we return to Sir George Devereux, of Sheldon-Hall in Warwickshire, fourth son of Sir Edward Devereux, of Castle-Bromwich, aforesaid.

The said Sir George Devereux, by Blanch his wife, daughter and heir of Sir John Ridge, of Ridge in Shropshire, Knight, had issue,

First, George.
Second, Walter.
Third, Arden.
Fourth, Edward.
Fifth, William.
Sixth, Samuel; and
Seventh, Robert.

GEORGE, the eldest son, married Bridget, daughter and heir of Arthur Price, of Vaynor in Montgomeryshire, Esq. and had issue,

First, Price.
Second, Vaughan, grandfather of Edward, eleventh Viscount.
Third, Arthur, who died without issue 1709.
Fourth, Edward.
Fifth, Walter.
Sixth, George, who left a son, William; and
Seventh, Essex, who had a son, Price.

Price, the eldest son, died in 1666, before his father, having married Mary, daughter of ...... Stephens, of Bristol, Esq. and was by her father of

Price, the ninth Viscount Hereford, who took his place in the house of peers, on February 19th, 1701. His Lordship married Mary, second daughter of Samuel Sandys, of Ombersleycourt, in com. Wigorn, Esq. ancestor to the late Lord Sandys, and by her (who died on January 14th, 1728-9,) left issue one son, Price Devereux, born on June 9th, 1094; and

One daughter, Mary, married to William Price, of Vaend in the county of Flint, Esq.

His Lordship died in October, 1740, at his seat at Vaynor in Montgomeryshire, in the seventy-seventh year of his age; and to him succeeded his only son,

Price Devereux, TENTH VISCOUNT HEREFORD; who married, on January 30, 1720-21, Elizabeth, sole daughter and heir of Leicester Martin, Esq. before-mentioned; which Lady having no issue,

His Lordship, in July 1740, married, secondly, Eleanora, daughter of ...... Price, Esq. of Plimlas in Merionethshire ; and dying July 27th, 1748, without issue by her, who survived him till June 13th, 1763, the honour descended to the issue male of Vaughan Devereux, Esq. second son of George Devereux, Esq. by his wife Bridget Price, as already taken notice of.

The said VAUGHAN Devereux, Esq. was seated at Nantaribba, in com. Montgomery; and had sepulture at Berrew, in the year 1700. By Mary, his wife, a daughter of ....... Fox, Esq. he


left a son,

ARTHUR DEVERBUX, of Nantaribba, Esq. who married two wives, first a daughter of Evan Glynn, of Glynn, Esq. and by her had two sons ; Arthur, buried at Forden, on January 25th, 1737, without issue; and Vaughan, who died an infant in 1712.

The said Arthur Devereux, Esq. by his second wife Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Glynn, Esq. had issue Edward, eleventh Viscount Hereford, which

EDWARD, the eleventh Viscount Hereford, took his seat in the house of peers on April 3d, 1750. His Lordship married Catharine, daughter of Richard Mytton, of Garth in the county of Montgomery, Esq. and by that Lady, who died on February 22d, 1748, had issue,

First, Bridget, born on May 9th, 1739, married to Price Jones, of Glanhafren, Montgomeryshire, Esq. December 1760. She died May 21st, 1781.

Second, Arthur Devereux, who was born on March 25th, 1740, died on September 17th, 1743, and was buried at Forden in Montgomeryshire.

Third, Edward, twelfth Viscount Hereford.

Fourth, Arthur Devereux, who was born on February Joth, 1741-2, and died on September 17th, 1743.

Fifth, Catharine, born on February 7th, 1742-3.

Sixth, George Devereux, thirteenth Viscount, born on April 25th, 1744.

The said Edward, Viscount Hereford, departed this life on August 21st, 1760, and was buried at Forden, being succeeded by his eldest surviving son,

EDWARD, TWELFTH VISCOUNT HEREFORD, who was born on February 19th, 1740-1, and at bis accession to the peerage was an officer in the first regiment of foot-guards. His Lordship married, on June 2d, 1774, the Honourable Miss Henrietta Charlotta Tracy, (one of the maids of honour to her Majesty,) daughter of the late Anthony Keck, Esq. but took the name and arms of

Tracy, pursuant to the will of hier uncle Tracy, late one of the Barons of the Exchequer : his Lordship died without issue, August 1st, 1783, and was succeeded by his brother,

GEORGE, THIRTEENTH Viscount HEREFORD, born April 25th, 1744, married, December 15th, 1768, his cousin, Mariana, only daughter and heiress of George Devereux, Esq. of Tregoyd, in Breconshire, by whom he had issue thirteen children, six of whom have survived him.

First, Henry, the fourteenth Viscount.

Second, Marianna, married Sir James Cockburn, of Langton, Baronet of Nova Scotia.

Third, Charlotte-Henrietta-Maria.
Fourth, Juliana-Stratford-Maria.

Fifth, Catharine-Eliza-Marianna, married, March 25th, 1806, Walter Wilkins, junior, of Maeslough, Radnorshire, Esq.

