garet his wife, grand-daughter of King Edward I. the twenty-first from Reginald de Courtenay, who came into England with King Henry II. and the twenty-fourth from Athon, who fortified the town of Courtenay, and gave that name to his family.

His Lordship married Frances, daughter of Mr. Thomas Clack, of Wallingford, in Berkshire. She died March 25th, 1782, at their town house in Grosvenor-square, having had thirteen children, and was buried at Powderham church the 5th of April following.

By her his Lordship had issue,

First, Frances, born in January, 1763 ; married, in December 1778, Sir John Honywood, Bart. of Evington, in Kent, who died 1806, by whom she had issue the present Baronet, and six daughters.

Second, Charlotte, born July 14th, 1764; married, June 23d, 1789, Thomas Gifford, Esq. of Chillington, in Staffordshire, and has issue.

Third, Isabella, born in June 1765, who was burnt by her clothes having caught fire, March 4th, 1783.

Fourth, Elizabeth, born September 2d, 1766; married, Jude 7th, 1788, Lord Charles-Henry Somerset, second son of Henry, fifth Duke of Beaufort, K. G. and has issue.

Fifth, William.

Sixth, Lucy, born June 13th, 1770; married, August 2d, 1799, the Hon. John Vaughan, second son of Wilmot, fourth Viscount and first Earl of Lisburne.

Seventh, Harriet, born September 1771; married, May 12th, 1797, Lord George Thynne, son of Thomas, first Marquis of Bath, K. G

Eighth, Eleanor, born Nov. 23, 1772, and died in July 1789.

Ninth, Anne, born July 2d, 1774; married, September 30, 1790, Viscount Valentia, eldest son of Arthur Annesley, Earl of Mountnorris.

Tentb, Caroline, born March 26th, 1775.
Eleventh, Amelia, died March 18th, 1789.
Twelfth, Matilda, born July 7th, 1778.

Thirteenth, Sophia, born January 25th, 1780; married, in December, 1804, captain Foy, of the royal artillery.

Fourteenth, Louisa-Augusta, boru December 25th, 1781; married, October 17th, 1805, Lord Robert-Henry Somerset, another son of Henry, fifth Duke of Beaufort.

His Lordship died December 14th, 1788, and was succeeded by his only son

William, present and THIRD VISCOUNT COURTENAY.
His Lordship was born July 30th 1768.

Titles. William Courtenay, Viscount Courtenay, of Powderham castle.

Creations. Viscount Courtenay, of Powderham castle, in com. Devon by letters patent, May 6th, 1762, 2 Geo. III.

drms. Quarterly, first and fourth, Or, three Torteauxes ; second and third, Or, a lion rampant, Azure.

Crest. On a wreath, a dolphin naiant, Argent.

Supporters. Two boars, Argent, bristled, tusked, and hoofed, Or.

Chief Seat. At Powderhamn castle, in the county of Devon.

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This family were advanced to the Peerage, in consequence of their marriage with the heiress of the Lords Dudley, in the reign of Charles I.

The family of WARD is of great antiquity; and appears, from Sir William Dugdale, and other antiquarians, to have been seated, for several centuries, in the county of Norfolk. But the first person from whom we can with certainty, lineally deduce the present Viscount, was,

SIMON WARDE, who, on June 20th, 1391, had the King's licence, with Sir Thomas Colvylle, and Sir John Etton, Knights, William Louther, William Salveyn, and Henry Van Croypole, to perform feats of arms with certain persons of Scotland : and John Lord Ross was appointed by the King to fix a camp, and to be judge of their performances. This Simon is said to marry Margaret, of a branch of the noble family of Mortimer, and to have issue

John WARD, Esq. possessed of the manor of Kirkby-Bedon, in Norfolk, in the year 1363, who by his wife, a daughter of John de Bosco, or Boys, had issue

John, his son and heir, who was also possessed of the said manor, and married Catharine, daughter of ....... Appleyard, of Dunston, in Norfolk, Esq. and was succeeded by his son and heir,

ROBERT WARD, of Kirkby-Bedon, Esq. who had to wife

a Ex Stemmate penes Dom. Ed. Ward, Bart.

• Ibid. « Visitat. of Norfolk, not. 123, p 159, in offic. Armor.

