And, fourth, Philip, governor of Prince of Wales's Island, died in 1807, having married Margaret, sister to Sir David Wedderburn, Bart. of Blackness, North Britain.

And two daughters, Grizel, married Robert Colt, Esq. and Janet, the wife of John Hamilton, Esq.""

The Right Hon. Henry Dundas, now Viscount Melville, (son of the Lord President Dundas who died 1753, by Anne, daughter of Sir Robert Gordon, his second wife, as has been already mentioned), was educated to the Scotch bar; and soon rising into eminence, was appointed Solicitor-General and LORD Advocate of SCOTLAND, 1775, which office he retained till 1783. In March 1777, he was appointed joint keeper of the signet for Scotland.

In 1774, he was elected member of parliament for the county of Edinburgh; and again in 1782. In July 1782, he was made TREASURER Of The Navy; when vacating his seat, he was chosen member of parliament for Newton in the Isle of Wight; but, accepting the Chiltern Hundreds, was again chosen for the county of Edinburgh in December following, for which he was also elected at the general election in 1784. In 1790, and till be obtained a peerage, he was thenceforward elected for the city

of Edinburgh.

In 1783, he was a second time appointed Treasurer of the Navy, which office he held till 1800.

During the administration of Mr. Pitt, he held a succession of important offices in the state.

In June 1791, he was nominated SecretARY OF State for the home department, which he held till July 1794. In 1784, he was named one of the commissioners for the affairs of India; and so continued, till in 1792 he was appointed President of that Board ; which high office he retained till the secession of Mr. Pitt in 1801.

In 1794, he was made SecreTARY OF STATE for the war de. partment, which he held till 1801.

In 1800, he was appointed keeper of the privy-seal in Scotland.

On December 21st, 1802, he was elevated to the Peerage by the title of Viscount Melville, of Melville in the county of Edinlurgh, and Baron Dunira in the county of Perth.

n From Lord Woodhouselee's Memoir, ut supra.

On Mr. Pitt's return to power, May 1804, he was appointed First LORD OF THE ADMIRALTY, which he resigned in April 1805, in consequence of an impeachment instituted against him, for malversation whilst he held the office of treasurer of the navy ; when after a solemn investigation, his Lordship was acquitted by

his peers.

His Lordship's life has been a life of public services in the state, in which his great talents for business both in parliament and in council, his indefatigable industry, and his benevolent and social temper, have placed his name among the most eminent of our political leaders.

His Lordship married, first, Elizabeth, daughter of David Rennie, of Melville Castle, Esq. and has issue,

First, Robert, presently mentioned.

Second, Elizabeth, born August 12th, 1766; married, in May 1787, the Right Honourable Robert Dundas, Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer in Scotland, and has issue one daughter, Anne; and three sons, Robert, Henry, and William-Pitt.

Tbird, Anne, born September 28th, 1767; married, first, Henry Drummond, Esq. (since deceased) and has issue Elizabeth; and three sons, Henry, Robert, and Spencer-Rodney; and, sescondly, to James Strange, Esq.

Fourth, Montague, born April 29th, 1772; married, in January, 1799, the Hon. George Abercromby, eldest son of Baroness Abercromby, and has issue, George, born in May 1800.

The Viscount married, secondly, April 2d, 1793, Lady Jane Hope, sister to James Earl of Hopetown.

The Right Hon. Robert Dundas (SAUNDERS), his Lordship's only son, born March 14th, 1771, was elected member of parliament for Hastings 1794; and for the county of Edinburgh 1796, 1802, 1806, 1807. In 1799, he was made joint clerk register of Sasines for Scotland. In April 1807, he was appointed PRESIDENT OF THE BOARD OF CONTROUL for the affairs of India, He married, in August 1796, Miss Saunders, and has issue,

First, Henry, born February 25th, 1801.
Second, a son born September 14th, 1803.

Titles. Henry Dundas, Viscount Melville, Baron of Dunira.

Creations. Viscount Melville and Baron of Dunira, by patent, December 21st, 1802,

Arms. Argent a lion rampant, gules, within a bordure azure, charged with three boars heads couped.