Sixth, Georgianna-Marianna, married, June 14th, 1809, Thynne Howe Gwynne, Esq. at Glasbury, Breconshire.

The Viscount deceasing December 31st, 1804, was succeeded by his only son,

HENRY, the FOURTEENTH Viscount HEREFORD, married December 15th, 1805, Miss Cornwall, daughter of Sir George Cornwall, of Moccas in Herefordshire, Bart. by whom he has a son, born November 19th, 1807.

Titles. Henry Devereux, Viscount Hereford, and Baronet, premier Viscount of England.

Creations. Baronet, November 25th, 1612, 10 Jac. I. Viscount of the county of Hereford, by letters patent, February 2d, 1549-50, 4 Edward VI.

Arms. Argent, a fess, Gules, in chief three Torteaux.

Crest. In a ducal coronet, Or, a talbot's head, Argent, eared, Gules.

Supporters. On the dexter side, a talbot, Argent, eared, Gules, gorged with a ducal coronet of the second. On the sinister, a rein-deer of the last, attired, groged with a ducal coronet, and chained, Or.

Chief Seat. At Nantaribba in the county of Montgomery.

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The name of this family in old deeds and records has been wrote Belasise, Bellasyes, Bellas, &c. from the town of Belasyse in the bishopric of Durham, of which the ancestors of the present Viscount Fauconberg were owners, soon after the conquest.

Belasius, a Norman Knight, came into England with William the Conqueror, A. D. 1066, and was general a of those forces sent in 1071, to suppress Egelwinus, bishop of Durham, Earl Morcar, and others, who betook themselves to the isle of Ely, which they held against the Conqueror, until the said Belasius reduced them to obedience: and the place which he chose to encamp in with his army, being on the south end of Alderheath, is to this day called Belsars-hills, corruptly from his name.

His son, ROULAND,” married Elgiva the daughter and heir of Ralph de Belasyse, of Belasyse in the bishopric of Durham, and therefore wrote himself Rouland Belasyse de Belasyse, and was also possessed of Beuly in the said county, and died in the reign of King Henry I. leaving Ralph his son and heir.

To whom succeeded WILLIAM de Belasis (as it was then wrote) who d confirmed to William, son of Robert, and his heirs, the town of Belasis, with the appurtenances and liberties, by his charter without date: whereunto Richard Vavasor, Marg. Vavasor, and otbers, are witnesses. It seems to be very ancient, and the seal appendant is a man on horseback in complete armour, brandishing a sword. It may be presumed that Robert was son, and William grapdson, to the said William de Belasis; for the oldest deeds are very short, and do not often describe the parties thereto.

· Ex Steminate penes præhon. Tho. Com. conberg • Segar's Baronage, MS.

c Ibid. Ex Eviden. huj. Famil. in Stemmate præd.

Cotemporary with these was Hervisius de Belasise, e who, by his charter without date (as was the custoin in ancient times) granted to the canons of St. Mary of Giseburgh in Yorkshire, in free alms, his lands in Alverton.

The next I meet with is ROULAND DE Bellasise, f who married Mary, daughter and heir to Sir Henry Spring, of Houghton le Spring, or Houghton on the Spring, in the bishopric of Durham, Knight, by his wife the daughter and heir of Robert Bernard. The said Rouland, by his marriage with the aforesaid Mary, became possessed of the manor and lands of the said Houghton le Spring, 8 as also of Beter, Burdon, and other places, as appears by his charter in 24 Hen. III, to which is a seal appendant, of a cheveron between three flowers-de-lis (the same arms the family now bear) impaling an escutcheon between sir martlets, the arms of Spring.

This Rouland de Bellasise was knighted h at the battle of Lewes in Sussex, on May 14th, 1264, when the King was taken prisoner by Simon Montford, Earl of Leicester, and other barons. A figure of a knight in armour i in a praying posture, with his sword by his side, reposing his head on a cushion, and at his feet a lion, is yet remaining in the church of Houghton, said to be for this Sir Rouland de Belasise, who was k succeeded by Roger his son and heir.

Which Roger DE BELASISE had to wife! Joan, daughter of Sir Robert Harbottle, Knight, by whom he had issue two sons, Sir Robert and John; also a daughter, Elizabeth, married to Thomas Madison, of Unthankhall in Wardale. The younger son married Mary, daughter of Roger Bertram, and the elder,

Sir ROBERT BELASISE, Knt, by m Anne his wife, daughter of Sir William Gouldbourne, had issue n Sir John Belasise, and four daughters, o viz. Mary, married to John de Lambton ; Anne, to

• Ex Eviden. huj. Famil. in Stemmate præd. f Ex Stemmate præd. and Lilly's Pedig. of Nobility, MS. p. 144.

& Chart, 24 Hen. III. h Ex Stemmate.
i Ibid.

k Lilly præd.
' Ibid.
m Ibid.

* Ibid,
o Ex lib. visit Ebor.

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