Creations. Baronet, February 1st, 1681, Baron of MucbEaston, and Viscount Maynard, October 18th, (1766) 6 Geo. III.

Arms. Argent, a chevron, Azure, between three sinister hands erect, couped at the wrist, Gules.

Crest. On a wreath, a stag, trippant, Or.

Supporters. On the dexter side, a stag, proper ; on the sinister, a talbot, Argent, pyed Sable, and gorged with a plain collar, Gules.


Chief Seats. At Easton-Lodge and Walthamstow, both in the county of Essex, and Hoxne-hall, near Eye, in the county of Suffolk.

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The noble house of Trevor is one of the principal families in Wales, deduced by the Welsh heralds from Rourd Wiedick, father to Eignian Yothe; which Eignian held the lands of Gaercinion in Powysland, and was grandfather to Kariodock Urech fras, Earl of Hereford and Marchiogien, in the time of Prince Arthur, who began his reign anno 516.

But the first that bore this name a was TUDOR TREVOR, Earl of Hereford, son of Rheingar, grandson of Kariodock aforesaid. He married Ankaret, daughter of Howel Dha ap Kadell, Prince of North Wales.

And from him lineally descended, in succeeding ages, another Tudor, whose great-grandson,

JERWORTH Hen. ap Owen ap Blethyn ap Tudor, had in mar. riage Ankaret, daughter and heir to Griffith ap Melior ap Ellidor, by Ankaret bis wife, daughter and heir of Llu ap Merrick ap Karadon ap Jestir ap Guergant, and had issue by her Jerworth, junior.

JERWORTH VIchan aforesaid had issue four sons, and

From one of them the family of Mostyn is derived; for Thomas, in the time of Henry VIII: took the name of Mostyn, from

· Although surnames were not fixed in these dominions till the reign of Henry VIII. yet I find a like name, and of authority, in Ireland, in the annals of that kingdom, A. D. 1361, where Joane is mentioned as wife to Geffrey Lord Trevers.

Moreover, there was John Trevers, or Trevaur, the fourteenth Bishop of St. A saph, and another of that name, who was the nineteenth Bishop of the same see, and likewise Chamberlain of Chęster in 3 Rich. II. A. D. 1380 and continued so to 6 Hen. VI.

the place of his nativity and ancient inheritance, by advice of the judge, who disapproved the genealogical way of appellation used by the Welsh, as tedious ; this Mostyn at that time being called, at the pannel of a jury, by the name of Thomas ap William ap Richard ap Howel ap Evan Vaughan, &c.

Those of the name of Jenkyns, with divers others, are also branches of this family, and bear the same coat of arms.

JERwoRTu Voel, another of the sons of Jerworth Vicban, married Gwladua, daughter and heir of Jerworth ap Griffith ap Erockwell, and left issue

EdveneT GAM, who married Giolades, daughter and heir of Madoc Eignion ap Edwin, by whom he had several sons.

The second son was David.

The fifth son was Jevan, ancestor to the Howels, and the Ilosiers, both of Woodcote, in the county of Salop, and the Hosiers of Creakton, in the same county.

David married Gwenwhyfer, daughter of Adda Goch, and had issue

EDWARD AP DAVID, who died 1448. He married Ankeret, daughter of Robert Puliston, of Emral, by whom he had two sons,

First, John.

Second, Richard, progenitor to the Trevors of Oswaldstreh, in com. Salop.

John, the eldest son (as likewise his brother) took the name of TREVOR, and was seated at Brynkynate, and died in 1494, having had issue by his wife Agnes, daughter and beir to Peter Cambre, of Poole, five sons, which laid the foundation of as many several branches.

First, Robert, who succeeded his father at Brynkynate, married Catharine, daughter and heir of Llewellin ap Ithele de Mauld, and had posterity.

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• From him was descended Sir John Trevor, second but eldest surviving son and heir of John Trevor, Esq. of Brinkinate, by Mary, daughter of John Jeffrys, of Helon, in the same county, Esq. Sir John was knighted at White. hall, January 29th, 1670-1, was made SPEAKER of the House of Commons in 1685, and again 1690; and twice appointed Master of the Rolls; and twice Commissioner of the Great Seal. He died at his house in Clement'se lane, May 20th, 1917, and was buried in the Rolls chapel. Burnet says of him, that "he was a bold and dexterous man, who knew the most effectual way of recommending his elf to every government; and had been in great favour in King James's time, and was made Master of the Rolls by him."

Second, Edward, who wedded Anne, daughter of Geffry Kyffin, or Cuffin, and had two sons, John and Thomas ; and from him descended (probably) Colonel Mark Trevor, a loyalist to King Charles I. and by him ennobled in Ireland ; whence the Viscounts Dungannon proceeded. Which Colonel Mark Trevor had to wife Anne, daughter and heir of John Lewis, Esq. and relict of John Owen, Esq. son and heir of Sir Hugh Owen, of Orielton, in Pembrokeshire, Knt. and Bart. but had no issue.

