His Lordship married, April 28th, 1786, Marianne Gaulis, a Swiss lady, and by her, who died February 7th, 1798, had issue,

First, Robert Cotton St. John, present peer.
Second, Marianne, died March 3d, 1806.
Third, Anne Matilda.
Fourth, Charles-Rodolphus.
Fifth, George.
Sixth, Louisa.
His Lordship dying August 28th, 1797, was succeeded by his

eldest son,

Robert Cotton St. John, Lord CLINTON AND SAY, who was born April 28th, 1787, and is a captain in the sixteenth regiment of light dragoons.

Title. Robert Cotton St. John Trefusis, Lord Clinton and Say.

Creation. By writ of summons 1298.

Arms. Argent, a chevron between three wharrow spindles, sable.

Crest. A griffin serant, or, resting his dexter foot on a shield, argent.

Supporters. Two greyhounds, argent, plain collared and leashed, gules.

Chief Seat. Trefusis, Cornwall.

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The family of Touchet hath been of great note, and came in with William the Conqueror, as is very evident, the name being in the roll of Battle-Abbey, and Chronicles of Normandy. The first from whom, in lineal succession, the late Earl of Castlehaven, and Lord Audley, derived his descent,

Is Ormus Toucher, who had issue,
Matthew, and probably Hugh; which
Matthew Toucher had issue,

Simon TOUCHBT, of Boglatton in Cheshire, who by his wife, Alice de Cadeville (or Colvile), widow of Philip Draicot, had issue,

Thomas Touchet, hereafter mentioned.

And cotemporary with him was Hugh de Touchet, a d benefactor to the abbey of Leicester, by giving thereto his lands in Essewell, which Hen. II. confirmed.

Hugh was succeeded by

William Touchet, who in 25 Edw. I. was in that expedition made into Gascoigne ; and the year following,' in that into Scotland. Also 26 Ed. I. he obtained a charter 8 for free warren in all his demesne lands at Burreth, Cotes, and Wylewyby, in com. Linc. And in 28 Edw. I. ath Thorp-Watervil in com. Northamp. Oxindon in com. Glouc. Tawell and Herpeswell, in com. Linc. Also in 29 Edw. I.S at Levenhales in com. Heref. Finemore and Shaldeswell in com. Oxon. and Preston in com. Bucks.

* Should have preceded Lord Clinton, but for an oversight.

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In 29 Edw. I. he was one of the Barons who subscribed (being wrote, William Touchet, Lord of Lewenhales) that letter to Pope Boniface, in answer to bis claiming the sovereignty of Scotland; wherein they asserted, that the King ought not to send any proctors, &c. to his holiness, in any matter touching his temporalities, nor to answer in judgment in any case that should bring his rights into doubt, either in England or Scotland, which they were bound by oath to defend, and which, they tell the Pope, they will maintain with all power, and (by God's help) defend the liberties, customs, &c. of their forefathers.

In 31 Edw. he was " again in the wars of Scotland. So likewise : in 34 Edw. I.; and bad SUMMONS TO PARLIAMENT, k among the Barons of the realm, from 28 Edw. I. until 34 Edw. I. inclusive.

To whom succeeded another WILLIAM Touchet, who in 4 Edw. II. ' received command to serve in the wars of Scotland; as likewise in the eighth of the same reign. Also in 12 Edw. II. was again in the wars of Scotland : but three years after, on the insurrection of Thomas, Earl of Lancaster," and bis defeat at Burrough-Brigg, being there taken with him, be suffered death at Promfret.

Thomas Touchet, before mentioned (son and heir of Simon and Alice de Cadeville his wife), in 27 Edw. I. had a charter o for free warren in Tattenhale and Lauton, (alias Bog-Lauton) in Cheshire, and had issue P

Sir Robert Touchet, Knight, who, in 8 Edw. I. doing his homage, had livery of his lands. And in 13 Edw. II. was one of those BARONS, who, with the Earls of Lancaster and Hereford, assembled together at Sherborn, in Elmedone, and swore to stand by each other, until they had amended the state of the realm. But, notwithstanding the said oath, this Robert, Lord Touchet, and many of the rest, submitted themselves to the King.

