serjeant at law, but died without issue, 1645, and was buried at Cheping Barnet.

Second, Verney Noel, Esq. of whom afterwards, as progenitor to the Viscount Wentworth.

Third, Edward Noel, rector of Sibsdon, in Leicestershire, who, by Elizabeth, his spouse, daughter of the Rev. Mr. John Prestgrave, rector of Broughton-Astley, also in Leicestershire, left issae.

Fourth, Henry Noel, of Pickering-Grange, in the said county, Esq. barrister at law, who died without issue 1694; and,

Fifth, Andrew Noel, of Congeston in the said county, Esq. who, by ., his wife, daughter of Sir ..... Rous, of Rous Lench in the county of Worcester, Bart. left a daughter and beir.

The daughters were, first, Anne, espoused to Thomas Grey, of Langley in Leicestershire, Esq.; second, Frances, married to Henry Kendal, of Smithsby, in the said county, Esq. ; third, Eleanor, wedded to John Stafford, of Hancoate, also in Leicestersbire, Esq.; fourth, Catherine, the wife of Richard Corbet, of Shropshire, Esq.; and, fifth, Elizabeth.

Verney Noel, Esq. the second, but eldest surviving son of William Noel, Esq. and Frances Fullwood, was advanced to the dignity of a Baronet, on July 6th, 1660, and having married Elizabeth, second daughter of Sir Woolsian Dixie, of Bosworth in the county of Leicester, Knight, left by her, at his death, A. D. 1669, an only son and heir,

Sir William Noel, of Kirby-Mallory, Bart, who wedded, first, Margaret, daughter of John Lord Lovelace, of Hurley, in Berkshire, by Lady Anne, bis wife, before-mentioned; and, secondly, Frances, youngest daughter of Humble, Lord Ward, by Frances, Baroness Dudley, his wife.

By the first, he was father of two sons,
First, Sir Thomas Noel, Bart.; and,
Second, John, who succeeded to that dignity.

His issue, by the second, was a son, William, who died young and two daughters : Elizabeth, who died young, and Frances, married, first, to Sir Charles Scrimshire, of Norbury-manor in Staffordshire, Knight; and, secondly, to Sir John Chester, of Chichley, in Buckinghamshire, Bart.

Sir Thomas Noel, Bart. the eldest son and heir, wedded Anne, daughter of William Whitlock, of Phillis-Court, near Henley upon Thames, in Oxfordshire, Esq. but dying in 1688, without issue by her, was buried at Hurley, in Bucks, being succeeded in honour and estate by his brother,

Sir John Noel, Bart. who, by Mary, his wife, daughter and coheir of the loyal Sir John Clobery, of Winchester in Hampshire, and Bredstope in Devonshire, Knight, had two sons,

First, Sir Clobery Noel, Bart, bis heir; and,
Second, William Noel, Esq. ; and a daughter,

Anne, married to Francis Mundy, of Markeaton in the county of Leicester, Esq.y

William Noel, Esq. the said second son, having been bred to the law, was one of the late King's council ; and, in 1722, 1727, 1734, and in 1741, was elected one of the members for Stamford in Lincolnshire, of which corporation he was also recorder. In 1747, he was returned to parliament for Westlow (or Portpignam) in Cornwall, and likewise in 1754. In 1750 he was appointed chief justice of Chester, and continued in that office till March, 1757, when he was constituted one of the judges of the court of Common Pleas. He departed this life on December 8th, 1762 ; and having wedded Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Thomas Trollope, of Casewick in Lincolnshire, Bart, by Susannah, his wife, one of the daughters and coheirs of Sir Johu Clobery, aforesaid, was father of four daughters, viz. first, Mary, who married Thomas Hill, of Tern in Shropshire, and member of parliament for Shrewsbury, and died on February 14th, 1760, father by her of Noel Hill, created Lord Berwick, 1784; se Anne, who died unmarried; third, Frances, married to Bennet Sherrard, Earl of Harborough, and died December 13th, 1760; and, fourth, Elizaeth.

SIR CLOBERY Noel, Bart. eldest son and beir, was returned one of the knights of the shire for the county of Leicester, 1727; died on July 30th, 1733, and was buried at Kirby Mallory; having wedded Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Rowney, of Oxford, Esq. and one of the members for that city in several parliaments, had by her six sons.

First, Edward, late Viscount Wentworth.

Second, the Rev. Clobery Noel, who died in March, 1763, without issue, and was buried at Kirby Mallory.

Third, Thomas Noel, Esq. who was captain of one of his Majesty's ships of war, and having bet n with admiral John Byng, in the action off Minorca, on May 20th, 1756, received there a

y Grandfather of Francis Noel Clarke Mundy, Esq. now of Markeaton, author of the descriptive poem of Needwood Forest, &c.

wound, of which he afterwards died at Gibraltar, and was buried there.

