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Tue barony of WentwORTH (on which the viscounty arises) had its origin by writ of summons to parliament, in 1529, in the person of Thomas Wentworth, lineally descended from

WILLIAM Wentworth, of Wentworth-Woodhouse, in com. Ebor, who, by Isabel, his wife, daughter and coheir of William Pollington, Esq. son and heir of ...... Pollington, of Pollington, in com. Ebor, Knight, left issue two sons ;

First, WILLIAM Wentworth, of Wentworth-Woodhouse, direct ancestor to the late Earls of Strafford.

Second, John Wentworth, wbo was seated at Elmsall, in com. Ebor. by gift of his uncle John, and Joan bis wife, daughter of Richard de Teys, of Burgh-Walleys, in Yorkshire, was father of

John Wentworth, of Elmsall, who, by Alice, daugbter and heir of Roger Bisset, of Preston-Bisset, Bucks, had issue another,

John Wentworth, Esq. whose wife was Agnes, sister and coheir of William Dransfield, of West Bretton, in com. Ebor. and their son and beir,

John Wentworth of Elmsall, having married Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Richard Beaumont, of Whitley-ball, Esq. in com. Ebor. left issue three a sons.

First, John, ancestor to those of Elmsall, and to those of Kirby, whose posterity are still remaining.

Second, Sir Roger, whose descendants attained the honour of Earl of Cleveland, and Barons Wentworth, of Nettlested; and,

a Dugdale's Visitation of Yorkshire, anno 1663,

Third, Richard, ancestor to the Wentworths of West Bretton.

The said Sir Roger Wentworth, marrying Margery, daughter and heir of Sir Philip le Despencer, of Nettlested, in com. Suff.” by Elizabeth his wife, relict of William Scrope (who was beheaded at Bristol, A. D. 1399, for his loyalty to King Richard II. and died without issue) Earl of Wiltshire, and daughter and coheir of Sir Robert Tiptoft, of Nettlested aforesaid, and Langar castle, in Nottinghamshire, Knight, he became possessed of several lordships in Suffolk, Esses, and other counties. The said Sir Philip le Despencer was grandson and beir of Philip, a younger son of Hugh le Despencer, son of Hugh, Earl of Winchester, and commonly styled Earl of Gloucester; and Sir Roger Tiptoft, was a younger brother of John Tiptoft, grandfather of John Earl of Worcester, who suffered decapitation in 1470, for his adherence to King Edward IV.

The before-mentioned Margery was a very young widow at the time of her marriage with the said Roger Wentworth; her first husband, a John Lord Roos, being slain at Bauge, with Thomas Plantagenet, Duke of Clarence, on Easter-Eve, (March 22d, 1421) without having any issue by her. She had in dowry the castle of Helmsley, with the lordship thereto belonging; e as also The manors of Haugh and Lynton, in the county of York; the manors of Chilham' and Wulryngton, in Kent; the manor of Braundeston, and the third part of the manor of Stoke-Albany, in Northamptonshire; the manor of Preston-Bisset, in com. Bucks ; the manor of Barkeston, called Pell-house-place, with two parts of the manor of Redmylde, in com. Leic. as also 63). 14s. 4d. annual rent, issuing out of the fee-farm rent of the city of York; and eight bovates of land in Eykering, within the county of Nottingbam. She died 8 on April 20th, 1478, having also survived her second husband, by whom she had issue three daughters; Elizabeth, married to John Caltbrope, Esq.; Margaret, to Sir William Hopton, Knight; and ..... to ..... Coustable, of Flamborough, in Yorkshire, Esq. ; also two sons,

First, Sir Philip Wentworth, of Nettlested, Knight ; and,
Second, Henry Wentworth, of Codham in Essex; Esq. an-

Barones Extincti, MS.

c Sec vol i. p. • Ex Stemmate de Fam. Roos. e Claus. 9 H. V. m. 4. * This with the neighbouring manor of Kingston came from the Tiptofts and Badlesmcres.

I E c. 18 Ecw In 35.

cestor to Sir John Wentworth, of Gosfield, in the same county, Knight, who was created a Baronet on June 22d, 1611, at the first institution of that order ; and dying in 1631, left issue, two daughters, his coheirs; Anne, wedded to William Lord Grey, of Werke; and Catherine, to Tbo nas Wentworth, Earl of Cleveland, after-mentioned, lineally descended from the said Sir Philip Wentworth, of Nettlested, eldest son of Roger, before-mentioned.

Sir Philip Wentworth, eldest son of Sir Roger Wentworth, aforesaid in 35 Henry VI. was h commissioned with others to treat with the Scots about a truce; which was brought to a conclu. sion, and to last from July 6th, 1457, to July 6th, 1459. In 1460, when William Nevil, Lord Fauconberg, and other adherents to Richard Nevil, Earl of Warwick (styled the King maker) had entered the town of Sandwich, and appeared also in some parts of Suffolk, to try the inclinations of the people for the house of York; he was with John Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk, and others of distinction, of the ccunties of Norfolk and Suffolk, commissioned i to summon such of King Henry's liege people in the said counties, as they thought most fit to go against the said rebels to suppress them. This Sir Philip married Mary, daughter to John Lord Clifford, of Westmoreland, by whom be had issue Sir Henry Wentworth, of Nettlested, his son and heir; and a daughter, wife to St. Ro.e, Constable of Flamborough, in Yorkshire, Knight.