His son 9 and heir, Sir Thomas Touchet, gave lands in Wom, bruge, in com. Salop, to the canons of that place; and died: in 23 Edw. III. leaving issue John his son and heir, twenty-two years of age.

Ed. I.n 41.


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Which John, in 20 Edw. III. being then a Knight, was in the wars of France, s and at the relief of Aguillon. And in 25 Edw. III. doing his homage, had livery of his lands in com. Salop. In 33 Edw. III. he was u at the siege of Rheims in Champagne, and afterwards * was a principal commander in the wars of France, under John Hastings, Earl of Pembroke, when in 43 Edw. III. they took several towns in Anjou. But the year after, embarking y with the said Earl at Southampton, in order to invade France by Poictou, and coming before Rochel, June 22d, to land there, and meeting with the Spanish fleet, there ensued a desperate engagement, wherein ? this Sir John Touchet was slain, and the Earl taken prisoner, the Spaniards being more numerous, and their ships much larger than the English. He had to wife a Joan, eldest daughter of James LORD Audley, of Heleigh, and sister and coheir of Nicholas Lord Audley, who was succeeded by

John, his son and heir, and left issue b

John Touchet, his son and heir, who in 15 Ric. II. on the inquisition taken after the death of Nicholas, Lord Audley, his great uncle, was found to be one of his next heirs, and at that time twenty years of age, viz. son of John Touchet, son of Joan, eldest sister of the said Nicholas.

Thereupon bearing the title of LORD AUDLEY, he was ordered, in 4 Hen. IV. (by reason of Owen Glendour's rebellion) to put a garrison into Lanyndevery, in Wales ; and, the year after, was associated with Richard Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, in the defence of the castle, town, and lordship of Breghnoe, in Wales, for one whole year; having 100 men at arms, and 300 archers on horseback, assigned to them for that service. In 8 Hen. IV. he was also one of the Barons,' who, in parliament, considering that the succession of the crown of England had been settled the year before on Henry, Prince of Wales, and the hein male of his body, with remainder to his brothers, Thomas, John, and Humphrey, and the heirs male of their bodies, whereby the females were excluded; they at the King's request, with the consent of the commons, repealed the said act, setting their hands and seals to the succession, whereby the females were included.

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He died 6 on December 19th, 10 Hen. IV. seised of the manor of Sapurton, and a fourth part of that of Beggeworth, in com. Glouc, as also of divers other manors and lands in the marches of Wales, and Staffordshire, the counties of Salop, Rutland, Derby, Devon, Somerset, and Wiltshire ; leaving by Isabel, bis wife, James, his son and heir, ten years of age; also a daughter ....., married to ..... Baskervile.

Which James, LORD Audley, in 7 Hen. V. wash in the wars of France, and in 8 Hen. V. making proof of his age, had livery of his lands. Whereupon being summoned to parliament k the same year as Lord Audley, he attended the King in that expedition' then made into France, and was with him at the m siege of Molyn on the Seine. After which he returned with the King and his Queen to England; and on their coronation, February 24th, was Lord Almoner, in the room of the Earl of Cambridge, then absent. In 9 Hen. V. he was n again in the wars of France, and at the siege of Meaux ; also the year after, on the decease of the King in France, he was one of the lords that P attended on the royal obsequies from Boys de Vincennes to Paris, and from thence to Calais and Dover, to the interment at Westminster.

In 4 Hen. VI. he was one of the lords 9 assembled in parliament at Leicester, who made oath to acquit themselves truly, justly, and indifferently, in all manner of matters, or quarrels, for the sure keeping of the King's peace, and redressing all proceed. ings contrary thereto.

In 8 Hen. VI. he had the chief command of some forces in the wars with France, taking ship with the King at Dover, April 27th, and, continuing there the year following, Thomas Earl of Perth, Edmund Earl of Mortaign, and Walter Lord Fitz-Walter, were sent to aid him.

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