Fourth, the Rev. John Noel, dean of Salisbury.
Fifth, the Rev. Rowney Noel; and,

Sixth, William James Noel, who died young; and a daughter, Mary

EDWARD, FIRST VISCOUNT WENTWORTH, the eldest son and heir, succeeded to the BARONY OF WENTWORTH, of Nettlested, on July 18th, 1745, at the death of Martha Baroness Wentworth, aforesaid : and his present Majesty was pleased, in consideration of his Lordship's great merits, to advance him to the dignity of a Viscount of Great Britain, by the style and title of VISCOUNT Wentworth, of Wellesborough in the county of Leicester, by letters-patent, dated May 4th, 1762.

His Lordship died at his seat in Leicestershire, October 31st, 1774, and was buried with his ancestors at KirkbyMallory,

His Lordship married Judith, daughter and heir to William Lamb, of Farndish in the county of Bedford, and Wellesborough in Northamptonsiiire, Esq.; and by hier Ladyslijp (who died in January, and was buried at Kirkby, 1762) had three daughters.

First, Judith, married, January 9th, 1797, to Admiral Sir Ralph Milbanke, Bart.

Second, Elizabeth, married June 10th, 1777, to James Bland Burgess, of Lincoln's-Inn, Esq. now a Baronet : she died January 24th), 1779, æt. twenty-three, and was buried at Hurley.

Third, Sophia, married August 1816, 1777, to the Honourable Nathaniel Curzon, Esq. now Lord Scarsdale: she died June 28th, 1782.

Also one son,

Thomas, the PRESENT Viscount, born November isih, 1745. His Lordship is LL. D. and married, February 4th, 1788, Mary, widow of the late Earl Ligonier, and sister and coheir of the second and last Earl of Northington. His Lordship has been many years a Lord of the King's bed-chamber.

Titles. Thomas Noel, Viscount Wentworih, of Welleslorough in the county of Leicester; Lord Wentworth, of Nettlested in Suffolk, and Baronet.

Creations. Viscount Wentworth, on May 4th, 1762, 2 George III.; Lord and Baron Wentworth, on Decenber 2d, 1529, 21 Henry VIII.; and Baronet, on July 6th, 1660, 12 Car. II.

Arms. Quarterly, first and fourth, Or, fretty Gules, with a canton, ermine, for Noel ; second, Sable, a chevron, between three leopards faces, Or, for Wentworth : third, Gules, on a chief, indented, Sable; three martlets, Argent, for Lovelace.

Crest. On a wreath, a buck, at gaze, Argent, attired, Or.
Supporters. Two gryphons, Argent, collared, Or.
Motto. PENSES A Bien.

Chief Seats. At Wellesborough and Kirkby-Mallory, both near Bosworth in Leicestershire.

[graphic][subsumed][merged small]

The renowned and illustrious house of Courtenay is descended from Athon, a who was sou to ...... Castellan, or governor of Chasteau-Reynard, and was of the same lineage with the Dukes of Boulogne, one of whose ancestors was Ricuinus, or Riscuinus, Count of Ardenne, and a Duke on the Moselle, and the fourteenth in paternal descent from Pharamond, founder of the French monarchy, A. D. 420, and common patriarch of all the Kings of France. Of the said family of Boulogne were the celebrated Godfrey, Baldwin I. &c. Kings of Jerusalem, after-mentioned; and they, as well as their forefathers, had the same armorial bearings as those used now by the Courtenays, viz. three Torteaur, Gules, in a field, Or. The Dukes of Bouillon, in France, bave constantly borne these arms on an escutcheon in their shield, since they matched with an heir general of the old Counts and Dukes of Boulogne.

a The monks of Ford, with Sir William Dugdale, and other genealogists, implicitly copying from them, allege, that one Florus, whom they call a younger son of Lewis VI. (surnamed the Gross) King of France, married the daughter and heir of Lord Courtenay, a French nobleman of great posses. sions, and having by her two sons, Robert and Reginald, who, as they say, took their mother's surname, was ancestor of the Courtenays in England, France, &c. But the said Lewis VI. had no son named Florus; and, in the account given here, we have followed the Rev. Ezra Cleaveland, B. D. rector of Honiton, in Devonshire, who, in 1735, published “ A genealogical history of the noble and illustrious family of Courtenay,” and dedicated it to Sir William Courtenay, the first Viscount's father, and to that elaborate performance we refer for authority of what is here advanced, either as to pedigree, or other matters. But see bereafter Gibbon's observation on that work.

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