Alice, daughter of Robert Kemp, of Gissing, in Norfolk, Esq. ; and had issue

Robert, who married ....., daughter of ..... Coppledick, Esq. and was father of

Robert WARD, Esq. who married ... daughter of Sir Giles Capel, Knight, ancestor to the present Earl of Essex, and by her had issue

Henry WARD, Esq. e who for the most part resided at Poswyke, in Norfolk, and by Margaret his wife, daughter of William Ugge, of Pokethorpe, Esq. had issue five sons; first, Edward; second, Henry; third, Miles ; fourth, Tobias; and, fifth, Thomas.

EDWARD, the eldest son, succeeded to the estate, and was also of Bexley (or Bixley) in Norfolk, where for the most part he resided : and having married Anne, daughter of John Havers, of Windfarthing, in Norfolk, Esq. had issue eight children; of whom

THOMAS, the eldest son, was of Bexley, and having married Eleanor, daughter of Thomas Godsalve, of Buckenham, in Norfolk, Esq. was father, by ber, of Thomas Ward, Esq. whose son and heir, Edward Ward, of Bexley, was created a Baronet, on December 19th, 1660, but his issue is now extinct.

WILLIAM WARD, the sixth son of the said Edward Ward, of Bexley, Esq. was a wealthy goldsmith in London, and jeweller to the Queen of King Charles I. Having a very ample fortune, he resided at Heal, in Staffordshire ; and in his lifetime EDWARD SUTTON, Lord Dudley, bestowed Frances, his granddaughter and heir, on HUMBLE Ward, Esq. his son and beir.

She was the sole daughter and heir of Sir Ferdinando Sutton, Knight of the Bath, who died in the lifetime of his father, the said Edward, Lord Dudley; who departing this life on June 23d, 1643, the said Frances succeeded to the ancient BARONY OF Dudley. Edward, Lord Dudley, before-mentioned, was a BARON by descent from JOHN DE Sutton, who in the reign of King Edward II. married Margaret, eldest daughter of Roger de Someri, BARON OF Dudley, and sister and coheir of John de Someri, BARON OF Dudley, who died on the Feast of St. Thomas the Martyr, in 15 Edw. II. leaviug her, the said Margaret, who was then thirty-two years of age, and bis other sister Joan, the wife of Thomas Botetourt, twenty-nine years of age, bis next heirs.

# Vis. de Com. Norf. præd.

• Ibid.



At partition of his inheritance, Margaret had for her share an assignation of the castle of Dudley in Staffordshire ; as also of the town of Dudley, in Worcestershire; the manor of Seggefley, (or Segley) chace of Pensbet, and manor of Swynford-Regis, in Staffordshire, with divers other manors; all which descended to John, her son and beir, who, in 16 Edw. III. was summoned to parliament as Buron Dudley, and died in 33 Edw. III. seized of the castle of Dudley, and of the town of Dudley, in com. Wigorn, as parcel and member of the castle of Dudley, held by barony, as the inquisition sets forth.

The said Roger, and John de Someri, were lineally descended from John, Baron de Someri, of the county of Cambridge, who took to wife Hawyse, sister and heir of Gervase Paganel, Baron of Dudley, in com. Staff. son of Ralph, son of Fulk Paganel, Baron of Dudley, who was possessed of Dudley, probably by marrying the daughter of William Fitz-Ausculph, to whom the Conqueror gave the barony of Dudley; ' or, according to others, by one of his ancestors, Gervase Paganel, marrying Phillis, daughter and sole heir of Athelstan, who built the castle of Dudley, and was a descendant from Dudd, Earl of Coventry, who wedded Effri, daughter to Edmund Ironside, who died King of England, A. D. 1017.

The aforesaid Frances, BARONESS OF Dudley, being with her husband, Humble Ward, Esq. in Oxford, when her grandfather, Edward Lord Dudley, died, he was thereupon, the next day, June 24th, 1643, knighted by Charles I. and, on March 23d, next ensuing, advanced to the dignity of a Baron of England, by the title of Lord WARD, of Birmingham, in com. Warwick.

This Humble, Lord Ward, died on October 4th, 1670, and was buried at Himpley, in com. Staff. his Lady surviving, who lived to be very aged, and departed this life in the year 1701.

They had issue, besides four daughters, three sons;
First, Edward, who succeeded to the honour and estate,
Second, John, who died an infant.

Third, William Ward, of Willingsworth, in the parish of Sedgley, in com. Staff. Esq. of whom more fully, as continuator of the male line.

The four daughters were, Anne, who died unmarried; Theodosia, wedded first to Sir Thomas Brereton, of Handford, in the

See a more full account of this castle, and its owners, in Spaw's Staf. fordshire ; and of the Suttons and Dudleys in DUGDALE's Baronage, &c.

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