Third, Richard Trevor, of whom hereafter:

Fourth, Roger Trevor, of Plany kenwich, who married Gwerorlla, daughter of Rose Lloyd ap Gruff ap Enion, of Gedroi, and left posterity.

Fifth, Thomas, who married Margaret, daughter of John Hanmer, of Lightwood, and left issue.

RICHARD Trevor, third son, already named, married Matilda, daughter and heir of Jenkyn ap David ap Gruff de Allington, by whom he had,

John Trevor, of Allington, who married Margaret, daughter and heir of David ap Rees ap Kenwriek de Kwm, and had three sons, John, Richard, and Edward.

John, as eldest son and heir, succeeded at Allington, and marrying Anne, daughter of Randal Broughton, of Broughton, in com. pal. Lancaster, had issue John, Randal, David, and Edward.

John, the eldest, was seated at Trevallin, in Denbighshire, and d dying July 15th, 1589, was buried at St. Bride's, Fleetstreet, London; his wife was Mary, daughter of Sir George Bruges, e of London, Knight, by whom he had an only daughter,

Burnet's Own Times, vol. ii. p. 42. He married Jane, daughter of Sir Roger Mostyn, of Mostyn, and relict of Roger Puliston, of Emeral, in Flintshire, , Esq. She died in August, 1704, and was buried at St. Martin's, in Shropshire, where Sir John's estates lay. By this lady he had four sons and one daughter; first, Edward Trevor, Esq. who had displeased his father ; but, by Sir John dying intestate, succeeded to a real estate of 15001 a year, and to a share of the personal; second, Arthur Trevor, Esq. usher of the Rolls chapel; third, John Trevor, Esg. Master of the Examiner's Office in Chan. cery; fourth, Tudor Trevor, a naval officer ; fifth, Anne married, first,

Hill, of Hillsbows, in Ireland, and secondly, Alan Brodrick, Lord Middleton, Lord Chancellor of Ireland Noble's Cromwell, vol ii. p. 116.

c Vincent's Shropshire, p. a.

• Seymour's Survey of London, vol. i. p.782. • Nearly related, I presume, to Sir John Bridges, Lord Mayor of London, temp. Hen. VIII. (a remote branch of the Chandos Family) whose daughter,

Winifred, ' who married Edward Puleston, of Allington, in Denbighshire, Esq. and five sons.

First, Sir Richard Trevor, of Allington, Knight, the eldest son, married Catharine, daughter to Roger Puleston, of Emrall, Esq. but died without issue male, having had four daughters, his coheirs : Magdalen, wife first to Arthur Bagnall, of com. Stafford, secondly to ...... Tyringham, of Tyringham, in Bucks, Esqrs. and was buried at St. Margaret's, Westminster, in 1656; Mary, wife of Jever Lloyd, of Yale, Esq.; Dorothy, to Sir John Hanmer, of Hanmer, in Flintshire, Bart.; and Margaret, to John Griffith, of Lynn, in Carnarvonshire, Esq. she was buried at St. Bride's, March 19th, 1624.

Of Sir John Treyor, second son, I shall hereafter treat.

Randulph, 8 third son, died unmarried July 21st, 1590, and was buried at St. Bride's.

Sir Sackville Trevor, fourth son, was brought up in the sea service, and having the command of one of those men of war that were sent to Spain, A. D. 1623, to bring back Charles Prince of Wales (afterwards King Charles I.) his Highness had been cast away" in St. Andero's road in Spain, had not Sir Sackville Trevor taken him up; after which, on that war which commenced, in 1626, against France, he took one of their biggest ships, called the Saint Esprit, on which Mr. Howel compliments him, saying, “ It was one of the best exploits that were performed." He married Eleanor, daughter of Sir John Savage, of Clifton, in Cheshire, Knight, and widow of Sir Henry Bagnall, Knight Marshal of Ireland.

Sir Thomas Trevor, fifth son, was born on July 6th, 1586; a day memorable in this family for six successive principal branches, who had their birth thereon. He was observed to smile, as soon as born, and was educated in the Inner Temple; where he became Autumnal reader, 18 Jac. I. was afterwards knighted, and made solicitor-general to Prince Charles; called to the degree of a serjeant at law; made judge of the Common-Pleas; and, finally, CHIEF BARON OP The ExchEQUER; but was, with others, impeached in 1641, 17 Car. I. from which he fairly disengaged

Winifred, was mother of Thomas Lord Buckhurst, and Earl of Dorset, the Poet.

Mon in Lemington church, Warwickshire.

& Seymour's Survey, præd.
Howell's Letters, 4to. sect. iii p. 92, and sect. V. p. 12

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