Sir Henry Wentworth, in 14 Edw. IV. was in that expedition into France; on which account k he received 811. 18s. for himnself, four men, and twenty-four archers. On Jan. 17th, 1477, he was made one of the Knights of the Bath, with others of distinction, at the marriage of Richard Plantagenet, Duke of York, the King's second son, with Ande, the only child and heir of Joha Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk, and then but five years of age. In 4 Henry VII. he was commissioned to examine what number of archers, armed and arrayed, could be provided at the King's expense, in the county of Suffolk, and to certify the number thereof; the King being about to send an army for the relief of Anne, Duchess of Britanny. Also in 7 Henry VII. he was m commissioned, with Thomas Howard, Earl of Surry, and others, to confer with the King's subjects, in the county of York, about raising a supply for the maintenance of the feet and army he was sending against the French. This Sir Henry Wentworth mar. ried Anne, daughter to Sir John Say, Knight, and by her had issue,

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Sir Richard Wentworth, his heir, and three daughters.

First, Dorothy, married to Sir Robert Broughton, Knight; second, Margery, to Sir John Seymour, of Wolf-ball, in Wiltshire, Knight, father by her of Edward Duke of Somerset, the Lord Protector, Jane, second wife to King Henry VIII. besides other children ; " and, third, Elizabeth, wedded 10 Sir Roger Darcy, of Danbury in Essex, Knight; and, secondly, to Sir Thomas Wyndham, of Felbrigge in Norfolk, Knight.

Which Sir RichARD Wentworth, was made one of the Knights of the Bath, at the coronation of Henry VIII. June 241h, 1509, and was sheriffo of the counties of Norfolk and Suffolk, in the first and eigbth years of that reign. And in 1520, 12 Hen. VIII. he attended on the King, and Queen Catherine, to Canterbury, to visit the Emperor Charles V. and from thence to the interview with Francis I. the French King, near Ardres. He married Anne, daughter of Sir James Tirrell, of Gipping, in Suffolk, Knight, by whom he had issae,

Thomas Wentworth, his son and heir, and three daughters.

First, Dorothy, married to Sir Lionel Talmash, of Helaingham and Bentley in Suffolk, Knight, ancestor to the Earl of Dysart; second, Margery, to Christopher Glemham, of Gleinham; and, third, Thomasin, to Richard Pinder, of Ipswich, both in the county of Suffolk, Esqrs.

The said Thomas Wentworth, First Lord WentwoRTH, of Nelllested, being in that expedition, made into France, in 1523, and baving valiantly behaved himself at the taking of Bray and Montididier, received the honour of knighthood, with several other persons of distinction, in the chief church of Roy, on Allhallows-day. After that, in consideration of his great merits, he was summoned to parliament ly writ, among the peers of the realm, on December 20, 1529, and in the year following, was among those lords who subscribed that declaration, sent' to Pope Clement VII, representing, that, if he did not confirm the divorce

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of King Henry VIII. from his Queen, the aforesaid Catherine, he would endanger his supremacy in England. In 1532, he attended on the King to his interview with the French King at Boulogne, on October 20th, and in 37 Hen. VIII. was $ commissioned to array all men able to bear arms in the county of Suffolk.

In the reign of King Edward VI. he was Jord chamberlain of the household, and one of the privy-council, and accompanied William Parr, Marquis of Nortbampton, in 1549, to suppress the Norfolk rebels, headed by Kett, the Tanner. The following year he obtained a grant from the King, of the manors u of Stepney and Hackney; which was confirmed in 1 Eliz, to bis son, Thomas Lord Wentworth, by act of parliament, and dying iu his place of lord chamberlain, on March 3d, 1550-1, was * buried on the seventh of the saine month in Westminster Abbey.

He married Margaret, daughter of Sir Adrian Fortescue, Knight of the Bath, by Anne his wife, heir to Sir William Stonor, of Stonor in Oxfordshire, Knight, and had issue eight sons and nine daughters ; Anne, married to Sir John Pooley, of Badley in Suffolk, Knt.; Cicely, to Sir Robert Wingfield, Knt.; Mary, to William Cavendish, Esq.; Margery, first married to John, Lord Williams, secondly, to Sir William Darcy, and thirdly, to Sir John Crofts, Knight; Joan, married to Henry, Lord Cheney, Dorothy, to Paul Withypool, Esq.; Elizabeth, married to John Cocke, Esq. ; Y Catharine and Margery.

The sons were,
First, Thomas, his successor.

Second, Sir Henry, who married his first cousin, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Christopher Glemham, Knight.

Third, Richard, wedded to Margaret Roydon.
Fourth, Philip, married to the daughter of Sir Richard Corbet.
Fifth, John.
Sixth, Edward.
Seventh, James; and,

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* Ibid. p. 283. , This Elizabeth was the wife of John Cocke, father of Richard Cocke, of Prittlewell in Essex, Esq.; and Mary Cocke, his eldest daughter and coheir, became the wife of Richard Davies the elder, of Middleton, com. Salop, Esq. of the body extraordinary to his Majesty. This Mary Davies died without issuc; was born, September 20, 1623, and lies buried in Prittlewell church, where is a handsome monument, 1788.

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