hear, hear.] He felt it would be an...
Side 70 - ... read, for it was just and honest; and as the stock was not held in the Province, it was untinctured by selfishness, •while at the same time it was necessary and politic. The Bill was reserved for Her Majesty's pleasure. When the legislature met, later in the year, even the pressing business attending the Union Bill did not deter " the friends of the measure "from moving an address, asking her Majesty to give her assent. It was carried on the 25th of January, 1840 by 23 against 11. The bill,...
Side 148 - Regarding the enlargement of the canals between the valley of the Mississippi and the Atlantic as of great national, commercial and military importance, and as tending to promote the development, prosperity and unity of our whole country, we invite a meeting of all those interested in the subject in Chicago, on the first Tuesday in June next.

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