Third, Henry, born March 30th, 1773, and died in 1777.
Fourth, John, born October 19th, 1774, and died in 1778.
Fifth, Mary, died August 14th, 1789.

Sixth, Catherine, born September 19th, 1768, and died in July, 1801 ; having married, in November, 1790, colonel George Coussmaker, late of the first guards, deceased, leaving issue, George, born in June, 1797; and Sophia, born in November, 1791.

Seventh, Sophia, born June 10th, 1771; married, April 13th, 1790, Jobn, the present Viscount Sydney, and died in November, 1795, leaving issue by him.

Eighth, Elizabeth, born June uth, 1776; married, April 9th, 1792, William-Charles, Earl of Albemarle, and has issue.

Ninth, Henrietta, born May 19th, 1777 ; married, in 1799,

Edw. Dering, of Surenden-Dering, Kent, Bart. she died January 30th, 1681, aged thirty-three, and was buried at Henbury, and a monument erected to her memory, whereon she has the following character: * “She had all the perfections of beauty, behaviour, and understanding, that could adorn this life, and all the inward blessing of virtue and piety, which might intitle her to a better." Their issue were four daughters ; Hellena, Elizabeth, Mary, who died an infant, and Catherine; also two sons, first, Edward, who succeeded to the estates; second, Rupert, born in London, May 21st, 1670, died there, May 8th, 1678, and was buried at Henbury aforesaid.

EDWARD, the eldest son and heir, after receiving a good school educa. tion, was sent to Merton college, in the university of Oxford, where he commenced gentleman commoner, and applied himself so closely to his studies, that he gained such a general knowledge of most branches of polite literature, as to be thoroughly qualified for the high offices which he afterwards so deservedly enjoyed, which were, those of principal secretary of state and privycounsellor of the kingdom of Ireland, and member of parliament for Kinsale, in that kingdom; also first clerk of the privy-council of this kingdom.

He died at his house in Spring Gardens, London, December 4th, 1730, aged sixty-three, and was buried at Henbury, near the remains of his wife Elizabeth, daughter and sole heir of William Cromwell, Earl of Ardglass, having had by her, who died in childbed, March 31st, 1709, three sons, two of which died in their infancy soon after their mother, and the survivor was EDWARD Southwell, who represented the borough of Down-Patrick, in the Irish parliament, and was married, on August 24th, 1729, to Catherine, daughter and heir of Edward Watson, Viscount Sondes, by his wife Lady Catherine Tufton, eldest daughter and coheir of Thomas, sixth Earl of Thanet, before mentioned, whose mother, Lady Margaret Sackville, was daughter and coheir of Anne, Baroness de Clifford. By this Lady he left one son,

EDWARD SOUTHWELI, who, by the death of Margaret, Baroness Clifford, and Countess Dowager of Leicester, received his summons to parliament as BARON DE CLIFFORD, 1776.

• Ibid. vol. jii. p. 29.

Frederick, third son of the late Peter Delme, Esq. and died in 1800, leaving an infant son, who survived but a few weeks.

His Lordship deceasing on November 1st, 1777, was buried at Henbury, and was succeeded in the above mentioned baronies, by his eldest son,

EDWARD SOUTHWELL CLIFFORD, present Lord de CLIFFORD, who was born June 20th, 1768.

His Lordship married, in February, 1789, Mary Elizabeth Bourke, second daughter of Joseph, third Earl of Mayo, and archbishop of Tuam,

Titles. Edward Southwell Clifford, Baron de Clifford, of Appleby, Baron Westmoreland, and Baron Vesci.

Creations. By writ of summons, 1269.

Arms. Argent, three cinquefoiles, gules, each charged with five annulets, or.

Crest. On a wreath, a demi Indian goat, argent; armed, ducally gorged and charged on the body, with three annulets bendways, Gules.

Supporters. On the dexter side a Wyvern, gules; on the sinister a monkey proper, environed about the loins with a collar and a chain appendant to it, or.

Motto. Le Roy le Veur.
Chief Seats. At King's Weston, in the county of Gloucester.

[graphic][merged small]

The original of these baronies having been treated of under the family of Pelham-Clinton, Duke of Newcastle and Earl of Lincoln, in vol. ii; and the descent of the title of LORD CLINTON AND SAY, to Hugh Fortescue, (afterwards created Earl Clinton) under that of Fortescue, Earl Fortescue, in vol. v.; it will be only necessary here to observe, that on the decease of the said Hugh Fortescue, Earl and BARON CLINTON, without issue, the BARONIES OP CLINTON AND SAY became solely vested in MarGARET, Countess of Orford, the only daughter and heir of Samuel Rolle, of Hainton, com. Devon. Esq.

Which family of Rolle, as appears by their pedigree, colJected by the late John Warburton, Esq. Somerset Herald, from the visitations of Devonshire and Cornwall, (C. 1. pa. 95, 96, 373, in the College of Arms, London) is descended from

George Rolle, of Steventon, com. Devon. Esq. who married Eleanor, second daughter of Henry Dacres, of London, by whom he had issue five daughters; first, Christian, wife of James Courtney, of Upcot, in com. Devon, Esq.; second, Margaret, wife of Richard Wykes, of Nimet Florie, in com. Somerset, Esq. ; third, Jacquetta ; fourth, Elizabeth ; and fifth, Mary: also six sons, viz.