Crest. A lion's head, full faced, looking through a bush of oak, proper.

Supporters. On the dexter side, a leopard reguardant; on the sinister, a stag.

Chief Seat. Melville Castle, near Edinburgh.

[graphic][subsumed][merged small]

ANTHONY ADDINGTON, of Trinity College, Oxford, M. D. born December 13th, 1713, was an eminent physician at Reading in Berks, and in London; and died March 21st, 1790, having mar, ried, September 22d, 1745, Mary, daughter and heir of the Rev. Haviland John Hiley, 5 of Reading, aforesaid, and by her, who died November 20, 1778, bad issue,

First, Henry, now Viscount Sidmouth.

Second, Jobn Hiley, of Langford in the county of Somerset, member of parliament for Truro, 1787; for Winchelsea, 1793 ; for Wendover, 1796; for Bossiney, 1802; and for Harwich in December of the same year; and again in 1806, 1807. November, 1800, he was appointed a Lord of the Treasury. In 1801, he was appointed Secretary to the Treasury; and in July, 1802, again a Lord of the Treasury. In 1806, he was also appointed a Commissioner for the affairs of India. At one time also he held the office of joint-paymaster of the forces. He married, October 25th, 1785, Mary, daughter of ......... Unwin, Esq. and has issue Haviland-John; Henry-Unwin; and Mary.

Third, Anne, married, June 2d, 1770, William Goodenough, of Oxford, M. D. died June 12th, 1806.


a M. A. May 13th, 1740; M. B. February 5th, 1740-1 ; M. D. January 24th, 1744; elected a Fellow of the College of Physicians in 1756; and praca tised in London till his heath obliged him to retire into the country, when he settled at Reading. See Gent. Mag. vol. Ix. p. 283, 370, 1106,

M.A. of Baliol Coll. Oxf. 1714.

Fourth, Eleanor, married, August 1st, 1771, James Sutton, of New Park, near Devizes, Esq.

Fifth, Elizabeth, married, 1772, William Hoskins, of South Perrot, in the county of Somerset, Esq.

Sixth, Charlotte, married, August 1st, 1788, the Right Hon. Charles Bragge, now of Lydney Park, in the county of Gloucester, Esq. member of parliament for Bristol, who obtained his Majesty's royal license and authority, May 11th, 1804, that he and his issue may assume and take the surname, and bear the arms of Bathurst only.

Henry, eldest son, now VISCOUNT SIDMOUTH, was born about 1756, and after having passed several years under the care of the Rev. Mr. Gilpin, at Cheam in Surry, went to Winchester, under Dr. Warton, where the Rev. Dr. Hantingford, now Bishop of Gloucester, was his tutor; and thence, in 1774, to BrazenNose College, Oxford; and from thence to the Inner Temple, where he continued till his marriage in 1781.

In 1784 he was elected member of parliament for Devizes, of which he was recorder ; and for which place he continued to sit till he was elevated to the Peerage.

On June 1789, he was elected Speaker of the House of Commons, in the room of the Right Honourable William Wynd. ham Grenville, made Secretary of State; to which he was unanimously re-elected in the three succeeding parliaments of 1790, 1796, and 1801.

On March 7th, 1801, he was appointed First LORD OF THE TREASURY, and CHANCELLOR OF THE EXCHEQUER; which high offices he retained till May 1804.

On January 12th, 1805, he was elevated to the Peerage by the title of Viscount SIDMOUTH, of Sidmouth in the county of Devon; and the same month succeeded the late Duke of Portland as President Of The Council; he resigned this office in July following; and in January, 1806, was appointed LORD PrivsSeal, which he quitted in the autumn of the same year; when he was again appointed LORD PresideNT OF THE COUNCIL.

His Lordship married Ursula-Mary, daughter and coheir of Leonard Hammond, of Cheam in Surry, Esq. (son of William Hammond, Esq. formerly member of parliament for Southwark), and by her has issue,

First, Henry, Clerk of the Pells.
Second, William.
Third, Mary-Anne.

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