First, John Rolle, of Steventon, Esq. born December 12th, 1518, and died August 12th, 1570.

Second, George, seated at Marrais in Cornwall, ancestor to the present Lord Rolle.

Tbird, Christopher.

Fourth, Henry, of whom the late Baroness Clinton and seg was descended.

Fifth, Robert, who married Eleanor, daughter of ..... Gabriel, and had one son, John, aged thirty-seven years in 1620, and married to Gertrude, daughter of Anthony Acland, of Chettlehampton in Devonshire, Esq.

Sixth, Maurice, who married Margaret, daughter of ...... Brier, of Harrow on the Hill in Middlesex, Esq. and bad issue Henry, of Meth in Devonshire, living in 1620, when he had one son, Maurice, aged three years.

HENRY, the fourth son of George Rolle, of Steventon, Esq. (by his wife Eleanor, daughter of Henry Dacres), inarried Mary, daughter and heir of Robert Yeo, of Hainton, in com. Devon, Esq. descended from William Yeo, of Hainton and Sachevil in com. Devon, temp. Edw. I. and had issue nine sons; first, Robert; second, Nicholas ; third, William ; fourth, George ; fifth, Samuel; sixth, Thomas; seventh, Valentine ; eighth, Josiah ; ninth, Hugb; and seven daughters.

Robert Rolle, the eldest son of Henry, was living at Hainton and Sacheville, in 1620, and married Joan, daughter of Thomas Hele, of Fleet, in com. Devon, Esq. by whom he had four sons.

First, Sir Samuel, of whom presently.

Second, Henry, who was called to the degree of serjeant at law, May 19th, 1040, and was afterwards made chief justice; he was father to Sir Francis Rolle, of Tuderley in Hampshire, Knt. member for the county of Southampton, in the parliament summoned to meet at Oxford, anno 1681; he married Priscilla, fourth daughter of Sir Thomas Foot, Knight and Baronet, and alderman of London ; by whom he had issue six a daughters, and one son, John, who left two sons, John, and SAMUEL, who left his estate to John, father of the first Lord Rolle, and of Dennis, father of the present Lord Rolle.

Sir Samuel (the eldest son of Robert Rolle, by Joan Hele) was thirty years old in the year 1620; he married Margaret, daughter of Sir Thomas Wise, of Sideshay, in the county of Devon; Knight of the most honourable order of the Bath ; by whom he had two sons,

First, Robert, grandfather to the late Baroness Clinton and Say.

Second, Dennis, whose son, Samuel, represented the borough of Callington in Cornwall, in every parliament from the union till his death, which happened in 1719, when he was succeeded by his son, Samuel, who was elected member of parliament for Barnstaple in 1705; he represented the same borough in the first parliament of Great Britain, and dying, in 1747, without issue, bequeathed his estate at Hudscote, to Dennis Rolle, Esq. brother to Henry Lord Rolle, as before observed.

a Sir Richard Sandys, of Northbourne, in Kent, Bart married one of these daughters, and a coheir of this branch.

Robert Rolle, Esq. eldest son of Sir Samuel, married AxaBELLA, eldest daughter and coheir of Theophilus, Earl of Lincoln, by whom he had one son, Samuel, who enjoyed the family estate at Hainton.

He had also a daughter, Bridget, who married Francis Trefusis, Esq. of Trefusis in Cornwall, through which the barony descended to the present family.

SAMUEL Rolle left an only daughter and heir,

MARGARET, Baroness CLINTON AND Say. Her Ladyship was married, first, on March 27th, 1724, to Robert Walpole, second Earl of Orford, and by him, who died April 1st, 1751, had George, third Earl of Orford, and Lord Clinton.

Her second husband, to whom she was married at b Mr. Keith's chapel in May Fair, on May 25th, 1751, was the Honourable Sewallis Shirley, fourth son of Robert, first Earl Ferrers (of his family), by bis second Lady, Selina, daughter of George Finch, of London, Esq. but by him, who died October 31st, 1765, when he was cofferer of his Majesty's household, she had no issue. She died 1781.

Her only son, George, third Earl of Orford, succeeded her as BARON CLINTON and Say, and dying unmarried in December, 1791, was succeeded in this barony by his cousin,

GEORGE WILLIAM TREFUSIS,' son and heir of ROBERT Cotton Trefusis, by Anne, daughter of John, tenth Lord St. John, of Bletso, son and heir of Samuel Trefusis, Esq. by Elizabeth Affleck, son and heir of Francis Trefusis, Esq. d of Trefusis in Cornwall, by Bridget, daughter of Robert Rolle, Esq. by Arabella, daughter and coheir of Theophilus, LORD Clinton, and Earl of Lincoln.

This George William Trefusis, LORD CLINTON AND SAY, was born Oct. 9, 1764 ; and having proved his pedigree before a committee of privileges, was admitted to his seat in the house of lorus.

b From the register, which is now deposited in the vestry-room of St. George's church, Hanover-square, London.

• He had a sister eminent for her etical talents, who died September gih, 1808, aged forty-five.

d The family of Trefusis are ancient in Cornwall, and are mentioned by Leland and Carew,

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